A Night in the Life

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A night in the life.

By: Morag

Rose woke, to the gentle shaking of Daedalus.

She stretched and yawned, still feeling sleepy. “Just five more minutes” 

“We must rise” Daedalus prodded.

Rose smiled, “I’ll make it worth your while” she tried to sound seductive, her lisp more 
pronounced when she first woke.

“Not tonight” Daedalus chuckled, he had been so happy since he had embraced Rose, he 
dreaded the day when she asked for her release, he hoped she would stay, but wasn’t sure. 

Rose was comfortable in the big bed Daedalus had had installed in his haven, and didn’t want 
to get up.

Daedalus pulled her out of the bed.

“Why the hurry?” Rose was use to the lazy way they usually got up.

“There is a conclave meeting tonight, and I want to take you hunting first.” Daedalus knew she 
was still squeamish about hunting on her own. He smiled down at his childe, “And I want to 
make sure you get enough.” 

Rose made a face, making her fangs more pronounced than usual. “I’ll take enough” 

“I want to make sure. You have a tendency to take too little.” he tried to be stern. 

“I promise” Rose raised her hand and put the other over her heart, “To drink enough, cross my 
heart and hope to live” 

Daedalus’ face broke into a smile. Rose had a way of getting around him, and used it often, but 
tonight he was insistent. “You will have enough, now no more arguments, get ready” 

Rose got off the bed. She still insisted on showering, although as Daedalus had told her many 
times, it was unnecessary, it was a habit from her warm days.

Rose wandered up the stairs, still trying to wake herself. She had trouble waking, Daedalus 
told her it was because she took to little blood. She had to agree with that, on the days when 
he watched her closely, she had no trouble waking, or feeling lively.

Rose turned on the shower, and let the water cascade down her back. Most Kindred only 
bathed when they were in contact with dirt, or other soiling activities, as human body odor 
wasn’t a problem any more. Rose had been loath to give it up, she knew she didn’t have to 
wash, but the heat of the water always felt good.

‘So many rules’ she thought, ‘I wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of this’

“Hurry” Daedalus called through the door, after she had been in the shower for a while.

“Coming” Rose called back as she shut off the water, the small room was filled with steam.

Rose knew Daedalus worried about her, and most of the time he didn’t let her out of his sight. 

Rose dried herself and saw her reflection in the mirror, steam obstructing most of her view. 
The change had been kind to her, not too many deformities, she was a mirror image of her 
sire, with the exception of her upper  fangs that permanently stuck out of her mouth the only 
difference between the two. Daedalus had told her that the change was not yet complete, and 
that her hands would eventually change too. 

Rose had no doubt about that, already her hands ached. She would have to ask Daedalus for 
the potion to dull the pain soon, or else she would be unable to venture out, without yelling 
out swear words, every time her hand landed on a solid object.

Daedalus hated swearing, “It is the language of the ignorant” he would say, which was very 
difficult to take in when one was in a great deal of pain. 

Rose had sworn a blue streak when the change had first started, Daedalus had tried to comfort 
her, but like a woman in labor, she had called him every name she could think of, and then 
made a few up. As the change became less painful, Daedalus had given her some pain killing 
liquid. Although it had dulled the pain slightly, Rose had still felt the agony. Only when the 
change had almost finished, had the liquid helped fully. 

Then Daedalus would reprimand her every time she swore. There were times when she and 
Anna Mae would go deep in the tunnels, just so Rose could yell at the top of her lungs, and 

Anna Mae had turned out to be a dark horse, she seemed so innocent, and sweet but the little 
Nosferatu was wiser than she let on. It had been Anna Mae’s idea of following Cameron so 
Rose could see what Brujah were like. Every where the poor man went, the two of them were 
there. “It is the only way to learn about other clans,” Anna Mae had mimed, “Observe their 

Cameron had finally had enough and reported their activities to Daedalus.

Daedalus was furious, he had not yelled, nor berated her, he had simply told her it was wrong, 
she had left the safety of the tunnels, “What if Cameron had frenzied?” he had said. Then told 
her she would have to stay in for the week, and not see Anna Mae.

Daedalus had looked at her with such hurt in his eyes, she had wanted to go up to him and put 
her arms around him and beg his forgiveness, but he brushed her off. After that, there had 
been silence in the haven, he would not engage in conversation for three days, he would 
answer direct questions, or instruct her, but the easy, gentle teasing and conversations were 
denied to her. 

Daedalus only gave in after he returned from Julian’s study. Finding her in tears, and 
weakened because of her lack of feeding properly he had relented and said all was forgiven.

