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This is my family page.  Here you can see a few of my immediate relatives.

Cousin Colin in-line skating. This pic made it into a local Thornhill newspaper during the summer of 2003. Congrats buddy!

Feeding my cousin Micheal.

A picture of Tanya, Brian and I on Thanksgiving 2001 in Whitecourt, AB. And another of me feeding my cousin Micheal.

Here is a pic of my Aunt Judy, Uncle Dave, and cousins Colin, Kevin, and Ross in their winterscape of a backyard.

Here is a pic of my sister and her good friend Laura.

A picture of my cousin Jude in a the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

Here are a couple pics of Krista and our cousin April with Treble Charger when they visited St.F.X. recently. Here is the second one where Krista and April are hanging with the guys from Treble Charger.

Our family has a few graduates from St.F.X. now and we were all together at X-Mas and decided to take a picture of our X-Rings together. There is more gold in this shot than Bre-X mines!

Here is a picture of Me, Krista, Mom and Shane on Christmas Eve 2000. We all went out to the Christmas Vigil and Jenn later arrived and came with us. It was a special night for two reasons: 1) It was the first time I saw mom sing in the choir and 2) Jenn and I spent our first Christmas together.

On Christmas Day we had a nice dinner with Grandma, Keri, Shane Krista and Dad. After eating we were pretty much restricted to the couch.

Here are my grandparents at their 60th Anniversary.

This is a pic from church with four of their children.

Here are a few of the many Grand Children

Afterwards we had a gathering at my Dad's house where Keri and Grandpa went dancing

Here is a shot of the children in our family and another of Keri with us.

This is my my Aunt Genora and my mom the day of Genora's wedding. By the looks of things they may have taken some time to get ready for the occasion which was about to take place.

Back in December my little sister Krista and I took a trip back at our camp. We were just sitting down for breakfast as this pic was shot.

No family is quite complete without the family dog, which in our case happens to be Jake aka.Jacob. He is part terrier and part crazy, he is unique because he is jet black all over except for the tips of his tail and 2 hind paws. He's a real killer!! We are currently in the process of teaching him how to speak. I will get back to you once he gets past arrrrooooooooo.

Back in the fall my friend Scott (Wayne DeCoste) and I decided to head up to the camp and take my grandfather's dingy out for a test. As well, my Father and Grandfather came along to see if the vessel was actually lakeworthy. Not sure if their reactions were enough to indicate the outcome or not, but we were stranded on the other side of the lake for some time.

Here is a more recent picture of my sister and parents the evening of Krista's confirmation.

A picture from a recent visit from my brother Shane and my grandparents. Did he ever surprise my parents when he arrived home last November unexpectedly.

This is a recent pic of my siblings last year - Krista, Me, and Shane.

A gathering of both sides of my family including Julien, Me, Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Uncle Pierre, Aunt Bev, and Mom.

A picture taken just after the above, this one has all the gang in it!

Here is a picture of my sister and Grandma at the old house.

While Krista and I were in St. Mary's camping we took lots of pics and here is one of my my groovy sis giving me the peace sign.