An English translation by Nathan Sturman, MA, of Feng Menglong's late Ming 40 chapter version of an important Chinese historical novel with hyperlinks to study notes, all chapters up.


The Ping Yao Zhuan deals with the very important relationship between religious movements and the Chinese State. It is an important work of historical fiction, a rich source on Chinese folklore and popular belief, and a valuable linguistic resource for study of the development of the present day Chinese language. It presents us with the living discourse of representatives of various stations of life, created as real fleshed-out characters, complete with inner lives and conflicts. I hope you enjoy reading the book in English.

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Nathan Paul Sturman
At Laolongtou, the Old Dragon Head, end of the Great Wall in the Eastern Sea, very near the Meng Jiang Nu Temple, Shanhaiguan, Hebei Province, China, December 2001
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The Ballad of Meng Jiang Nu Pt 2
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Translations of Ci by Southern Song poetess Zhu Shuzhen
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New Version of Hei You Den/Ping Yao Zhuan specially formatted and carefully proofread for Japanese readers of English and those in Japan or with Japanese language support.

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