It had been a hard lesson, but one that Rose would not forget so easily.

“Come Rose” Daedalus sounded impatient, “We don’t have much time” 

Rose opened the door. 

“Ready” she smiled

Daedalus took her hand and led her back down to the tunnels. They emerged just outside the 

               *                         *                         *                        *

“Remember to concentrate.” Daedalus reminded.

Rose nodded, and began to concentrate on her ability of to meld with her surroundings, as 
she thought of it. Daedalus had told her the proper term for it, but she was always forgetting it. 

Daedalus led her to their usual hunting grounds.

Rose thought how different it was than when he had first began to teach her to hunt. They 
had waited for the humans, Daedalus Choosing the vessel, and bringing it to her. Then slowly 
he began to let her accompany him, then later he would choose two vessels. Rose had 
thought it so...grown up, was the only word that came to her mind, when he let her drink by 
herself. It had been then that she started to worry about killing the vessel, so she had started 
to take less. Daedalus had cursed himself, and she had felt so guilty when he found she was 
not taking enough. So for the past few nights, he had been carefully watching her, making 
sure she fed properly, fussing over her and pushing her back to the vessel, until she had that 
“rosie glow”. 

Rose grinned at her own joke.

“Concentrate Rose” he reminded her gently.

Rose tried to concentrate, but still found it hard to look for a suitable vessel, and concentrate 
at the same time.

‘Also  hard to concentrate when your not paying attention’ She reprimanded  herself and tried 

“That one” she pointed

“No” Daedalus said gently “he is on some kind of drug” 

“Can that hurt us?”

“In a way, some drugs can affect us others do not, but it is wise to avoid all toxins as they could 
impair our judgment.”

A woman walked by with a child in tow.

“Hurry up” she yelled, “Uncle John doesn’t like to be kept waiting” 

“But mummy he hurts me” The little girl wailed.

“Stop whining,” the woman said harshly, “we need the money.”

The woman shook the child’s arm, and continued to drag her along behind her.

“That one” Rose nodded to the woman.

“That one” Daedalus quietly agreed

The pair began to follow the woman and the child, stalking them unseen in the shadows.

Daedalus marveled at the determination of Rose to save every waif, and unprotected child she 
saw. He knew that it stemmed from her warm days, she had been abused, her mother had 
been less than kind to the young Rose. It had made her strong, but it had also left many 
emotional scars.

They followed them to a run down apartment building, and quickly followed them to they’re 

As the woman opened the door, Daedalus made her leave it off the latch.

Rose waited until she heard the little girl begin to scream. 

Then with lightening speed, they ran into the small cramped apartment. Rose grabbed the 
woman twisting her head back over the arm chair she sat in, she began to drink.

Daedalus grabbed the man off the child, and opened a wound along his neck.

The child gazed up at him, grateful that the man had been made to stop, but scared at what 
she saw was happening, Daedalus expected her to scream, but the child just watched in silent 

Daedalus took his fill quickly, the red liquid filled with desire for the child. When he stopped 
the little girl looked at him with round sad eyes.

“Are you going to kill me now?” she squeaked 


The little girl sat on the pull out bed still shaking, looking up a Daedalus with big wide eyes, 
uncertain if he was a monster, or a savior.

He reached down and cradled her in his arms, “Sleep, this is a dream” he felt her relax, “In the 
morning, some people will ask you questions, and you will be very brave and tell them 
everything” he laid her back on the bed.

She would be safe now.

He rose and checked on Rose, noting her color.

“You need more” he stated simply, walking over and pushing the woman’s neck back to her 
mouth. “Don’t drink so shallowly, sink your fangs in deeper.”

Rose drank again, sinking her fangs in deeper. She began to pull away, but Daedalus insisted 
she drink more.

Rose felt the glow of warmth spread over her body, and began to pull away again.

“Just a few more drops” Daedalus encouraged. “Feel the way it warms you, get use to the 
sensation, then you will remember how much to take without hurting the vessel.” 

Rose pulled away, and Daedalus let her, making the woman forget.

“What about the child?” 

“I will inform the authorities later.” Daedalus said “Don’t worry, I will make sure she is taken 
good care of” 

“Thank you” 

“Now come, I want to take you to Anselm's “ 

“Can’t I stay in the haven?”

“Not on your own” 

“Why not. I’ll stay put, and practice my calligraphy, you let me stay alone before.” Rose 
sounded hopeful

“I was still in the house. This time I will be away, and I don’t like leaving you on your own.” 
Daedalus was firm.

