The Death

**** Author's Note: All characters from the 1996 TV show Kindred: The 
Embrace, beyond Weylin, Avidor, Magnus and Kali belongs to their rightful 
owners whoever they may be as I totally forgot who they belong to. 
Weylin, Avidor, Magnus and Kali are mine, along with the story plot! Mark 
Frankel, who played Our dear Ventrue Prince Julian Luna, * wipes a blood 
tear from her eye *, died in real life soon after the end of the first season, 
therefor preventing any more seasons of this fine vampire series and so 
the series that I'm doing is now reflecting on his passing in real life. Many 
thanks to Icy Mike Molson for his beta reviews of this story. I couldn't 
have done this story without your help and also to Flower Power for her 
previewing this story. Please read and review! If I get more than two 
reviews I may write the next story. I'm hoping to make this into a three 
part story. ****

Julian Luna walked around the room shaking hands with the other 
Ventrue Princes of other cities in North America. The conference that the 
Justicar did that century was going to be hopefully a good one. Julian 
knew he could make friends or a few enemies at the conference. One 
from St. Louis told Julian off that he should have never allowed his 
descendant to come into his city if he was not fully prepared to protect 
her from the other Kindred and then fall in love with a Kine newspaper 
reporter at almost the same time. That Prince got into a fist fight with 
another Ventrue Prince by the name of Avidor who was of the Vancouver, 
B.C. of Canada's Ventrue Clan. Avidor's clan was a very hidden group 
there since that city is ruled by the Sabbat. He was a tall black male 
wearing very modern clothes, his shoulder length white hair was a stark 
contrast to his dark skin color. Avidor was known for his temper but his 
honorable ways of handling fights. Someone once took a swing at him, he 
later looked like he been through a blender.

"STOP THIS FIGHTING BOTH OF THEE!!!! Avidor, I thought I had your word 
bond that you would not fight this time around! I had hoped that you 
would vocally fight but not by your fists!" The deep booming voice of the 
Justicar, broke the fight up.

"My sincerest apologies, Justicar. My temper got the better of me." Avidor spoke politely, as he bowed towards him.

"Good. Come, the meeting is now offically started and it's not the right 
foot I had hoped for this time." spoke the Justicar. The St. Louis Ventrue 
Prince and Avidor glared at each other from across the room and the 
conclave table.

"Avidor, how is it going with the conquest of Vancouver?" asked the 
Justicar, looking at him.

"Not as we had hoped for. The Sabbat still rules 91% of the city. They 
don't even know a Ventrue clan has entered the city yet. It may take 
some time to get that city into the Camerilla's hands, but I think we may 
have a shot at getting the city." Avidor said, calmly.

After hearing, the others about Avidor's latest attempt at getting 
Vancouver spoke about their own problems in their cities and asked the 
other Princes on how to handle them. They all got good advice from their 
fellow Ventrue Princes and the Justicar too.

"Julian, your last letter to me disturbed me greatly. Please reveal the 
problem to us all and perhaps the problem will be dealt with." spoke the 
Justicar, looking at Julian calmly as he took a sip of his blood wine.

"My descendant Sasha Luna was embraced forcibly by the Brujah and not 
by the Gangrel Primogen Cash, who had been given my permission to 
embrace her into his clan. I have dealt with the Brujah who 'embraced' my 
descendant, by giving him to my allies the Nosferatu for their support of 
me during the Brujah/Ventrue battle which quickly got squashed. I gave 
the Primogen the sun treatment till he only partially got burnt, removed 
him from the sun and told him that he lived only because I allow it. The 
Brujah Primogen later got his head removed by Lillie Langtree of the 
Toreador Clan in a botched attempt at taking my place as Prince of the 
City. My other problem is that the new Primogen of the Brujah clan is 
Cameron formerly of Manzinta's Brujah clan and killer of my sire Archon. I 
fear he may threaten my place as Prince of the City." spoke Julian, as he 
looked at the entire table while he spoke. Julian saw several of the 
Ventrue Princes grumbling about destroying the entire Brujah clan but for 
his descendant let her chose the members of her clan.

"No, that is the wrong thing to do. Sasha may go to Final Death as well. I 
think what is needed is a limit on the Brujah." one female Ventrue Prince 
said. Her shiny blond hair was tied in a bun on the back of her head, her 
very modern day business suit suited her very business like sense of how 
to deal with problems.

"Well spoken, my dear. I believe we should openly discuss what should 
be done about this problem that Julian has." spoke the Justicar. "Please 
let your ideas be known to Julian."

The other Princes started to throw out ideas on how to handle the 
problem. Julian heard the best one from Avidor. He gave the best one an 
'embracing' limit on them for as long as Sasha was Kine. Julian knew that 
would teach the Brujah, not to 'embrace' someone without worrying 
about the consequences of their actions.

