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Michiru's Garden
Haruka's Mobile Home

Most of the scans were done by me, but some were done by Nadya before I had a scanner. Thanks Nadya!

This page hasn't been up for a long time, not having know it had gotten erased a while back. In fact, the last time it had been worked on was September, 1998. Some things have been lost, sorry. But there are actually a couple new things!

Luci de Mon, the main 'bad guy' of the series, is after God Reideen, the ultimate weapon. The only things standing between him and this is the Reideen, and having to collect the gems. However, five of the Reideen boys don't have a clue about this whatsoever!
By the time they do, it's too late. Luci had most of the gems, and the Angels have a set of enemies, The Hearts.
Lots of mass destruction in this one. Not only does Tokyo get destroyed, the world is almost annihilated. But the end fight is really awesome.