Welcome to the Neglected Nameksei-jin Shrine! Hiya, I'm Cremrock, the site's webmaster and caretaker.  This site is devoted to the Nameksei-jin race from the anime series Dragonball/Z/GT!

"But Crem," you may ask, "There are already sooo many fine Nameksei-jin related websites out there!  What's the point of this one?  And why is it called the Neglected Nameksei-jin shrine?  Nameksei-jin aren't that neglected anymore!" 

Well, this site tries to provide just as much as any other Nameksei-jin site, but I hope to focus on the other Nameksei-jin besides Piccolo, the ones that don't always have the spotlight.  This isn't a knock against Piccolo fans or anything, as I'm a Piccolo fan as well, but looking around, I've found that information, pictures, and other such things on the rest of the Nameksei-jin can be a bit difficult to find.  My aim with this site is to change all that, so that die-hard fans of Neru, Dende, Muuri, or the rest can find some information on their favorite Nameksei-jin too!  I hope you enjoy your trip through this shrine, and if you like it, be sure to stop back soon, because there are a lot of things that will be updated...  and while I'm at it, thanks for coming by in the first place!  I hope you enjoy your stay!  ~Cremrock

Last Updated 10/7/02

Info/Images: This is the place to find Character bios, Nameksei-jin facts, and of course, Nameksei-jin images!  This section is the most serious section, meaning that if you're looking to find actual information about the Nameksei-jin in the series, and things that aren't really made up, this is where to look.  ^^

Fanstuff: Here's where you can find stories and artwork by the fans!  Or, if you'd like to be one of those submitting fans, you'll find the submission guidelines!  You'll also find the links to other great Dragonball related sites as well!  Go see!

Humor: Feel like a good (attempted) laugh?  Well then, look no further!  ^_^ 

Miscellaneous: Here's the place where the things that don't fall under the main categories lurk, such as polls and frequently asked questions.

The Neglected Nameksei-jin Message Board: Here's the site's message board, where you can ask questions, leave feedback, simply talk... etc. etc.

Past updates: Want to see what's been updated in past times then just what you're seeing in the convenient lil' current update box in the corner?  Or want to see what's been updated because I've messed up the bar and you're currently screaming profanities at the site?  ^^;;;;  Well then, this is the place.  ^^   

Comments?  Want to say how much you hate this site?  Want to say how much you love it?  Have suggestions?  Or have a question on something I most likely screwed up?  Well then, send 'em all to me

Or, if you just can't put it into words or an e-mail, here's a few ways you can contact me, if the message board and e-mail doesn't fit your socialization needs.  I'll certainly be glad to chat.

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Okay, so it's a bit redundant, but look at it this way, it's easy to remember!  

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