It was no more than two hours later, Julian had the 'embracing' limit 
settled within his mind. 29 years of no 'embracing' no one into the Brujah 
clan. He felt relieved to have settled his Kindred problem. Then, he 
revealed that a Kine knows about them but he blurred her memories 
about them. He was sure that the Kine would not reveal anything as this 
Kine was in love with him and he with her. The others knew this kind of 
problem and told him to just gently break it off with the mortal Kine and if 
by chance she's a business partner or in one of his businesses transfer 
her to another city and break all ties with her. Julian thought it was for 
the best if Caitlin and he broke up for good.

Weylin smiled as he approached the San Francisco Prince after the 
meeting was over. Julian was speaking with Avidor. "Julian, a word with 

"Yes, of course." spoke Julian, as he bowed towards the tall Justicar, who 
wore a very old 18th century outfit.

"Walk with me outside." Weylin asked, Avidor bowed as he went to speak 
with a shadow at the far side of the room about a few things.

"Of course. It's about what happened in my city isn't? I'm going to be 
'observed' right?" asked Julian, looking at him as they sat down on the 
steps of the four story mansion.

"No, Julian. It deals with your childe. She's feeling cooped up here. She 
told me how much she would love to go join her sire in his city." said 

"No, Weylin. The answer is no. She can not come to my city. She'll be 
threatened by the Brujah if she comes!" Julian snapped. "They will know 
she's my childe and will kill her to get to me just like...."

"Just like they did with your descendant Sasha." spoke Weylin, smiling 
softly as he placed his hand on his arm. "Sasha was kine, Julian. You 
should have claimed her as your childe."

"I know but I thought it would be better if Cash embraced her." stated 
Julian softly. He gazed towards the east to see the hint of dawn rising. It 
was nearing dawn at the home of the Justicar Weylin. "Forgive me, 
Weylin. I thank you for the meeting. I must return to my city. I told my 
clan I would be gone only for a night and a day. They will be worried if I 
do not show up soon at my home." Julian bowed his head to him.

"I offer you a room to stay in till the sun set's once again, Julian. You 
could always call them and tell them you'll be late coming home?" asked 

"I know but I must go. I'll call you when I get back to my city and to my 
home. Take good care of Kali for me. I have never seen her so happy 
since she been embraced." said Julian, as he kissed the forehead of 
someone hidden by the shadows of the room.

"Julian, I was happy before you came here. I'm glad to see my sire before 
I go off on another mission for the Justicar." spoke the shadowed form.

"Julian, before you leave. She created this ring for you." said Weylin, 
handing him a black and gold ring box. Julian opened it to find a wolf head 
looking at him with two red eyes. "Rubies are the eyes, Julian. If you read 
the inscription, it reads Prince of the City in italian."

Julian smiled, as he placed the ring on his ring finger, then walked away 
from them both and went to the car that waited for him. Julian looked 
back at the mansion and wanted nothing more than to bring her to his 
city and into his clan. She would do better with him than with the Justicar 
but she had made her choice when he left her there the first time around. 
He turned towards the driver and nodded as he climbed into the backseat 
and headed for the airport. Julian wondered if he made the right decision 
to leave her there again as he climbed the steps leading to the corporate 
jet his company had bought a few years back. He sat down in the lucious 
gray leather chair and started to write a letter to 'her'. He told the driver 
who drove him there to hand deliver it to her back at the mansion. The 
driver watched as the jet flew off into the sky heading for Julian's city.

Cash was pacing on the lucious red carpet of Luna Mansion. Something 
wasn't right and he could sensed it. Cash sat down in the chair picked up 
a book and tried to read till Julian came home. Then, he leapt up to check 
the windows to see if a car was coming. He wondered where was Julian 
as he scratched his scruffy whiskers on his chin. Julian should have been 
home several hours ago. Cash went to the phone and dialed the car 
phone to Julian's car. Cash got nothing but a recording stating that the 
user was out of range or had turned the phone off. He picked up the 
phone and called an ally in Manzanita to see if Luna was there sleeping 
on the coffin of his late wife. But the ally didn't see Julian there at all. 
Cash was now very very concerned. Cash picked up the phone and dialed 
one more number.

"Julian?" asked the female voice on the other end.

"No, Caitlin. It's me, Cash. Have you heard from him lately?" asked Cash, 
hoping that he was there.

"No, I haven't. Is something wrong? He still has the dinner date here with 
me tomorrow night." said Caitlin.

"No, nothing's wrong. Just a little worried about him." Cash hung up the 
phone and finally gave up pacing and sat down in the chair. The daytime 
slumber was fast approaching and so he closed his eyes and slept in the 

Frank wandered San Francisco holding two objects in his hand as he 
drove around waiting for night to come. He went to his home first to 
change clothing and get a quick shave in before he went to see them. He 
climbed down the stairs of his home and climbed into his red Caprice 
Classic and drove slowly towards Luna Mansion.

Frank thanked God that Sonny had taken the entire night off to relax and 
just be a man for a change. He had gotten him baseball tickets for a night 
game with the Giants and then a nice long movie trilogy which lasted way 
into the night. Frank knew Sonny wouldn't be so calm when he finds out 
about the accident that killed a very important figure in the city that 
morning. Frank shook his head quickly as he drove up the road leading to 
Julian's mansion.

