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This page consists of pics taken from around my home and several places not so far off.

Here is a shot showing of the massive snow fall that my home has had in the winter in 2000. Some places had 4-5 feet of snow at once which is highly unusual.

This is a pic my father had taken back in August in the prime of summer. Our House is seen below from atop a hill. It is the only hill of any size around where we live, but I would not call it K2...

Taken by Trent when he was over from London, a picture of our house after a light snow in early December.

Another couple pics taken by Trent, these are of the camp and here is another in a storm if that was not a good enough look.

Here is a side-view of our house from the back lawn. Our house rests on a 20 acre lot of which I used to have the pleasure of mowing each week when I was younger. Luckily I have grown up now and travel to places where they do the lawnmowing for me-hehe!

The last pic of our house is from the other side of the river which runs in front of our house. Here you get another good look at the lawn which I still have nightmares about. Luckily we had a ride on mower. Thanks DaD!

Here is a pic of me out at our dam in the river where I spent a lot of my free time swimming.

A few summers ago Krista and I went camping at Nimrod's campground for an overnight. While I was there I took a pic with Selfridge which was a gift from my friend Alyssa from Washington.

This pic of Hollywood explains itself quite easily.

Newport Pier


Rideau river in Ottawa

Winter pic from home

Winter pic from home #2

Trafalgar Square in London

Dubrovnik, Croatia