Rose knew that tone, and knew it would be useless to argue with him. 

“Now come, there isn’t much time” 

“Coming” she sulked.

“You did very well” He consoled “You picked a good vessel, and saved a child, you should be 
very proud.”

“Are all sires like you?”

“No,” he paused “All sires are different. The aim is to raise a childe to independence, and then 
let them go.” 

“Do I have to leave?” Rose panicked

“No” Daedalus chuckled, “Even after you receive your release, you may stay as long as you 

“I don’t ever want to leave” Rose hugged him.

“Concentrate” he hugged her back.

                          *                                  *                             *                          *

On the walk to Anselm’s haven, Rose had continued to ask questions.

“Why do Kindred heal so quick?”

“It is the way we are.”

“What is a brood?” 

“Kindred who have the same sire, we call them brood sisters or brothers.”

“Do I have any brood sisters, or brothers?”

“No, you are my first childe” 

“Where dose food go if we eat?”

“It stays in our stomach”

“What happens to it?” 

“It rots” 

“Yech. Do some Kindred still eat?” 

“Yes, but not many?” 

“Why do we look like this?”

“It is said we carry the beast on our face.”

“But not in our hearts.”

“Not in our hearts” 

“Can we be killed by a stake?”

“No, but it dose immobilize us.”

There seemed to be no end to her questioning.

Daedalus answered them with patients until they reached Anselm’s door where he hushed 
her to silence.

“May I?” Rose looked up at him.

Daedalus nodded.

“Anselm,” she paused “May my sire and I have permission to enter your haven?”

“May my sire, Daedalus, and I, Rose have permission to enter your haven” Daedalus 

“May my sire, Daedalus, and I, Rose have permission to enter you Haven” 

“Your sire and you are welcome” Anselm’s happy deep voice rang out.

“Your teaching her well” He complimented Daedalus

“Thank you. Your haven is a welcome place for my childe and I.” 

“You are more than welcome.” Anselm boomed “And now with the formalities out of the way” 
he gestured to Rose, freeing her and Daedalus of the rest of the greeting ceremony.

Rose grinned, and trotted over to Anna Mae.

Anna Mae grinned back, her rat like features lighting up as they put their heads together.

“She will be fine” Anselm reassure.

“I thank you Anselm,” Daedalus nodded formally. “I hope this will not inconvenience you.”

“Not at all.” Anselm “I thank you for your trust.”  

“I will be back soon” he said to Anselm.

“Good bye” Rose called out to him, and waved.

Daedalus smiled, and nodded to Anselm and then left.

Anselm watched as Anna Mae showed Rose her newest play thing, a chess board.

“It’s beautiful” she complimented “Where’d you get it?”

“Father Patrick” Anselm answered for Anna Mae.

“How is he?” Rose sadly thought of the good Father, he had been a true friend to her.

“He is fine” Anselm replied, “He thinks of you often.” 

“I wish I had had to see him before the change.” 

“I’m seeing him tomorrow, I can pass on a message” 

“Just tell him.. tell him, I’m okay, and I’m happy.”

“Of course” Anselm nodded, “Now how about a lesson.”

Rose and Anna Mae nodded.

Anselm pulled up an old bench and sat down, 

“Now this is a pawn, and this little horse is a knight......”

                          *                                *                         *                            *

The time sped past, as first Anna Mae tried, and then Rose tried to defeat Anselm in a game of 
chess. Neither one had any luck, until they ganged up on him, then they came close, but at 
the last stroke, he managed to out wit the pair.

“I, Daedalus, ask permission to enter your haven” Daedalus called out.

“I welcome you into my haven Daedalus.” 

“Too many rules” Rose whispered to Anna Mae, who bobbed her head in agreement, as the 
two elder Nosferatu went through the formal greeting.

“Can we play in the tunnels?” Rose asked when they had finished, which seemed like a long 

“Stay close” Daedalus said.

Rose and Anna Mae got up from the chess board, and entered the tunnels.

The tunnels were dark, but they could see fine. It still amazed Rose that she could see so well 
in the dark.

“Have you asked for release?” She asked Anna Mae’s back 

“Yes” Anna Mae whispered loud enough so Rose could hear.

Anna Mae said occasional words to Rose, but not many, as she had trouble talking. ‘Yes’ was a 
relatively simple word, and one that she managed easily enough.