The night rose from her bed as most of the Kines in the City was 
preparing to go to bed, the Gangrels at the Luna Mansion all hurried 
about getting things settled and chitchatted with those who were coming 
for a quick meeting with Cash or just taking someone's place as guard.

A gangrel came racing into the room to see Cash gazing into the fireplace. 
"Cash, someone's coming!" he yelled.

Cash leapt out of his chair, rushed to the door and opened it up to see 
Frank Kohanek climbing out of his red Caprice Classic.

"Hello, Frank. If you came to see Julian, he's not here." Cash said, quickly 
as Frank walked towards him. "He's with Caitlin or in Manzanita."

"I know he's not here nor in Caitlin's home or in Manzanita, as we 
checked there already. Summon the heads of all Kindred clans. I need to 
see them all. I have news that will rock this city." spoke Frank, as he 
walked into the mansion.

Cash said, calmly. "What could you possibly have to say that could rock 
this city, Frank?" Cash looked at him as Frank walked around the room to 
look at the painting of Julian Luna sitting alone in the painting wearing a 
very expensive black suit with his trademarked white shirt underneath it, 
his blackish brown hair slicked back, hanging over the fireplace. Cash 
remembered the day, Caitlin brought the painter into the mansion to 
have him paint Julian for his birthday. Julian loved the idea of getting a 
painter to paint a portrait of him. He returned the favor to Caitlin for her 
birthday. Julian had bought her a nice red tight dress that highlighted her 
beauty. Cash wondered why Frank was here and where was Julian.

"Something very bad, Cash. A death happened." said Frank.

Cash looked at him straight in the eyes and Cash went as pale as he 
could before he rushed for the phone, dailed the number. "Come to the 
mansion now!"

Cameron quickly walked to his waiting car and headed towards Luna 
mansion. He got there and saw Cash but no Julian Luna. "What is this?! A 
joke to get your enemies' Primogen here so you can kill me, Gangrel 

"Not even likely, Brujah trash!" snapped Cash, as he directed his gaze 
towards Frank who stood by the fireplace.

"Why is that Kine here?! And where's Luna!?" snarled Cameron, as he 
glared at Cash.

Lillie Langtree wearing a very modern brownish grey dress, walked up 
the stairs and entered the conclave room to see Cash and Cameron 
already at each other's throats. Lillie got them seperated from each 
other's throats and snapped in a calm voice, "Boys! Boys! Cameron quit 
this, we are not here to fight. You may not care about Julian, but his YOUR 
Prince as much as anyones. So just take a break," She glances at Cash, 
he is glaring and fuming. But nods firmly and sits in his chair. They backed 
off from each other but glared at each other.

"Gangrel filth." muttered Cameron.

"Brujah trash." growled Cash.

They both didn't answer Lillie's question until Frank came from the 
fireplace. "What is he doing here?" she asked, looking at Frank with 
distrust in her eyes.

"I have no idea, Lillie. But I fear it may be serious for the Kindred of this 
city. He just said a death happened and no more than that." replied 
Cash. "Did you see Daedalus coming, Lillie?"

"No. I trust he should be here soon." said Lillie, shaking her head.

Daedalus rushed up the stairs and quickly entered the Luna mansion. His 
dead heart was pumping hard as he entered the room to see most of the 
head of the Kindred Primogen standing or sitting around the conclave 
table but then he saw Frank. "Where's Luna?" Daedalus requested of 

Sonny had just entered the police station when his beeper went off. He 
went rushing out of the department after he got the page and did a 
precursor call to the mansion to find Cash made the page. He could tell 
something wasn't right. He wished he hadn't taken the night off like Frank 
had told him to do. Now he didn't know what had happened during the 
night or the morning. His guts had screamed out that morning and now 
the page from the mansion from Cash when it usually was from Julian 
who would demand the meetings with the others. He knew something 
was now very wrong in this city.

Each clan walked in with a look of shock. Sonny was the last of the heads 
of his clan to enter the room, though he was not very happy with the fact 
that now Frank knew his own partner was a Kindred.

"Thank you for coming on short notice. I know about the Kindred and I 
know about each one of you. But have no fear. I shall not break the 
Masquerade to the kines outside these walls." he said, looking at each 
member of the Kindred.

"Well spoken. You sound like a Kindred, yourself Frank." spoke Sonny, 
looking at Frank gently. "Maybe Julian should embrace you. You are 
worthy of being a Ventrue."

"Why are you here, Frank?" asked Lillie, looking at Frank. Her eyes gazed 
at him searching for a sign of anything on him concerning Julian. "Where 
is Julian?"

"I think this might help explain things more." Frank pulled out an evidence 
bag that carried a badly burnt wallet and a wolf ring. "Julian did me a 
favor once. Now I need a favor from all of you. I need to know who's ring 
and wallet belongs to. Don't open it. Just sense who it is. I have the 
feeling it is a Kindred who once owned that wallet and wore that ring."

Lillie took the ring and wallet from Frank slowly, distrust still in her eyes 
as she watched the detective for some kind of a trick. Turning away from 
him, the Toreador primogen focused on the items, her mind forming an 
image of the last possessor of the items. After a moment, she gasped in 
shock. Lillie did not open her eyes as she passed the ring and wallet to 
Daedalus, but a single, blood tear escaped her left eye and rolled down 
her cheek.

