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Dennis DeCoste's Saw Mill Documentary on CBC Information Morning aired on September 9th, 2002.

Reminiscences by Dennis DeCoste

The late Ray and Dennis DeCoste at Basil's Lake (1999)

As long as I can remember, my Grandfather has always been a storyteller. A man who always has something interesting to say. To this day it is remarkable how he tells such amazing stories even though he came from a seemingly simple background. Grandma and Grandpa hail from a generation of powerful simplicity. Although they are from a time without the internet, global travel, and DVD's, they somehow manage to fascinate people from all generations. To me, that is impressive, and I think you will find the same in his book. So read on and enjoy tales as they are recounted by my Grandfather, Dennis DeCoste.

If you would like a copy of the book please drop me an e-mail.

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