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BUNAC    Pics

Here are a few of my more colorful friends. But I love them to pieces even if they do dress a little odd. It was so funny when they came down to the lounge in our hostel, everyone crowded into the room and someone turned on "Vogue" by Madonna. What a riot!!!

While I was in London I had the great fortune to bump in to many people from St.F.X as well as people who knew friends of mine from X. One of the people I bumped into was Alana Forbes. It is so great to see a familiar face when you are so far from home. Thanks for coming out Alana!

When in London I met many Australians, those people are everywhere! This pic was taken in the Aussie Bar in Covent Garden. What a great bunch of people those Aussies are... Here I am with Alice, Jane, Brandy and JJ, note the drunken Aussie behind.

Club life was an important addititive to living in London, this is Joe, Josee, Vanessa and Dana at a club of unknown location.

When I first arrived in London I met up with a few Western Canadian boys Scott and Tyler from Winnipeg. Tyler and I ended up living together for 3 or 4 months in London.

On X-Mas day we had a large dinner for 21 people in the BUNAC hostel. Here is the manager of the Hostel Bill Pannifer on the left who is the greatest guy you could ever wish to have as a landlord! He looks a bit startled by this pic!! Here is all the gang around the kitchen getting ready to dig in for some turkey. And lastly, here are Joanna and Aaron helping themselves to the great grub!

After supper we all gathered in the Lounge and exchanged gifts with each other. It was the best way I could have ever spent my first x-mas away from home!!

Our very first tourist attraction to see when in London was Buckingham Palace which you can faintly see in the background. I went to visit it with Mark, Scott and Tyler

Many nights in London were spent at Dean's Pub which was a cool little place for us to rest our heads after a long day at work. In the pic are some of Dean's most loyal customers including Dan, Meg, Mic, Teresa and Basilia.

Not to be outdone by the above picture Trish, Teresa, Josee, myself with Phil and Brandy in the mirror also spent some time getting to know Dean.

Unlike myself, JJ, Nicole and Jane moved out into a flat of their own in Marble Arch where they threw this housewarming party... Chilli anyone???