Daedalus passed the wallet and the ring to Cameron, as he bowed his 
head. The Nosferatu Primogen's face was hidden but for a single blood 
tear appeared on his left cheek.

Cameron was next to hold the wallet and the ring. He saw what 
happened as he stiffly passed it on to Cash.

Cash took the ring and wallet and focused his mind on the wearer of the 
ring to see the image appear before his eyes and then turned to the 
wallet. He got the same image as he breathed in deep to pass the wallet 
and the ring to Sonny.

Sonny took the ring and wallet. He focused his mind on the previous user 
and saw who and what had happened to the wearer of those items. He 
screamed, "JULIAN!!!! NO!!!! OH SHIT!!! NO!!! NO!!! HE CAN'T BE!!!!"

"I'm sorry. But Julian Luna. The Prince of the City is dead. At 5:30 am this 
morning, his car struck an overturned gas truck. It exploded killing all 
inside the car and the truck itself. From the tire tracks, the driver was 
trying to brake but failed miserably. I was only twenty minutes behind the 
accident and I was the first detective on the case. I wanted this case as 
Julian was a friend, even if he was a Kindred." said Frank, as he looked at 
the Kindred in the room.

Daedalus stood up and looked at Frank. "We, thank you for bringing this 
sad news of the Final Death of our Prince Julian Luna."

Lillie stood up and looked at Frank. "I, also, thank you for letting us know. 
Does anyone else know about his passing? Does Caitlin?"

"No one beyond those who are in this room. I'm heading to see Caitlin as 
soon as I am done here. But I know that Julian had a descendant Sasha, 
who is Kindred." spoke Frank. "I'm hoping to tell her before I see Caitlin."

"I'm her Primogen, Frank. I'll tell her the news of her granduncle's death." 
said Cameron, calmly.

"Thank you for delivering this sad news about Julian's death,” Lillie said. 
"It is a blow to us all."

"Yeah, I figured as much," Frank agreed, looking slightly uncomfortable 
with the situation. Frank stood up, gathering the wallet and the ring from 
the table. “Well, there’s not much more to say than that, and I’m sorry 
about Julian.”

“Thank you, Frank,” Sonny said. “I’ll show you out.”

Frank nodded, and walked back to the front door with his partner. The 
Conclave table fell silent as the gathered Primogen listened for the 
mortal’s departure. Finally, the front door could be heard closing, and 
Sonny returned to the room.

"I understand that this is a difficult time, but I feel that we will need a 
new prince as soon as possible,” Cameron said, breaking the silence.

“Oh, and I wonder who you would like to put forward as your candidate?” 
Lillie snapped, wiping one last tear from her eye. She stood up angerily.

"For all we know, you could be the one that killed him," Cash added, 
clearly angry at the Brugah primogen.

"Oh, and when would I have done that?” Cameron inquired of the 
Gangrel primogen. “Unlike some shiftless Gypsy trash I know, I work for a 

"If you think I’d even consider following you as Prince, you’re sorely 
mistaken, you piece of Brugah trash!” Cash growled, leaning forward on 
the table, his hand reaching for his gun. “I would rather burn this city to 
the ground than follow you.”

"Oh, really?" Cameron asked. “Who would you put in charge, Cash? 
Maybe you’d like to be Prince of the city.”

“Daedalus,” Cash said. To the Gangrel, the Nosferatu primogen was the 
best of a group of bad choices.

“A Prince has to be public,” Lillie pointed out. “Daedalus cannot be seen in 
public, because of the Nosferatu curse.”

“But you can?” Cameron guessed, crossing his arms infront of him.

“There have been many successful Toreador Princes,” Lillie pointed out.

Cameron laughed. “Do you think any of us would follow a conniving little 
slut like yourself?” the Brujah Primogen asked, thoroughly amused by the 
whole thing. “Weren’t you the one that sided with Eddie Fiori to kill Julian, 
your one time lover, one night, and then beheaded Fiori one night later? I 
see how you would certainly make a stable, successful Prince!”

Lillie just glared angerily towards him before they departed for their own 
clans, mumbling some cusses towards him. Sonny went to the phone in 
the mansion and called Weylin, the Venture Justicar to give him the news 
of Julian Luna's death and told him that the infighting will get so fierce 
and the city needs a new Prince soon.

Frank drove mindlessly around the city trying his very best to delay going 
towards Caitlin's home. But he couldn't as he drove to the house. Frank 
watched the house as the lights were on inside. He knew Cailtin was at 
home. He climbed out of his car and headed towards the door.

Caitlin was wearing a nice non-formal shirt and skirt, her blond hair was 
in a ponytail as she moved around in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. 
'Julian.' she whispered to herself. She rushed to the door. "Julian, you 
had me........scared. Hi Frank."

"May I?" asked Frank, looking at her.

"Oh, of course. What can I get you? Soda is all I have in the house right 
now." said Caitlin, as she headed back to the kitchen. "I'm expecting 
company in a few minutes."

