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By:  Morag

The night was heavily scented with jasmine as the cool breeze stirred the wind. A moon, full of silver promise, glided slowly across the night sky, sending the shadows scurrying for cover.
The music that had been so loud before had stilled as the last of the patrons left the club, leaving it silent. Lillie stared through the glass windows of the doors, enjoying the feeling of loneliness that swept over her.

So many regrets passed through her mind as she descended the stairs, so many things that might have been.

She had been a mother, not much of one, but she had felt that tiny life stir inside her.
 She had been mistress to the king, and his cousin.
 She had been a wife to a man who could not or would not let her be herself, he had wanted a sweet placid pasty faced ornament. 

Lillie walked to the bar, her high heels echoing on the dance floor. She poured herself another glass of wine, she didn’t like drinking alone, but felt the occasion warranted it.

Lillie had been embraced on this night.
 A night so much like this one, a night of silent promise.
Lillie was the toast of the town.
 There was no one to match her.
She had an independence beyond the boundaries set in society at the time.
Men adored her.
She had surprised everyone with her talent, silencing the critics that said she only could perform in the bedroom.
Her nights had been filled with party invitations and sweet whispered words of desire.

Her only regret had been her daughter. Lillie had decided that a home with two parents was best.
 It had been a hard decision. One that had ripped at her heart, but necessary at the time.

 She had spent that last night looking at her daughter as she slept. The light had been dim. She had watched the small bundle breathe in and out. Her wispy hair curling about her angel face. Tears ran down her cheeks, as she sang a last lullaby to her treasure, her jewel, as the sun rose.

Lillie shook her head, “Regrets” she sighed aloud.
Lillie took another sip of wine trying to sweep away the pain of the memory.

She thought of her sire. A strong handsome man with the most interesting eyes and turn of a phrase.

It had been the strange note attached to a single white lily that had caught her attention.
“A rose is sweet, but the lily is free. Come and soar the wild winds with me.”
Lillie looked at the unsigned note, it was strange. Lillie preferred roses and her dressing room was always filled with the red flower.
“Jean!” She called through the unopened door.
Jean promptly opened it and entered with his usual dignity.
“Who sent this?” She pointed to the lily. 
“I’m not sure Madame,” Jean looked puzzled, “I did not see it come in.” 
“Oh,” Lillie was surprised, Jean never let any detail escape his notice. 
“I can inquire as to whom the gentleman was?” Jean almost apologised.
“No.” Lillie dismissed the matter, “That won’t be necessary” 
She waved her dismissal of him, as she crossed to her wardrobe.
Lillie eyed her dresses critically. The rich fabrics and fine lace crowded for her attention.
 She ran her hands over the satin of a deep blue, low cut gown then discarded the thought. 
No tonight she would need something special.
Tonight she celebrated her thirtieth birthday, and although she had actually turned thirty a few days ago, she had arranged the party for tonight.
Lillie continued to finger her dresses, finally deciding on a deep rich burgundy velvet, its cut was very high and its design was simple, but it clung to her figure like a glove.
‘Just right” she thought to herself, grinning as she imagined the other ladies in attendance tonight. They would of course be dressed up in their finest laces and satins, the intricate designs, with complicated coiffeurs adorning their heads. 
Lillie put the dress on, and admired herself in the mirror, she brushed her hair till it was shinny and smooth adding small golden combs at the side, so it swept back and fell in wavy curls down her back. Knowing that in its simplicity, her outfit, and simple hairstyle would outshine the others.
Lillie knew she was vain and did little to hide the fact, she had always gone out of her way to be noticed.
Checking herself one last time in the mirror her face broke into a wide smile.
Lillie moved slowly to the door not bothering to rush even though she was already late for her own party, she knew her servants would make her guests welcome, and that way she could make a grand entrance.
Her coach stood outside the stage door the chestnut and bay pranced with impatience, she had chosen them for their looks rather than their temperament.
A footman opened her door and helped her into her seat and as the door shut, she gathered herself for a grand entrance.
It was only a short distance from the theatre, to her house in the city, so she made the coach go around the theatre twice, to make sure that the timing was right.
The lights of the house spilled forth out into the street, gay, melodious, music sounded from within. 
Lillie had invited only a bare fifty people, as more would make the smallness of the house more noticeable, thereby making her party quite exclusive in the process.
The coach drew to a halt outside the white stone stairs that led to the wide double white doors to her house. The doors stood wide open and the guests still in the hall turned to see the new arrival.
Lillie sat for a moment as the footman opened the door, then, with an air of elegance, she descended.
The guests in the foyer looked on in awe, as Lillie, with carefully measured steps, began her ascent into her house. A smile of coquettish delight curved her lips, as the men in the group stood in stiff attention to her arrival.
‘Perfect’ she thought to herself.
“Good evening,” she nodded to the group not bothering to apologise for her tardy entrance.
Servants scurried back and forth, some her own, some hired for the occasion.
The music from the hired orchestra, smoothly echoed through the sparsely furnished hall.
It’s sweet melody, and lively beat, inviting the listener to follow and delight in the lustrous and enchanting sound

