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This is a page dedicated to some of my best friends, as well as the random passerby who was snagged in my path!

Rachelle & Hyla at Rachelle's wedding in 2002.

My Cali/BUNAC buddy Amanda Groover (right) in Sydney, AUS doing the bridge walk.

Friends from Norway Alan and Anna with Haley from Halifax visiting from Toronto before heading back to Scandanavia.

BUNAC hostelmate Meg Griffin and I in Houston together.

Graduation night for my Dale Carnegie class in September '02.

Old roomie Mike Kenny and I in Edmonton partying together.

Co-worker Anna Esposito and I over at Kelly's place after wing night.

Here are a few pics of a recent Calgary Flames game that I went to with Pauline, Raylene, Roxanne, Natasha, Adam, Amanda, Ricky, Pat, and Daniel.

One of my highschool budettes Rachelle and her daughter Brooklyn taken poolside last summer. Thanks for the pic Hyla!

My buddy Alice and her dog Copper and another of her boyfriends dog and Copper.

Here is a recent picture of a London buddy of mine, Joe Prutch, skydiving in tandem from 10,000 ft. And Another. Quite the wildman if you ask me! Keep up the fun stuff Joe!

This is a my highschool bud Jennifer Boucher before heading out with her friends on her 23rd birthday in Vancouver. She is in the psycodelic purple and another friend Pauline is sitting in the far back right.

On a recent trip to Banff with Roderick, Simone, and Amanda we went up to the Banff Springs Hotel and took a few pics. Here is the gang at the Hotel with the valley behind us. We were in a bit of a rush at the time because we were parked where they usually valet cars, but Simone sweet talked the security guys.

Here is a pic of Pat and our Prime Minster taken in June 2000.

My good friend and travelmate Trent on our way to Halifax hitchiking.

A pic of Doogie (saw here as Popeye) being kissed by Leslie and Tracey prior to heading out on the town!

This is my date Brandy!!! for the x-mas ball a few years ago. We met in London back in Jan 1997 and have been good friends ever since. To her left is my Grandmother Ella and to my right is my Grandfather Dennis.

A while back Doogie and I went back to my families camp on Basil Lake which probably doesn't sound all that familiar as we have the only camp on it. Anyway, we passed a night there and this is a snap of us the next morning at Breaky Time!!!!

Over the X-mas break this year my friend Mike and I decided to venture off to Toronto, hitch-hiking style. Along the way we had some interesting rides as this pic shows. It took us about 21 hrs to go 1850kms and believe me this limo sure made the ride a whole lot more enjoyable, as you can see we were offered complimentary drinks.

This is the pic of me in the limo. I can never thank that driver enough for the great memories. He was even so kind as to give us a couple beer from the fridge in back, who could ask for more luck??

And to finish off the pics of our ride in style here is Mike and I posing outside the limo.

While in Ottawa at our friend Pat's place (which he and his friend have since been expropriated from) we wanted to take a group pic of ourselves so I used good friend Tanya's idea of using something to press the button on the cam since I have no remote or timer. Here is Mike using a golf club to take a pic of us. Sorry it cut off our heads, but given the circumstances, I think it was quite creative. Thanks Tanya!!

Here is Mike, Pat and I at the Cabin in Ottawa the night we went out with Lesley and Catherine.

Each year at our Uni we have a Christmas ball. SO we all get dolled up in our best garb and dance the night away. This years photo was with Brandy, Glen and Doogie. What a time we had indeed. This pic was shot moments before our departure to a "swinging" night.

Our Uni is a very spirited to say the very least. This pic is of a group of us who rose early to attend our football teams game 2 hrs away. It was my first trip to AUAA's and certainly won't be the last. As you can see we all had a blast.

This is my roomate for the past 2 years showing off his gutt!. You have to wonder how a guy that skinny can have such a ponch!?!

The morning after Halloween this year my friend Glen and I were a bit slow to dodge the cam so I was caught in the sac with a serious fro from the costume I wore the night before. I was dressed as an old lady and had in hair curlers. So this is Halloween 1998.

One evening when we arrived back from a long night of studying in Jan we entered our apartment to discover that someone had left the heat on full blast since we were out. So to take full advantage of it we stripped down to our skinnies and pretended that we were on a beach somewhere South. This is one of the sillier pics of the heatwave at 25 MacLellan. To see another pic go to my TNR links and look for the link called bathtub, that is when we really got silly!!

My pal Isaac decided to shave his initial in belly hair, cute huh?!? He was heading down south for spring break and wanted to look smooth for the ladies so we had a laugh doing it in the process.

We have become some of the most devoted liberals in the country. My friend Criag and I drove some 20 hours just to take part in this great Atlantic Caucus of the Young Liberls...unfortunately Craig soaked up most of the alcohol instead of the sessions!

Spent many a day/night at our old apartment on 25 Maclellan St.

This is one of my most unique friends Mel because I have never actually met her. I was introduced to her over ICQ and we have been chatting ever since. Hopefully she will send me more pics when she gets the chance, right Mel???

A couple years ago our Uni Football team competed in the Vanier Cup at the Sky Dome in Toronto. Myself and many of my friends including Stacy O'Rourke were able to make it to the game. It was a great experience, but unfortunately we did not come out the victors.

This is my good friend Matteo and I along with another girl who's names eludes me. We were at the Maple Leaf Pub in Covent Garden, London. The place was lined with all kinds of Canadian paraphernalia from license plates to good old Molson Canadian on tap.