"Dinner with Julian, right?"

"Yes, he should be here in a few minutes. He didn't show up at work 
today. I think his business trip lasted into the day." Caitlin stirred the 
pasta in the pot. "So what case are you working on this time around?"

"I...really hate to tell you this, Caitlin. It deals with Julian." said Frank.

"Oh, why does it concern him?" Caitlin stopped stirring to look at him.

"I'm sorry, but Julian died this morning."

"WHAT!?!?!? NO!!!!!" cried out Caitlin. Tears started to appear in her 
eyes. "How did it happen?"

"I'm sorry, but the car he was riding in crashed into a gas truck and 
exploded. The driver tried to brake before they hit the truck from what I 
could tell from the tire tracks on the bridge. The resulting fireball killed the 
driver and everyone in Julian's car. They died quick and painless."

Caitlin was so stunned by this news she tried to speak but nothing came 
out. Frank knew this news shocked her deeply, as he wrapped his arms 
around her and allowed her to cry on his shoulder.

Sasha was in the workout room doing some hand to hand fighting with 
another Brujah member. She was starting to be really good at fighting. 
She was a worthy Brujah member and now with the news that she 
dumped the Gangrel Primogen was even better, Cameron thought to 

"Sasha, I want to speak with you now." spoke Cameron, as he looked at 

"Of course. I'll be right back." said Sasha, as she walked away from the 
Brujah member. "Yes?"

"We'll speak in my office. I want this private." Cameron said, as the two 
entered his office. "Sit, Sasha."

Sasha wondered if Julian told him to release her from being a Brujah 
member. "What's wrong? Did Julian tell you to release me from my ties to 
the Brujah? I won't leave the clan. I was embraced forcibly but I realize 
that Brujah is just as much part of me as they are to each other."

"I'm glad to hear you state that, Sasha. But that is not why I wanted to 
speak to you."

"What then?"

"Julian is dead."

"What? You're joking, Cameron! Julian is not dead!" snapped Sasha.

"I'm sorry, childe. He is. He met Final Death at 5:30 am this morning. He 
felt nothing and went quick." said Cameron, as he walked over to her and 
held her.

Sasha's blood tears crept down her cheeks as she cried over the loss of 
her family member. She pushed Cameron away from her as she rushed 
from the room, still crying. The other Brujah members saw her rushing 
down the hallway in tears wondered what had caused her to cry as they 
looked down the hallway to see Cameron standing in his door with the 
look of sorrow.

Cameron's voice was stern. "I want everyone here now!" he then, turned 
towards his office, closing the door without hearing their reply.

The word of Julian's death spread like wildfire through out the Kindreds' 
city. The clubs that was once occupied by the Kindred were empty as the 
city's Kindred mourned the loss of their Prince. But the Brujah were 
openly demanding that their Primogen assume the role of Prince of The 

Cash looked at the members of his clan and told them the sorrowful news 
he carried. "Our dead. Julian Luna has met Final Death at 5:30 
this morning. His car, carrying him and his two Gangrel bodyguards Telan 
and Halley, hit an overturned gas truck and exploded. They died quickly 
and probably painlessly."

The Gangrels went silent as they realized that the city had no Prince to 
rule them. One of them asked, "Are we going to go into war with the 
other clans? Now that we have no Prince to rule us?"

"Be silent about that! There will be no wars with the other clans. We are 
now in a state of mourning. The Brujah Primogen has requested a month 
of mourning till we find out from the Justicar of the Ventrue of North 
America, who our new Prince is. Till then, we are in mourning." spoke 

"How do you know?" asked another Gangrel.

"As soon as we found out about Julian, Sonny called the Justicar and 
informed him of Julian's death. He is sending someone to 'observe' us." 
spoke Cash.

"What?!" asked another Gangrel.

"Yes, to see who is more responsible Primogen and will chose the new 
Prince of the City." said Cash, as he looked at his fellow Gangrels.

"You could easily become Prince, Cash." said one of them.

"I know but I would refuse it. I wouldn't be a good Prince." Cash retorted, 
as he walked to the window and gazed over the city. "I must go. I need 
to be at the Luna mansion when the Ambassador arrives tonight."

A silent, black cloaked figure emerged from the plane. The form stood at 
the top of the stairs and gazed over the darkened airport. The figure 
within the cloak was not sure she could handle this mission before the 
form walked down the stairs and walked towards the car that was 
waiting to pick her up. She turned to look at the jet as it was rolled to the 
hanger. She didn't really want to take this mission but she had to accept 
it is. She was the 'observer' and was the best of her clan. The Justicar 
wouldn't have sent the best to this city if he knew another one would suit 
it better. She turned to the driver who stood there ready to help her 
enter the car.

The cloaked figure handed the driver a note and he nodded. "I'll take you 
to Luna Mansion, ambassador." the driver said, after the cloaked figured 
sat down in the car. The driver closed the door and walked to the driver's 

The figure pulled out a scroll and read it over again. A single drop of blood 
fell onto the scroll. The figure's hand gently wiped it off but the tear left 
it's mark on it. The scroll was rolled up again, put in a carry case and a 
gloved hand was placed on the case.