“Announcing the Lady Lillie” a booming voice cried out as she moved into the ballroom, stopping the music for a moment.
Lillie surveyed the room. Appreciating the admiring glances from the men, and the envious looks from the women.
She had been right.
The women were dressed in elegant satins. Their hair piled high on their heads in complicated coffiers. Jewels flashed on them from head to foot.
In comparison, Lillie looked quite plain.
‘And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the point’ Lillie thought to herself. 
Lillie knew that simple elegance outshone gaudy opulence everytime.

The white marble floor which had been highly polished before the guests arrived had lost none of its sheen and although it was a small ballroom mirrors and a high ceiling gave it a depth that most other ballrooms lacked. Gold trim adorned the floor to ceiling windows on the far side of the room, which opened onto a well manicured garden maze. The maze was small in size, but its intricacy and well planned “rest spots” made it seem larger than it really was. In the middle of the garden just showing above the privet hedges was a gazebo of white marble with a fountain of cool splashing water in the centre. Many a lovers tryst had been consummated there, and Lillie thought that tonight it would see even more consummations.

“Ah the beautiful and charming Lillie has arrived” a smiling deep voice whispered in her ear, “with your usual perfect timing”
“Louis! ” Lillie pressed herself against him as her lips brushed his cheek. 
“You look lovely as usual.” 
“Thank you” Lillie smiled “I see you brought your latest.” She pointed to a small blonde near the punch bowl.
“She’s amusing,” Louis paused “For the moment.”
“She’s lovely.” Lillie was amused
“Not as lovely as you, my dear.” Louis bent and kissed her hand, his eyes never leaving her face.
“Why is it that men only realise what they want when it is taken away from them.”
“Because we are fools” Louis quipped.
“Louis?” The blonde came up from behind and grabbed his arm.
“Lillie may I introduce, Miss Claire,”
“Good evening,” Lillie eyed the young woman, “I hope you enjoy my little party, now if you will excuse me, I have to mingle.”
Lillie pressed herself against Louis one more time as she kissed his cheek and departed, feeling the blonde’s eyes boring into her back.
She smiled to herself, knowing that she could outdo Claire without even trying. 

Lillie made her rounds chatting with her guests and accepting their congratulations on her birthday. 
Lillie had directed the orchestra to play in sets of three, three songs, then a quick break of two minutes.
Lillie had timed it perfectly.
Enough time to change partners, if one was inclined, or enough time to enchant your partner with witty conversation.

As she moved through the room, she felt someone watching her. Glancing around, her eyes spied a tall, handsome man, with the most beautiful eyes. He raised his glass to her, and sipped at his wine.
Lillie studiously ignored him and pretended to be looking past him, but something about him kept her attention.
Without thinking she shook her head and tried to ignore the man.
Everywhere she went in the room, she felt his eyes on her, as if she were standing naked.

“Lillie!” A female voice interrupted her thoughts
“Charlotte!” Lillie answered back as the two women came together and kissed each other on the cheek.
“I saw your latest play, it was wonderful!” Charlotte enthused
“Thank you” Lillie felt herself relax in Charlotte’s presence.
 Charlotte had been the one that encouraged her foray into the theatre. She was older than Lillie, perhaps.. 40 now, but had had  a similar life as Lillie.