“Did you ever want to leave?” Rose asked

Anna Mae turned and mimed, “No.” Anna Mae paused, “Because, before Anselm I didn’t 
know what love was like. I didn’t know how to give love or how to receive it. It wasn’t until after 
my embrace, and going though the change did I understand what love could be. Anselm has 
given me release, but I do not wish to leave.”

“Why not?”

Anna Mae continued to mime.

“I love Anselm, and want to stay with him forever, and he feels the same. If I left he might make 
another childe. Then he wouldn’t have time for me.” 

“Surely he wouldn’t stop loving you?” 

“No” she whispered then returned to her miming “He would still love me, but he would be too 
busy with his new childe to spend a lot of time with me.”

“Is it always this way?”  

“Yes.” she nodded. “It is like that for all childer with brood brothers or sisters, they’re sires still 
love them, but he has to teach and look after the new childe. It takes time, time that can not be 
spent with the older childe.  I thought about Anselm embracing you, but then I thought he 
would have no time for me then. He would have to teach you, and be with you for a long time. I 
wouldn’t have liked you if that had happened I would have become jealous. So I showed you 
to Daedalus, I knew he was longing for a childe of his own, and since he had no other childer, I 
thought it would be perfect. I could look at you like a brood sister, and not have to give up my 
time with Anselm” 

“That’s sneaky, but I’m glad you did it that way. How did you know that Daedalus would 
embrace me?” 

“I didn’t” Anna Mae grinned “I hoped he would.”

Rose grinned at Anna Mae, the two of them shared a similar background, and both were 
possessive of they’re sires.

Rose pondered their relationship, as they sat in companionable silence a little way from 
Anselm’s haven. Neither one suggesting doing anything but just sitting and enjoying the 
dark, and the silence.

Anna Mae had been a prostitute, lighting fires, and acting out her anger. 

Rose had been a street child, she had had lots of sex, but had not charged for it, and after a 
bad incident, where she had been beaten and abused, she had shied away from sex, which 
had been the only human contact she had sought.

Rose had directed her anger inside, never accepting the fact that she had any worth. 
Daedalus had changed that.

When she had first met him, he had stayed in the shadows, not letting her see him, using mind 
control to calm her fears. 

She had told him some of what had happened, but not everything. Some things were too 
painful, and besides they had all the time in the world, if she ever decided to tell him.

He had never pushed, always just letting Rose tell him what she wanted.

“Come Rose, we have to go to the Haven.” Daedalus’ voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Coming” Rose jumped up, feeling happy. He did make her feel loved, he was wonderful.

                            *                               *                           *                       *

The Haven was Rose’s favorite place, even though she sometimes found the things Lillie said 

The first time they had gone, Lillie had said some horrible things.

“What did she look like before?” Lillie asked 

Daedalus showed Lillie a photo of Rose with Father Patrick.

“Well at least she didn’t have to worry about loosing her looks” 

Rose had been stunned, and hurt.

Daedalus later explained,  “Toreadors tend to say things before they think. You were 
beautiful, on the inside and out.”

After that, Lillie was very careful about what she said around Rose, but still Rose over heard 
the comments she told other people.

“Good thing too, imagine being beautiful, then ending up looking like that.” 

Lillie didn’t mean it, but it sounded like her mother putting her down. When ever Lillie thought 
she had hurt her feelings, She would always apologies, and try and make it up to her. Giving 
her perfume, or a necklace.  Once she had brought another Toreador to teach her to dance, 
knowing her love of ballroom dancing, But the way he tried not to touch her, was almost as 
hurtful as Lillie’s thoughtless words.

But to her credit, Lillie had been trying. Lillie now seemed to accept her as Nosferatu, instead 
of looking upon her as a human that had gone through the change.

Daedalus did not always like going to the Haven most of the time, he went because he knew 
Rose liked the music, and to dance.

“Toreadors” as Daedalus explained “Live for the arts and beauty”

“The are hedonists, and therefore say things without thinking. They live for the now, and 
often do not consider the consequences of their acts, or words.”

Lillie was a typical Toreador, enjoying the pleasure that life had to offer. Toreadors loved to 
see themselves as patrons to the arts, and went out of they’re way to show off their newest 

They were not too accepting of Nosferatu, as Nosferatu tended to look too close to the beast, 
something they tried to hide.

Ugliness in any form was to be avoided.

The Haven had been the first place she had learned about the other clans.

It was here she had watched the other clans mix, and Daedalus had explained that certain 
clans warred with each other, others tolerated each other, and some got along quite well.

Not all Kindred were as patient and kind as Julian Daedalus had warned.

                            *                               *                         *                  *

Rose had met Julian in Daedalus’ haven. She was still changing but the worst was over.

