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It takes a big man to cry. It takes an even bigger man to make a wry comment.

-Niccolo Sivichi
OK, so the last time you saw me update this, I was in high school in Arizona. But now I'm in college, which is actually a much larger high school with much bigger people in it and crap. I think I'm 19 years old and I think I'm a tad bit smarter now, really.
Yeah, I still like Conan but don't get to watch him as much, which is really a pity.

Oh my gawd, Andy's been gone for such a long time now. Don't we miss him?

1. About me and this page

2. About the newest search engine, Superfly! (This is only a tasteless parody!)
3. My (Unfinished)Links Page
4. Most-visited websites in the Star Wars Universe
5. Conan O'Brien Photo Briefs
6. NEW! Go directly to the JUNKBAG!
7. My Mock Trial Direct Questions for Chris Jenkins
8. NEWWWWWW! The Completely Uneducated Moron's Guide to Getting into College!

Option #6 is the Junkbag. This is basically the bizarre, miscellaneous stuff section, where I have placed (so far) THREE gag AP tests that I think will amuse you, with the three 2001 AP tests I took literally coming soon. Option #7 is a harkening to the old days when I was in mock trial. I've got a few pictures, previously displayed, which can be viewed at (5). Happy viewing. If you know a good place to get more, please email me! (By the way, thanks to the Misfit Media site, I actually have pictures!)

This page is always under construction, no matter what. Please excuse any electronic dust. (AA-A-CHOOOOO!) Just as usual, updates have been fairly infrequent due to the work necessary and my ungodly laziness. It's just shameful.

Have fun surfing, and visit again as I continue to make this web site better. If you have a comment for me, drop me a line. This site last updated 11/21/2002.

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