 She had been the one to advise Lillie to strike out on her own and become financially independent.
Charlotte was an independent woman, with a wild and passionate nature that men still found attractive even at her advancing years. Many a young man was introduced to the world of sensual pleasure through her guiding hands.
 It had been her talents, that had given Charlotte the freedom denied many women, and she in turn had taken Lillie under her wing.
Lillie had been an eager student. Learning not only how to entice a man to her bed, but also how to manage money, better her situation, and hold onto her freedom.
Under Charlotte’s careful guidance, she was now independent of any man, and could if she so desired retire and live in a style that was well above most women’s reach.

“Thirty today! You are so brave to announce your age” Charlotte beamed like a mother. “Tell me, how do you keep so young-looking” 
“A good life, and a good teacher” Lillie almost giggled back.
“I notice that all the best of society is here tonight” Charlotte nodded in approval.
“Thank you” Lillie beamed at her mentor’s praise.
“Have you met my escort?” Charlotte pointed to a young handsome man, barely out of his teens, “Young and enthusiastic, but needs a lot of work.” 
“I believe he is the Duke of Wellington’s son. Phillip?” 
“You are correct,” Charlotte leaned over and kissed Lillie’s cheek and pressed a small box into her hand. “Just a little something to say happy birthday” 
Charlotte hurried off before Lillie could protest.

Lillie opened the small box, inside she saw a small delicate chain of silver with a small but elegant diamond in the shape of a tear drop.

“May I?” A rich deep voice asked
Lillie turned and saw the man with the eyes of grey-blue ice behind her.
“You may” Lillie turned her back to him as she placed the necklace around her neck.
She felt herself flushing red, and she hoped he did not see the trembling of her hands as she waiting for him to fasten the clasp.
‘What’s wrong with me?’ she questioned herself.
“Did you like the lily I sent you?” He inquired politely
“Ah the mysterious note.” Lillie smiled, “I prefer roses.”
“Roses are lovely to look at, but as your name suggest, you could never be a prisoner in a glasshouse.” he quipped
“You know me so well?” Lillie tried to sound affronted
“I wish to” He took her hand and lifted it to his mouth.
Lillie felt his lips, as soft as velvet, caress her hand as she looked into his eyes. Lillie felt herself being swept away into deep pools of blue ice, not so cold as captivating in their intensity.
“Come, let us walk together” He guided her towards the open doors that led into the garden.

“I have seen you many times” He began, “And each time I find a new and fresh look into your soul.”
“Really?” Lillie tried to sound nonchalant, but her mouth was dry. ‘Why does this man have such an effect on me?’ she questioned herself again. “Remember, always have control” Charlotte’s words rang in her head from far away. 
Lillie tried to fight against the overwhelming urge to go with him, feeling that this man would change her life forever if she didn’t remove herself from him soon.

“Yes, for a long time I have watched you grow, and change from a young innocent to an experienced woman. You have lost none of your beauty or charm, you did not become one of those hard-faced harridans who take their lives so seriously, but an independent flower, capable of standing on its own, as well as attracting a host of visitors.” 
“I find that remark vaguely insulting” Lillie could not stop herself from moving with this stranger.
They entered the maze together, nodding at the couples leaving and entering as they passed them.
“I did not mean to insult you,” He apologised, “I merely meant that you are a strong woman, as well as very beautiful.” 
“Oh,” was all Lillie could manage.
“As I have said, I have been watching you for a long time” 
“And may I know your name, since you know so much about me?” Lillie almost spat the words, trying to throw him off balance and gain back her control.
“Of course.  How rude of me.” He turned to her and bowed. “I am Demitri.”
“Demitri” Lillie echoed, “It suits you” 
“As the name Lillie suits you, Emilie” 
“Thank you” she felt the little bit of control she had managed slip away.