Julian had been warm and gentle with her, being careful not to bump or touch her, as touch 
was still a little hurtful.

“So this is the famous Rose” Julian had said to her.

Rose shyly stood near Daedalus.

Daedalus pushed her forward a little very gently.

“It is good to meet you my prince” she curtsied.

“It is good to meet you.” Julian bowed.” she dose you proud old friend.”

“Thank you. Will you sit?” 

Julian sat, and the two began to discuss the recent conclave.

Rose sat at Daedalus’ feet, enjoying the tall Ventrue prince’s voice and proud bearing. 

Rose thought him very gentile, and gallant, he asked some questions of her to which she 
gave one word replies, shy about her lisp caused by the her fangs.

Daedalus frowned at her lack of suitable conversation with Julian but as the time past, and with 
the gentle prodding of the prince, Rose was soon talking to Julian in full sentences.

“And how have you found your new life?” Julian asked.

“Interesting,” Rose paused, “But too many rules and regulations.”

Daedalus put a very light gentle  hand on her shoulder.

Rose looked up at him, he almost imperceptibly shook his head, which meant no more telling 
of Nosferatu ways.

“Rules?” Julian prodded.

“Like no going out of the tunnels without Daedalus, or no running in the tunnels, and no 
swearing in the haven”

“No swearing period” Daedalus corrected.

“No swearing period” Rose sighed.

Julian tried not to smile as Rose pulled a face out of sight of her sire.

The rest of the evening was spent in light conversation, with Julian enjoying the wide eyed 
innocence and frank honesty of Rose.

Rose avoided all subjects on rules and as the evening ended, she decided that next to 
Daedalus her favorite person was Julian.

                 *                         *                           *                       *

Now as Daedalus and Rose settled down in front of the one way mirror, she saw the prince 
with Caitlyn. A human the prince was interested in.

Caitlyn was pretty, Rose thought, she knew Lillie could not stand the woman, and went out of 
her way  not show it. Lillie made a big scene with Caitlyn, giving her clothes, expensive 
perfumes, and other trinkets, just to show she was not jealous of her.

Lillie had been the prince’s lover, now it was Caitlyn.

‘Perhaps, it is better to be a childe than a lover,’ she thought, although with Daedalus she was 

Rose snuggled up close to Daedalus at the thought.

Daedalus was still trying to get Rose interested in poetry, and although she had written it, 
listening to it sometimes made her head swim. Rose had not seen her poetry book since her 
embrace, but only gave it a fleeting thought. She felt no need to write about pain now, she 
was too happy.

Rose tried to concentrate as the reading began, but soon found herself getting confused.

So instead she watched the crowd below.

There was Cash, staring at Sasha. Sasha was pretending not to look at him, but she was 

Sasha was full of mischief and fun. Rose had taken an instant like to her.

Sasha had given her some old clothes, which didn’t fit but Rose never told her it was the 
thought that counted. Sasha had also given her some jewelry, it was big and junky and totally 
outlandish, Rose loved it. Sasha had a big heart, and a sad one. Cash was in love with her, she 
loved Cash, but the two of them couldn’t get along because of they’re blood.

Sasha spent time with her clan, but didn’t seem to enjoy it, but now as Rose watched, she saw 
the way Sasha looked at Cameron.

“The funny thing about that is that she looks at Cameron like she hates him and likes him all at 

“It’s her blood.” Daedalus answered.

“Oh” Rose hadn’t realized until Daedalus answered her, that she had said it out loud.

‘I must remember to concentrate.’ She smiled as Daedalus’ voice echoed the same 
sentiments in her head.

Rose tried to concentrate on the poetry, but soon gave up, when she realized that no matter 
how hard she tried, she couldn’t see the beauty in the words.

                      *                             *                      *                       *

Rose’s eyes wandered around the club again, resting on Cameron.

Cameron was all right, although he did tend to avoid her, and all other Nosferatu and the 
Nosferatu seemed so contemptuous of the Brujah that she didn’t blame them for avoiding the 

“Brujah are the youngest, and most inexperienced Clan” Daedalus had said, “They have little 
value yet, but they may become better, given time.”

The only clan that the Nosferatu seemed to tolerate, was the Ventrue. All the others, were 
treated like they were children, or insignificant.

Her eyes wandered the crowd again.

Cash had Daedalus’ respect, but only as Julian’s body guard. Daedalus didn’t seem to think 
his view point valid, well he thought him rather rash she corrected herself.

Rose had met Cash, on her frequent visits to the shower.