Cash stood at the top of the stairs leading into the mansion remembering 
the last time he saw Julian. Cash could hear his voice speaking to him 
telling him that he would be home by the time the sun rose from her bed. 
Now, he wished that Julian hadn't left San Franscisco for the meeting. A 
dark car approached the gate. He waved to the Gangrels who guarded 
the mansion to let the car in. He knew that the Ambassador from the 
Justicar was there and the time of being 'watched' would begin tonight. It 
was was no more than 5 hours after Sonny had called the Justicar.

Cash watched as the limousine pulled to a stop in front of the mansion, 
still unhappy with the appearance of an observer in what should have 
been an internal affair. The driver circled around the limousine and 
opened the passenger door, then stood back as a tall, thin figure, heavily 
concealed in an ankle length, ebon cloak, stepped out of the car. Cash 
watched for a moment as the cloaked observer said something to her 
driver, then started to the doors of the mansion.

“Wonderful,” Cash grumbled, walking away from the picture window. The 
long black cloak and the air of mystery were the signature of the Tremere, 
a clan of duplicitous wizards that had never been on the best of terms 
with the Gangrel. “A bloody Tremere observer.”

Cash made his way down the stairs to the first floor, finding the Justicar’s 
observer waiting in the foyer with her driver and Tommy, one of Cash’s 
fellow Gangrel bodyguards. The observer’s face remained concealed 
behind the heavy, shadowy hood of the cloak, but Cash looked down at 
the observer’s black high heels revealed that the newcomer as a woman.

“This is where the prince of your city, Julian Luna, lived?” the observer 

“Yes,” Cash replied. He forced as much formality as he could into his next 
sentence, trying to make sure that he did not reveal his irritation with 
having a Tremere observer present. “On behalf of the Council of the 
Primogen of San Francisco, I welcome you to our city. Tommy, if you would 
take our guest’s baggage to her room?”

“Alright,” Tommy said, casting one last, suspicious glance at the 
newcomer. Finally, the other Gangrel started up the steps, leading the 
observer’s driver away. Cash watched the pair go for a moment, then 
turned back to his cloaked visitor.

“My name is Cash,” the Gangrel replied. “I am primogen of Clan Gangrel 
and Julian’s head of security.”

“I thank you for your welcome, Cash of Clan Gangrel,” the cloaked figure 
said. “And, for your information, I am not a Tremere.”

“What would make you say that?” Cash asked, keeping his cool despite 
his surprise.

“The look in your eyes,” the observer said. “I can see your distrust in your 
eyes. You have nothing to fear, however. My sire would not send a 
Tremere to a city with such a Gangrel presence.”

“That was very nice of him,” Cash stated, becoming more and more 
annoyed with his mysterious guest. “Who are you, then?”

The cloaked figure raised her gloved, delicate hands slowly, and pushed 
back the hood of her cloak. The Justicar’s observer was a beautiful young 
woman in her early twenties, with long black hair that disappeared down 
the back of her cloak. Though her faintly dusky skin spoke of a Southern 
Mediterranean heritage, the most striking aspect of the young woman 
was her clear blue eyes.

“My name is Kali,” the young woman replied, taking the moment of 
hesitation from the Gangrel primogen to introduce herself. “I have been 
sent here as an observer for the Justicar. That is all you need to know.”

"I'll take you to your chambers now, Kali." Cash walked up the steps to 
the door with her behind him, when she saw the wolf head in the glass 

"Tell me where is the wolf ring that Julian wore?" Kali asked, in a firm 

"What wolf ring? He wore no such ring." said Cash.

Suddenly, he found himself raised up with her hand on his throat and she 
growling at him. The two other Gangrel who was in the room, pulled their 
guns. Kali swung Cash in the way of their guns if they fired they would kill 
their Primogen. Cash looked down at Kali, her eyes blazing a silvery glow.

at Cash.

"The kine cop has it!" Cash whispered, remembering the ring that he held 
at the conclave table.

He found himself on the ground and she facing him with anger in her 

"You bring me the ring or I shall give you Final Death." Kali said, looking at 
him. Her nose was only an inch away from his face.

"How can I get the kine cop to give me the ring? He'll know if it's missing." 
Cash said.

"You will find a way to get it from him. That ring was given to Julian by his 
childe." spoke Kali, as she walked up the stairs towards the guest room 
which Tommy had just came out of. Cash followed her to her room.

"Who is his childe, beyond Sonny?" Cash asked. He turned his head to 
the portrait.

"I am not allowed to state who his childe is. The Justicar demands Luna's 
childe is not revealed. Do you have the ring?" Kali turned to look at him 
eyes flashing their silver glow.

"Not yet. I'll make a call to the kine cop who has the ring. He will be here 
shortly. I had told him that I have a Kindred who can actaully see what 
happened at the time of Julian's Final Death."

"This kine is protected from being killed knowing the information he 
knows about our kind?" asked Kali, curious.