The pair walked down the meandering paths, Demitri whispered strange and romantic things in her ear. Telling her of the nights they would spend in each others arms. The nights of passion they would share, and the nights of blood they would create.
His voice ebbed and flowed, soft and hard at the same time, whispering a night song that was at once seductive and frightening.
Lillie listened enraptured by his voice, she tried to get closer to him to feel his body, but he somehow managed to keep the distance the same, no matter how hard she tried.

Finally they reached the gazebo in the middle of the garden.
The water splashed and tinkled with delightful clarity as he guided her to the marble bench covered with cushions.
Lillie could smell the jasmine she had had entwined around the marble columns, she thought ‘it really does make you believe you are in an exotic country, I must do it again.’

“Tonight, tonight, my dear sweet Lillie, it is time tonight. I have waited for so long, it seems an eternity.”

Lillie felt his hands cup her face, his lips brush her lips, his arms start to embrace her. His lips moved over her face, sending shivers of delight up her spine.

His strength surprised her, she had thought him spare, with not much muscle, but this close, she felt his strength, felt his hard body, as his breath touched her skin. He moved them onto the cushions, she felt the soft against the hard marble, he moved her under him as his lips moved over her neck.
Then she felt it.

The searing hot pain, as he sank his fangs into her neck.

She tried to pull away.
 Tried to scream.
 Tried to fight him, but could not do anything but feel the passion of him.

Lillie felt the pull on her neck, felt the blood as it drained.
Felt the dizzy passion of his embrace.
 She felt his lust for her, and in turn felt herself lust for him.
Lillie felt her feet begin to tingle, her hands began to feel numb, the roof of her mouth felt like pins and needles, she began to fall.

Down she fell, into the dark abyss of nothingness.
 It was warm and black.
 Soft and empty.
 Not frightening, somehow comforting.
Then she felt another sensation begin to flood into her.
It was like a burning of fire, that started at the very depth of her being. 
Lillie tried to ignore it.
Tried to hide in that black abyss that was shielding her from this pain, but it was no use.
It continued to burn.
Continued to creep from deep within.
It crept closer, burning her flesh, making her cry out.
It crept to her heart, to her limbs to her head.
Its insidious march along her spine, so slow, so relentless.
Until she opened her eyes, and felt rather than saw the blood that she needed to douse this fire. 
Lillie remembered the burning, easing as she drank. 
Remembered the horror, as she realised what she drank.
Remembered the revulsion she felt, as she realised she wanted more of that crimson liquid.
Lillie also remembered Demitri.
Remembered how he took her into his arms, caressed her until the horror of what had happened to her passed.
Remembered how he stood at her side as she saw her guests out, until the very last one.
This one he let her have, and as she quenched her thirst, she remembered his soft loving words of encouragement.
“Drink sparingly, enjoy every drop, and take only that which you need”

Lillie felt the tears on her face, as she shook her head.
The night was still clinging to its dark blanket.
Soon the sun would rise, ripping the blanket of night away.

She lost herself that evening.
Gave her power and control of herself to Demitri.
Demitri in return, showed her a world of heightened senses, and heightened pleasure.
It had taken all of her strength, and an ocean, to free herself of his almost paralyzing control.
She had come a long way.
From simpering puppet, to Leader of the Toreador clan.
Now she, Lillie Langtry was master of her own destiny, and indebted to no one.
Lillie stood straight and tall, remembering all that she had gained.

A small feather floated to the ground, touching her hand as its soft descent silently ended.
Her mind, unbidden, raced to a cradle. 
A soft bundle held its arm out to her.
The gentle sound of a baby’s cry entered her head.

Lillie wiped away the tear that had begun to fall.
Time was not kind.
It did not dim the memories.
It only found new places to hide them.
New places to sneak up and hit you from.

Lillie sighed and drained the last of her wine from her cup.

So much to remember.
So many regrets.
“My little jewel,” she said aloud, her voice, echoing the love and regret, she had buried deep inside.

Lillie moved towards the door, shutting off the lights.
She sighed one last time, and then as if the light’s final glow was the cue, she shut her book of regrets.

It was time to feed.
A necessity, Lillie smiled, and a pleasure, she would never grow tired of.