Cash had been lounging in the chair, just inside the front hall way.

“Hi” he had greeted her.

“Hi” she had lowered her eyes, and slipped past him.

“You're Rose?” 

 She stopped on the stairs, half way up, and turned around. “Yes.” she kept her eyes lowered, 
looking at Cash’s feet.

“You come here often?” 


“What for?” 

“A shower, Julian said it would be all right.”

“Did he?” 


“Mind if I check?”

“No.” Rose turned on the stairs and headed towards the shower, eager to get away from this 
inquisitive man.

On the way back to her haven, she noted that he still sat in the hall way chair, as if he had never 

“I checked” he had said to her. “Julian should have told me, then I wouldn’t have had to scare 

“You didn’t scare me” She lied.

“Well made you nervous then.” Cash smiled at her. “You came out all right you know, not too 
bad at all.” 

“Thank you” Rose tried to quickly disappear hurrying to the safety of her haven. It had been 
the first meeting with another Kindred out side of Daedalus’ control.

Rose knew she had done it all wrong, and hoped Deadalus wouldn’t be too disappointed with 

Daedalus said nothing to her, she wondered if maybe it was too much of an embarrassment.

“What did you tell my sire?” She asked after a few days had passed. “I thought you would have 
told him I didn’t greet you properly, or something.” she tried not to sound like a childe.

“Nothing” he replied, “Gangrel aren’t so hung up about protocol, so don’t worry, I won’t tell him 
you didn’t bow, or say the proper words.” 

“ Why, ” Rose looked at him, then quickly dropped her eyes.

“Like I said, I’m not worried about it. You shouldn’t be either, this is just us. No rules. Okay? By 
the way I’m Cash.” 

“Hello” Rose smiled at him.

“You have a killer smile” 

“Thanks” Rose seemed more at ease as she turned and went to the shower.

It had taken a while, but after a few more meetings, she had come to see Cash as an older 
brother type. He was okay, but not the kind you could count on for guidance. Well not for a 
Nosferatu anyway.

Cash had been the one to help her learn how to shape shift into wolf form. 

Daedalus had found the two of them changing back and forth, he did not approve.

“There are more important matters to learn first” he had scowled at Cash.

Cash had just shrugged his shoulder. “She has to learn sometime.”

Now in the club, he seemed so lost, and sad.

Lorraina sat at his side staring bullets at the Brujah table.

Lorraina was so different to Cash, she only sneered at her when she passed her in the 

Lorraina liked to intimidate her.

Rose wasn’t sure if she did it to feel better about herself, or if she did it to any Kindred who 
were not Gangrel.

Rose wasn’t sure if she liked Lorraina.

Gangrels were very loyal, and usually acted first, and asked questions later. 

“It is their nature” Daedalus had said to her inquiry.

                   *                            *                      *                       *

The night continued, Brujah and Gangrel bumping each other, trying to provoke each other.

Brujah Rose learned, were blood enemies of Gangrel.

Both clans would fight on sight, except at the Haven.

The Haven was an Elysium, so Daedalus had told her, a place where Kindred came to mix, 
without fighting.

No one broke the sanctity of the Elysium, if they did then they were in big trouble.

Rose’s eyes turned to Cameron.

Cameron was a bird of a different feather.

Rose had wanted to know what Brujah did, so she agreed to follow him around, and see how 
they worked, Anna Mae had been very brave, and pointed out the different Brujah and their 
roles in the clan. 

Cameron didn’t attack them, when he saw them, which was often as Rose still lost 
concentration often. Finally he had had enough, and reported the incidents to Daedalus.

It was only later that Rose found out that Brujah could frenzy very easily. Daedalus had been 
frightened, and that was why he had been so strict and unforgiving. The fear of loosing her 
was almost as much as the fear Rose felt of when she thought of loosing him.

After a few days, Rose noticed that Cameron was more than just another Brujah. Most Brujah 
looked after themselves, and damn any one else. Even some Sires made their childer, gave 
them only the bare essentials and then released them, having no more to do with them.

Cameron was different. Cameron looked after his clan, with some dedication, although he 
seemed to trust  no one.

At times he seemed so ambitious, and determined, she was sure he was going to take over 
the city, but always he pulled back short of that.

Cameron ran the underside of the city. Julian didn’t have to get his hands dirty, but knew all 
about the criminal activities of the Brujah.

“Ventrue like the profit, but not the job” Daedalus had explained.

So Brujah were the under world of Kindred. Doing the dirty work, and leaving the prince’s 
hands clean.