"Yes, if he speaks about it at the station house. He's not to be believed 
as they will say that he finally cracked under the pressure of his job. His 
wife had jumped out of a window and killed herself. His last girlfriend 
jumped off a bridge and did the same as his wife."

Kali smiled gently at what he said. "I may make him do what both did 
before I'm done here."

"I didn't mean to be rude but why would you do that for, Kali." said Cash, 
looking strongly at her. "Frank has his uses to us."

"True but he's a threat to us and must be dealt with." spoke Kali.

Cash turned, walked away from her. He returned to her room five minutes 
later. "He'll be here soon. I hate calling him."

"Be as it is. I want that ring!" snapped Kali.

"Why don't you go get the ring yourself?" growled Cash. He was fuming 
about being attacked by this 'Observer'.

Another Gangrel entered the hallway. "Frank Kohaneck is here."

"Tell him we'll be down in a moment." Cash said coldly. The gangrel 
nodded and walked down the stairs. The voice that they heard meant 
that Frank wasn't pleased with the delay.

Kali and Cash strode into the room where the man was at. Frank was 
almost the same height and build as Sonny the Ventrue Primogen since 
Julian was the Prince. His voice was rough as he spoke to Cash. He 
handed the ring over to Cash still in its bag.

"Frank, I want you to meet Kali, she's a Ventrue 'observer'. She's the one 
who'll see what Julian was doing at the time of his death." said Cash, 
turning to Kali and then to Frank.

"Give me the ring, Cash." Kali stated coldly. She barely recognized Frank 
as anything. "I don't mean to be rude but I see you as food, Kine."

"Well, thanks, at least I know where I stand with Eddie Fiori he 
was always upfront on what he would like to do to me......" said Frank, as 
he found himself lifted up by his throat.

"Don't ever say that name in front of me!" growled Kali, as her eyes 
blazed a silvery glow. "You may not survive the night in this city if you 
mention that name to me again."

Cash yanked her hand free from Frank's neck as he crumbled to the floor 
and snarled in a hissing tone. "Kali!"

Kali snorted as she removed the ring from the bag, which was being held 
by Cash. She went and sat down in a chair. "Julian was drifting into his 
slumber when he heard the squeals of the tires and then felt the impact. 
That's all I saw. He died quickly."

Frank looked to Cash to see him holding the bag open for the ring to be 
placed back within the bag. Kali placed the ring on the ring finger of her 
right hand and gave Cash a glare that meant that ring belongs to me.

"Sorry Frank, she wants the ring." said Cash.

"I can not give it up to someone like her, Cash. Its evidence." said Frank.

Sonny walked into the room. "Its okay, Frank. The captain knows you are 
delivering the ring and the wallet back to the deceased's family."

Frank turned to look at him and then looked at Kali. He breathed out, 
"Alright, she can have the ring." he turned and left the room.

"He needs to have a girlfriend." Kali whispered softly.

"Hey, you just threatened his life. Why do you care?" snapped Cash.

"If he has a girlfriend. He may get on with his life and perhaps even move 
out of this city, maybe even forget about the Kindred. But once he does, 
someone will erase his memory if the new Prince allows it to be done." 
Kali turned to look at him.

"I agree." said Sonny. "A mortal one, not a Kindred."

"I think I have the perfect person for him. Julian's mortal girlfriend what's 
her name. I've read the Ventrue reports about her and Julian's 
relationship." replied Kali, digging into her carrying case to pull out a 
scroll. "Ah, figured. Caitlin. Blond haired, very pretty. Perfect for him, don't 
you think?"

Cash and Sonny looked at each other in shock but then turned towards 
her. Cash asked, "How will you plan on getting them together?"

"Easy, at the funeral." smiled Kali. They didn't understand what she was 
talking about. "I'll explain. Walk with me outside."

Kali told them her plan as they walked around the huge water fountain in 
the courtyard behind the mansion. They both approved of the plan as it 
may give both Catlin and Frank someone new to love and maybe even 
marry. Kali sat on the edge of the water fountain and gazed into the 
rippling water to see the stars being reflecting in the water but then she 
saw Julian staring out at her. Kali leapt away from the fountain in shock.

"Kali, what's wrong?" asked Sonny. Cash was already looking at her.

"Look in the water and tell me what you see?"

Sonny looked into the water and turned to look at her. "I see nothing but 
my reflection. What did you see within the water, Cash?"

"Just the same as you, my reflection. Kali, what did you see that scared or 
shocked you?" asked Cash.

"I saw Julian staring out at me. He was smiling." Kali said, with a smile on 
her face.

"I wish I had told Julian to stay here and demanded it." said Cash, as he 
walked away with his head lowered.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!" said Sonny, running to his side. "There was 
no way he would have obeyed you, Cash. He was going to go to the 
meeting anyways, like it or not. Julian would have gone to the meeting 
even if he had to fight every single one of your Gangrels to do it."

"Yes, but he could have sent a representive there and stayed here in his 
city!" snapped Cash, eyes glowing angerily.

"Yeah, I know. But you know Julian, he's too stubborn. Just like with his 
women that he falls for, he can't resist the mortal women's advances." 
said Sonny.

