Just Passing Through

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Maven drove her motorcycle through San Francisco. She smiled as the wind blew her flame red hair. How she loved the open air and the freedom of riding her bike brings.

She was only passing through not staying long. Maybe she would go visit her fellow Gangrel Cash. It has been a long while since she saw him. Maybe she would stop by. Hopefully she would not have to present herself to Julian. No prince ruled her she was a free roaming Gangrel after all. No man had power over her. Not any longer.

She pulled up to the Haven and shut off her bike. She was wearing her normal attire. Maven is s 5'11 with long flame red hair that flows down her back and sea green eyes, under her right eye is three small scars. She is wearing a white shirt a pair of jeans that are ripped up at the knee. Her small waist is bare. She wears a pair of black fingerless gloves. She has a sheathed sword hangs from a chain at her bare waist. She gave up her sword to the door-man telling him that he better give it back when she left or there would be hell to pay.

She walked over to a table and sat down, her green eyes scanned the room for a familiar face, Cashes face. She smiles when she saw him walk over to her.

"Maven. Long time no see." He said.

"Aye it has been a while." Her voice held a lovely Scottish accent.

"Staying long?" Cash asked her.

"No. I am just passing through. I'll only be here a day or two," she replied.

"Are you going to present yourself to the Prince?" Cash asked.

"I am not staying that long. I don't think that I have to. Besides I am not here to cause trouble. I am because it is along the way," She told him.

"I see, but I am the Prince's body guard. Don't try anything."

"I won't I promise," I said. Cash got up and left as Maven took a sip from her drink. Cash was in love with someone. She can see it in his eyes and Maven wondered who it was.

A young woman came up to Maven after Cash left. Her eyes filled with anger and hate. Maven knew that she was Brujah. "What were you doing with Cash?" She demanded.

"Cash and I are old friends. My name is Maven. What is yours?"

"Sasha. Cash is mine. Stay away from him."

"So you're the lass that he loves."

"How do you know," she spat.

"I see it in your eyes and in his. He loves you. There is nothing I can do to change that. Besides I do not love Cash. He is my clan brother. That is all that is between us." Maven told the Brujah.

"You think so?"

"I know so." She said. Sasha turned and walked away from Maven. And Maven decided it was time to find a place to rest for the day. She would not risk feeding in the Princes domain without permission. So she left, picking up her sword on the way out.

As Maven left the Haven, she ran into Archon. "I am sorry sir I wasn't watching were I was going." Maven said softly.

"You are new here," Archon said plainly.

"Yes I am," Maven said simply.

"Have you presented yourself to the Prince?"

"No. I am not staying that long."

Archon gabbed Mavens arm. "You are coming with me." He dragged her to his care and shoved her inside, telling the driver to take them to Julians Compound. Maven was brought before the conclave. All the Primogens stared at her like she was meat.

Finally Julian spoke. "What are you doing here?"

"I was just passing through Prince. I was not going to stay long by this time tomorrow I would have been gone," Maven answered.

"Is that why you didn't present yourself to me?"


"I see. Be out of my city by tomorrow and I will forgive you." Julian said. "You may stay here for the day."

"Thank you Prince." Maven said, softly.

Daedalus looks at Maven and said. "My Prince. I wish to see this Gangrel alone. I sense a deep sadness in her. I wish to know what it is she mourns for."

"Very well Daedalus you may speak with her before she goes to sleep. Maven follow him to the cellar." Julian told them

Maven shrugged and followed Deadalus to his home in the cellar. She sat down on top of a table and looked at his paintings. "You are very good at painting," she commented.

"Thank you, But what are you running away from."

"My ex husband. We were married a whole year and he divorced me to be with his sire. I wasn't woman enough to keep him happy. My sire told me I should travel more and let my Gangrel side free."

"You don't need anyone you are Kindred."

"But I am also woman I need to be held."

"The pain will go away in time," He said.

"I hope so, I hope so."

The next evening Maven got on her bike and let San Francisco. Cash and Sasha caw her off. The last thin She heard before she left ear shot was. "Do you think she will find what she is looking for?" Lillie asked.

"I don't know I hope so."

Maven drove off into the night hoping that she can find the light within herself and find the meaning of the word love once more.

Authors note: I have been Playing Vampire the Masquerade for a year Maven was one of my oldest characters. I created her when I saw Kindred the Embraced and molded her after Cash I hope you like my story and feel free to e-mail me at Jenice_Coffey@hotmail.com