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New York city through the eyes of Laura
Here are some pictures taken by Laura Reeves to help understand what the mood was in New York the weeks after attacks on their city.

Laura Reeves and I met in London in 1999 where we lived in a hostel together. Both being away from our homes, we worked and lived in London together for 3 months. I was fortunate to meet this young woman, but was saddened to know that she would be affected so profoundly by the the events of September 11. After finding out she was OK, I was surprised that she would have such strength to go out into the city and photograph the pain, effort and strength of New York. These are her pictures and she deserves much credit for her efforts.

Here is the only picture that I have of Laura, unfortunately it is dated, but it serves the purpose of attaching her face to the photos.

The first picture in this series is of a poster that was made to commemorate the World Trade Center towers.

A spray painted message randomly found on sidewalks around the city.

Mural hanging from a fire escape in Chinatown.

A poster found in Union Square Park.

Another poster in Union Square Park.

View of a memorial of flowers laid out in the center of Union Square Park. Here is a close up shot of the flowers and candles at the memorial.

A US Flag created to let people inscribe names and messages on it. Here is a closeup of the flag showing the words peace and love.

A poster with verse by Martin Luther King posted in Union Square Park.

Here is a view of handmade paper prayer flowers over a stairway to the subway station in Union Square Park . Sign shown above the above the prayer flowers.

A man and his children playing songs near the park.

Two replicas of the WTC Towers used as a place to deposit their prayers.

A page from the "Little Zen Calendar" dated Spetember 11th.

One of the THOUSANDS of missing posters posted by friends and family around the city. Another missing poster for a firefighter and WTC worker.

A Salvation Army T-shirt signed by the staff and hung on a fence.

A poem titled Not Dead hung on the fence in Union Square Park.

A Chalk picturedrawn on the wall by a park.

Here is the second installation of pictures sent to me by Laura.

An Iron Statue 2 3 4

A picture outside the theatre downtown urging people from all over the world to go on living their lives in a normal manner.

An advertisement paid for by the Food Network paying tribute to the spirit of New Yorkers.

A religious mural making the point that all religions were affected by the tardgedy on Sept 11, 2001.

A spiritual depiction lending our thoughts to the guy up above.

A Franklin quote that tells us a lot about how America has reacted to the seige they have underwent.

A poster painted by a child saying God Bless.

A bristleboard poster done by a child thanking all who helped relentlessly in efforts to save people.

Lyrics written by Classic American song writers.

An Apple sign dedicated to the big apple and all that they have endured.