Boys Will Be Boys

A Highlander / Kindred: the Embraced Crossover

by Rachel Smith Author's notes: Richie belongs to Rysher, D/P et al. Sasha & Cash belong to Aaron Spelling, John Leekley & Mark Rein*Hagen. Blah, blah, blah. Many thanks to all my beta readers. :) /thoughts/ *emphasis* Richie Ryan: ex-thief and biker extraordinaire.. Mac had given him a a day off along with a first class ticket to San Francisco, so Richie jumped at the chance. All he had to do was deliver some message to some guy, but he could do that later. He planned to party all night! Almost immediately after stepping off the plane, he went to the nearest Avis to find some wheels. While he missed his bike, the small red convertible he'd rented held up to the job admirably. Never one to hole up in a hotel room during a vacation, Richie set off on the streets, looking for a party. Finally he pulled into the parking lot of a likely looking establishment.. "The Haven." He could hear the music coming from inside and decided it was just the place to kick off his vacation. ~~~ Sasha and Cash weren't getting along. It started with Sasha's new "boyfriend," a Brujah with an attitude. Cash was glad he'd been arrested. He'd had to pull some strings to accomplish that, considering that Nicky was Kindred - a Brujah to boot, but nevertheless, he'd gotten it done, and Sasha was furious with him. Finally he could take no more of her "holier than thou attitude" and stalked off downstairs to the club. Sasha followed close behind, determined to finish their conversation. "Look!" Cash snapped, spinning around to face her. "I'm not in the mood for this! He's not hurt. He's not in danger. He's just in jail, and frankly, he deserves it. He can bond with his little flunkies that were there already. Just give it a rest, okay?" Sasha didn't answer. She just pushed past him angrily and stalked into the Haven. A young man was walking in the door. She wouldn't have bothered to notice him on any other occasion, but Cash was making her angry, and the young man walking in wasn't that bad looking. /I may even enjoy this../ Sasha smiled seductively and sauntered over him, eyeing him up and down. "Hello there," she said, in that way only she can. "You're new in town, right? I don't think I recognize you." "No, uh.. I'm just on vacation.." Richie stuttered as a gorgeous woman with wild, dark hair started talking to him. Then he grinned. Things were definitely looking up. First chance he got, he was going to call up MacLeod and thank him again. Sasha returned the grin. "I'm Sasha," she said. "Welcome to San Francisco." "Richie," he replied deftly. "Glad to meet you." And he was glad. First night in San Francisco, barely off the plane, and he'd already picked up a woman. Or been picked up by one. However, he didn't fail to notice the fellow motioning angrily at Sasha... No matter. Richie wasn't worried. The other guy looked kind of like a wimp. Richie looked back at Sasha, deciding to be truthful with her. He pointed discreetly at Cash. "That guy over there doesn't look too happy with you." The smile faded from her lips, and turned into a frown. "Oh, him," she said with obvious disgust. "Never mind him. Why don't we go somewhere more private and get a bite to eat?" Richie smiled once more. "Sure." He escorted her to the door, and they sped off in the sleek, red car. "What do you recommend?" Richie inquired as they started down the street. "Oh, anywhere is fine with me.. I'm not really hungry.." /For food,/ she added mentally. Sasha wouldn't really mind nibbling on Richie for a bit, though. "If you just want to grab a drink, we can try that coffee house over there." Richie pulled over to the side of the road without answering. "So where are you staying?" Sasha asked politely. Richie thought for a second. "You know, I hadn't really considered that. I'm only here until tomorrow. I hafta deliver a message for a friend and then I'm out of here. I guess I was just planning to crash at a motel." Sasha raised an eyebrow as they walked into the coffee house. She was about to respond when she noticed Cameron on the inside. "Oh that's *right!*" she murmured. She heard Cameron had invested a great deal of money in the store. She hoped he didn't spot her. He didn't approve of mortals. He wasn't going to like her being with Richie and more than he liked her being with Cash. If he saw her, he'd probably make her leave. /I guess he just won't see me, then../ Richie submitted in stunned surprise as Sasha threw him against the wall and hit him with a hard, wet, passionate kiss. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Cameron get into his car with all his escorts and bodyguards and leave. She smiled as the kiss ended. "Maybe you should just crash at my place." He nodded. ~~~ Richie felt consistently more aroused by the second on the drive from the coffee house. He was acutely aware of Sasha's hand on his leg. "Take a left at the next intersection," she instructed. He could only continue to nod mutely. ~~~ Cash felt really bad. Sasha didn't deserve to be treated this way. He knew he needed to give her a break. Not only was she so newly embraced, but to be embraced the way she had been- forcibly. Between him, and Zane, and Julian, and Eddie, and Cameron, he couldn't blame her for being.. the way she was. He knew he had to apologize, so he jumped on his bike and sped off towards her house. ~~~ "Sasha--" Richie began. She shut him up quick. Sasha ripped his shirt open and began doing a number of things he didn't think possible. All Richie could do was submit, and enjoy it. And he was enjoying it.. ..Until a Gangrel burst through the door. All Cash had wanted to do was apologize. He never expected to see Sasha and the putz doing any number of pleasurable activities he'd always dreamed of doing with her. He almost voluntarily began to frenzy, but then thought the better of it, and tried to control himself. It was easier for him because he was younger. "Sasha," he said controlledly. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" "None of your business, Cash!" she snapped. "Get out of here!" "I think you should leave," Richie suggested. "Oh yeah? I think *you* should leave!" Richie scowled. "I believe the lady asked you to leave," he continued cautiously. Cash walked over to Richie and pushed him self on to the bed. "Listen, pal," he said violently. "If you so much as *touch* my woman again, I will *personally* hunt you down and kill you." Richie looked up at Cash disdainfully. "First of all, she's not *your* woman. And secondly, if you threaten me again, we'll see who gets it!" "Stop it!" Sasha intervened. She'd had just about enough of the both of them. "I think you *both* should leave." She didn't know what she'd been thinking when she'd invited Richie over. She hardly knew him. Hell, she didn't even know his last name! And Cash, with his temper.. "What?" they responded simultaneously. "You heard me!" she shouted. "Leave! Out! Get! Scatter! Away! Go! SHOO!!!" This was followed by a string of expletives she knew, and quite a few she seemed to make up on the spot. Sasha was just really tired of men. She never knew what they wanted. *They* never knew what they wanted. Moody, uncontrollable, smelly creatures, they were. Finally Richie and Cash slunk dejectedly from Sasha's loft. "This is all your fault," Richie explained as they wandered out of the apartment building. "*MY* fault?!" Cash asked incredulously. "You don't even *know* Sasha, and you were ready to sleep with her!" He turned to look at Cash. "She seemed pretty ready to sleep with me too! And *I* wasn't the person who barged in on us and got *me* thrown out!" he paused. "Oh, forget it. I need a drink." "You said it, man!" Cash agreed. Then he, too, paused. "I'm sorry. I just get a little edgy about Sasha sometimes," he apologized. "It's okay," Richie assured him. "Why don't we go out and get a beer or something? I could definitely use a drink." "Sounds great. There's a bar just a little ways from here." "Excellent. You want a ride?" Richie asked. "Naaw, I got my bike here," Cash answered motioning to the motorcycle across the street. Richie gawked at Cash's wheels. He could only *dream* of owning such a bike. "Man, where the hell did you get *this?*" Cash smiled. "You into bikes?" "Oh, you have no idea! I was on the Saracen team in Paris until.. um.. something came up, and I had to.. um.. leave," Richie exclaimed. His opinion of Cash raised a notch. Perhaps he wasn't such a bad guy after all. And he seemed to have excellent taste in motorcycles. And in women. "You're shittin' me, right? You were in Paris? And you were on the Saracen team?" Cash asked skeptically. "It's the truth!" Richie insisted. "But something, um, you know, something happened and I had to bail." Cash raised an eyebrow, but didn't say another word about it. "Well anyways, how about that beer?" Richie nodded in agreement for the umpteenth time that night. "Sure, right." And then as they entered the bar. "Can I buy you anything?" Cash raised another eyebrow. He knew he'd just seen this man practically in bed with Sasha, but.. "You're not coming on to me, are you?" he asked cautiously. Richie snorted. "You're not really my type," he said drily. Cash grinned and bought a round of beers. ~~~ By the time they were done, both Cash and Richie were mind-numbingly drunk. Each had thought they'd out-drink the other, but in truth, they were pretty evenly matched. "I think you fellars have had just about enough," drawled the bartender, after Richie stumbled back from the restroom, again. "No, siiiiiir," Cash tried to say, his speech slurring slightly. "Naw, come on buddy," Richie warbled. "Let's go f-f-find a party somewhere.." "Absolutely!" Cash shouted happily. "You know what?" Richie asked as they drunkenly wandered into the street. Before waiting for a response, he continued. "I think that *you're* too drunk to drive home," he said poking Cash in the chest. "Oh yeah, tough guy? You know what I think? I think *you're* too drunk to drive home," and then he poked Richie in the chest. They both started giggling madly. "Well," Richie said between fits of laughter. "It doesn't matter whether *I* get drunk," he explained. He snickered for a moment longer before admitting. "Because *I* am immortal, and *I* will recover!" They wandered a bit further and ended up in an alley somewhere behind the bar. Cash lost his footing for a moment and grabbed onto Richie, so they in the middle of the alley-way, collapsing in human-shaped lumps of hysteria. "Yeah! Well *I'm* a vampire!" Cash said. "So *there!*" With that, both gentleman collapsed, unable to speak. And then they passed out. ~~~ The morning came far too soon for an immortal and a Gangrel. Cash winced at the sunlight, and scrambed underneath a tree for shade. He, of course, didn't have a hangover from the night before, and neither had Richie, but he was too intent on getting out of the sunlight to notice. Richie squinted over at Cash. For once he was grateful for his immortality. Hangovers lasted seconds, if that long. "A little sensitive to the sunlight, are we?" Richie asked good naturedly. He mistakenly believed that Cash was drawing into the shade because he was hung over. He remembered bits and pieces of the night before, but nothing substantial. He vaguely recalled Cash saying something about vampires, but that was so ridiculous that Richie knew he must have imagined it. "Dude, you don't look so good!" Richie said, a little bit concerned. "Don't worry about it, man. I'll be all right later. I hafta go anyway," Cash said, before walking away quickly. "Hey!" Richie shouted, before Cash got too far out of earshot. "If your ever in Seacouver, you look me up, okay?" "Will do! If you're ever back in San Francisco..well, you know where to find me.." "Hey, well, then I'll see you around.." Richie started to say. But Cash was already gone. THE END