“If the Ventrue hate the Brujah, then why do they use them so much?” she had asked. 

“It leaves the Ventrue free from blame,” Daedalus had said.  “And keeps them on a short 

leash. If things do get out of hand, the prince can use the police to yank them back in line.”

It still didn’t seem fair, but then Kindred law was hard. 

Rose knew that the Brujah viewed the Nosferatu as beasts, not fit for anything but the most 
menial of tasks, but still she could not bring herself to condemn them for that, no one had 
taken the time to help them see a different view, so how could you condemn some one for 

They were a young clan, in need of time to develop, so she would leave her decision on the 
Brujah clan open.

                       *                           *                      *                    *

Ventrue were another mystery to her

Although most Ventrue prince’s had Nosferatu for advisers, they did not often visit in their 
havens because of the dirt.

Ventrue respected Nosferatu for their knowledge, that did not mean that they liked them.

Ventrue had regal bearings, true, but they also had a fussiness. Everything had to be just so.

Julian was like that, he ran his companies like his house, every thing had a place, and 
everyone had a job, but nothing was done without his approval.

“Most Ventrue are the same” Daedalus had told her, “You must be careful of them, they will 
ask many questions, and try and learn what we know. You must never volunteer information, 
unless it is a matter of protection for our clan, or for the greater good of Kindred.”

Ventrue, Rose found out, also had a lot of rules and tended to be more fussy about them then 
even the Nosferatu.

Anselm had always forgiven Rose’s mistakes, and not pointed them out, he left that to her 

But a Ventrue would be sorely affronted if one made a mistake with one of them that you didn’t 

know, or even one you knew, they could be very testy.

Ventrue taught their childer, as Nosferatu did, and kept them almost as long as Nosferatu, but 
unlike Nosferatu, Ventrue expected their childer to depart from the haven after release 
Nosferatu tended to stay close, or in the haven of their sires.

Ventrue also enjoyed the power of control, they did not like surprises.

Ventrue liked structure, and cleanliness to a fault. Dirt was seen as an enemy.

Ventrue thought themselves good rulers, and the best of the clans, but tried to hide this from 
other Kindred.

It didn’t seem that Julian felt this way, but he was Ventrue, and they were very good at hiding 
their true selves so that no one can see what they really think.

The more Rose learned the more she thought that she would never understand the politics of 
the Kindred world.

Why couldn’t everyone just get along? she wondered.

                      *                          *                          *                      *

Daedalus had begun to instruct her on the protocol and manners, that other Nosferatu would 
expect, and there was a lot to remember.

“Always ask before entering into another’s haven”

“Never volunteer information” 

“Never ask for a favor from another without knowing what he will ask in return”

Nosferatu seemed to have more rules than any other clan.

Nosferatu usually went by the letter of the law, but would forgive small faux pas of the young.

“But that is not an excuse to be ignorant” Deadalus had said. 

They were a quiet bunch, never really visiting each other, or mixing very much.

Anselm and Anna Mae were the exception to that rule.

Anselm enjoyed company, and so did Anna Mae.

Daedalus did not like the fact that Anselm had so many human contacts even though they 
were blind, he thought them too much of a risk. Daedalus often shook his head as Anselm told 
him of Father Patrick and his goings on.

Daedalus listened only because he knew Rose was interested, otherwise he would have 
changed the subject.

Still he always made sure that Father Patrick was really as blind as he said he was. 

Rose had to smile, the old man was mischievous, and probably could see better than she 

Recently Anselm's visits with Father Patrick had become rare, as Father Patrick had a new 
assistant with him. He was Father David, a bright young man, with good prospects.

Father Patrick would tell Anselm how inept he was, or how he didn’t quite get enough 
sympathy in his voice when he talked, but Anselm knew the old rascal liked this new edition to 
his church.

Anna Mae had been a surprise. Childlike, and fun, she had a knowledge  about her, that was 
remarkable. Although she hardly ever spoke, Rose found that her mime was easy to interpret, 
and had little difficulty in understanding her.

Usually the two of them stayed in the tunnels, and did not venture far from the havens, 
especially after the event with Cameron, but on rare occasions, Anna Mae had shown her 
some of her favorite places. One was a cemetery, not far from St. Marks church, where Father 
Patrick was.

Rose had only one regret about being Kindred.

She hadn’t said goodbye to Father Patrick.

                  *                           *                              *                          *

Rose started a bit, pulled out of her reverie by the sound of applause.

Lillie came out on the stage beaming proudly at her new protege. 