Kali watched as they spoke to each other. She marked them down as 
worthy to investigate more about getting the title of Prince of The City. 
She rubbed the ring on her right hand. She turned towards the mansion 
to see stars shining overhead. Then, she noticed a figure on the 
walkway. He was a brown haired man, taller than Kali was but lankier 
than she was but he was a kine nonetheless but the look in his eyes 
stated he was aware of who they were. She quickly approached him 
requesting in a nice but firm voice, "I'm sorry but you are tresspassing on 
private property. I must request that you leave."

"Kali, this is Julian's lawyer. He's here to read the will. We'll be right up. 
Meet us in the living room, alright Magnus." Sonny said gently, as he 
placed his hand on her right shoulder.

Magnus nodded as he left. When they got there he was sitting at the 
table pulling out the documents concerning Julian Luna's affairs. He saw 
that they had entered the room and proceeded to reveal what Julian had 
left for his friends and family. Amazingly, it turned out that Sonny and Kali 
got alot of the things that Julian had in his life. Sonny got all Julian's 
wines, a few vehicles and a few hundred thousand dollars. Kali got all the 
businesses that Julian owned, plus the mansion was hers too, which 
made it very strange as Julian wrote her as his childe, which made Cash, 
Sonny and Magnus look at Kali.

"I considered him to be a father figure since the one who crossed me 
over died soon after I was embraced. Julian taught me the ways of 
Kindred and left me with the Justicar." said Kali.

Sonny, Magnus and Cash nodded their heads and dropped the subject as 
Kali walked out of the room.

Magnus said, "That is all that Julian had put down in his will. I'll be going 
now." He left soon after.

Sonny and Cash went out of the room to find Kali sitting on the steps 
overlooking the water fountain. She seemed to be starring off at the 

"You want to know who I am aren't you?" asked Kali, not even looking 
away from the fountain.

"Yes." Sonny said.

"Well, it might just be that you are Julian’s childe, but then again, maybe 
he was lying in his will. He might have considered you more than a 
neonate in need of trainging in our ways." said Cash seriously.

"I'll tell you all when Julian's funeral is over." replied Kali. "It's tonight."

The two Kindred Primogen nodded their heads slowly.

Later, that night in Manzanita, with the full moon high overhead. The 
Kindred were all there covering the small plot of land as Julian Luna was 
laid to rest in the plot where he was 'supposedly' buried in long time ago. 
Sasha was there crying as was Lille Langtree. The Gangrel' females were 
crying as Julian always respected them and gave them the support that 
they needed when they needed it. The Kindred all spoke about Julian's 
strength and his 'caring' nature when one of them had a problem that 
they couldn't tell their own sire about.

Sasha took a red rose from the vase that sat next to the coffin, kissed it 
gently to her lips, then placed it within the coffin. "Good-bye uncle. I'll 
miss our chats that we had along time ago. Rest in peace." she then 
turned, walked away to her motorbike, revved the engines and drove 

Frank and Caitlin were there, just like Kali said they were both in each 
other's arms. Caitlin couldn't even place the rose in the coffin but kept the 
rose as they both left the funeral. Caitlin gave the story about Julian's 
death front page headlines. The Ventrue of the city knew that she had 
not remembered anything of what had happened on the weekend trip to 
Manzanita. The former lover of Julian had kept the Masquerade and they 
had even thought of 'embracing' her. But without a Prince and having the 
city's Kindred under the eye of an 'Observer' would make it hard to even 
do so. But they knew it would be soon when they have the chance to 
'embrace' her, only if she so desired it. But they knew she wouldn't.

Kali's eyes watched as Frank and Caitlin left the funeral. She was happy 
that they were together and she listened in to their conversation as they 
walked past her.

Frank asked, as he held her. "Caitlin, can I escort you home?"

"Sure, why did Julian die?" Caitlin said, as she held the rose to her chest 
like it was a lifejacket.

"I don't know. I really don't know. I miss him. He was a good friend." 
Frank said, sadly.

"He sure was." whispered Caitlin, as she looked at Frank.

Cash wondered if Sasha would try to return his feelings to him and get 
back together with him but he knew her mind was made up as she 
walked away to her motorcycle and drove from the cemetary without a 
look to him. Cash walked towards the limo and the bikes of the other 
Gangrel members, who were all in different stages of grief.

"Cash, tell the other Primogen if they wish to know more about me. Come 
to Luna's mansion tonight at 3am and all will be revealed." spoke Kali, as 
she looked at him before she nodded to the driver to drive away.

Cash turned towards Lillie, Sonny and Daedalus. Daedalus spoke, "We 
heard. Who will tell him?" nodding to the Brujah Primogen.

Lillie replied, as she walked away. "I will." she went to Cameron, who 
raised his eyebrows as he nodded. He quickly walked away from her as 
she returned to the small group. "We best get there as 3am is not too far 

They moved quickly as they got back to the mansion to see Kali sitting at 
the head of the conclave table. She smiled as they sat down in their 

"My story is not what you would think nor is my past what you think it is." 
Kali said, with a glare of hatred towards the Brujah Primogen.

The end