Rose hadn’t realized that the performance was over, she felt a little guilty, she had not heard 
one word. Daedalus would not like that.

“What did you think?” Daedalus asked her.

“My hands are hurting” She avoided the question not looking at her sire.

“Perhaps we should go” 

Rose didn’t really want to leave, the disc jockey had just come out and was setting up it was still 
early by Kindred standards, but if she did stay Daedalus would know she had not been paying 
attention and that the pain in her hands was just an excuse.

“May be that would be best” she said quietly.

“I just want a word with Lillie before we go.” Daedalus kissed the top of her head, and 
disappeared down the back stairs.

Rose’s hands did hurt but not too much, she had been through worse pain.

The change at first had been exciting, almost like being stoned and on speed all at once, she 
could hear and see so much, it was like nothing she had ever felt before, but then the pain 
had begun and the changes in her body started.

For weeks she had lain there, racked with pain. Only the blood Daedalus provided eased the 
pain a bit. She had drunk it from a cup, as he did not want to blood bond her.

Where he had gotten it he never said and she had never asked, but Julian owned a hospital 
so she guessed that it had come from there.

She remembered laying on the floor, the pain excruciating, begging Daedalus to end it. 
Swearing at him, calling him names. Telling him she would hurt him the way he had hurt her. 
Describing in detail how she was going to kill him. Begging him to kill her.

Rose also remembered the pain in his eyes as he held her and tried to comfort her. How he 
had forced the blood between her clenched teeth laced with the pain killers he made.

Rose had not wished to hurt him, but the pain had taken over her mind, making her go to the 
brink of madness.

Daedalus had spent hours with her denying himself rest and staying by her side while she 
ranted and raved.

After the worst was over, Daedalus had confessed to her that not all Nosferatu survive the 
change. Some went into madness and had to be put down, and others put themselves down. 
Destroying themselves before the change was complete.

Daedalus returned to the office, with Lillie .

“Daedalus tells me you wish to try and learn to dance ” Lillie smiled not mentioning the first 
time she had tried to help her learn to dance.

“Yes” Rose looked at the floor.

“Well the first thing we have to do” Lillie walked over to her, “is to teach you to hold your head 

Lillie cupped Rose’s chin in her hands, forcing her to look up at her.

Lillie looked at Daedalus and smiled 

“I’ll find a suitable partner. One that has some sense” 

Daedalus nodded.

“I thought you were going to teach me?” Rose looked at Daedalus, her eyes filled with hurt.

“I was, but when I tried to remember the steps...” He paused, “It has been so long, I could not 
remember them well” 

Rose nodded, “So will you relearn them too, otherwise who will I dance with” 

“Perhaps” He smiled.

“First we have to find you suitable attire.” Lillie paused taking a critical look at the pair. 

“Come back tomorrow night, and I’ll have something ready. Both of you” She looked hard at 

“Of course” Daedalus gave a little bow.

“Tomorrow night. If your hands do not hurt too much” He added

“They wont” Rose grinned. “ They wont”

Daedalus and Lillie decided on a time, and then he and Rose left.

                  *                             *                           *                            *
In the tunnels Rose followed Daedalus back to their haven.

“Do you really mean you’ll come with me tomorrow?” 

“Yes” He stated.

“I love you , you know.” She ran forward and hugged his back.

“As I love you.” He squeezed her arm. “You don’t like the poetry readings do you?” 

“Not really, it makes my head spin, if I can read it first maybe then it won’t be so bad” 

“Here” Daedalus handed her a book.

Rose opened it, and found her poems printed on the pages, with beautiful pictures 
opposite each one.

“Thank you, it’s beautiful, I’d forgotten about it.” 

“You haven’t written any since the change.”

“I’ve been too happy.” She moved to his side, his arm draped over her shoulders.

“Did you enjoy yourself, and your reflections tonight” 

Rose smiled, she should have known she couldn’t put anything past him.  ”There’s a lot to learn”


“But not any more tonight” 

“Not any more tonight”

Daedalus hugged her shoulders, and again thought how happy Rose had made him.

“All in the day of a life” Rose chuckled

“All in the night of a life” He corrected with a smile.

She skipped ahead, happy that there would be some free time.

She had so much to learn, but tomorrow, the learning would be fun.

Tonight she planned to just enjoy, she looked at Daedalus, well a little work out would be fun.

Rose smiled at him.

Daedalus smiled back.

‘Yes, a little work out would be nice’ Rose smiled wickedly.

Daedalus smiled back, knowing what she was thinking, he quickened his pace, as she
skipped ahead.