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I have decided to put up a site based on my Might and Magic 6 thru Might and Magic 8 looting research. You may be asking why this site was developed. Well, I took charge of the GWF site and decided to also do a Web page of my own. This research began due to confusion on the Might & Magic 6 message board about the effects of Perception and Luck on monster looting treasure quality. I volunteered to research this and submitted my results to Tennessee Ernie Ford. Several months after submitting the data, I felt that I should put the looting data on my site. There is a probability I will continue my looting research in MM9 when it is released.

I've removed my email link from this site due to worm, spam, and virus concerns. Also removed broken or defunct links.

I have moved the content of this site to my personal Web site available with my Cox Internet service. The new address for my site is at the following location. I will keep this Angelfire site up until the end of the year, but I have no intent for further updates to this site now that I moved the content to another Web addess.

Site updated 9/24/04

A Might and Magic 6 version 1.2 workaround
Great support news for Millenium Edition users! Overwriting the 1.2 MM6.EXE file with the 1.1 MM6.EXE file works!
I have found a way to work a 1.2 fix with only the 1.1 MM6.EXE file. If you wish to download the file, just click on the link.
To all Limited Edition owners! Please use the 3DO 1.1 patch first, then apply the 1.2 patch for best results(and no errors).

For fans of the Might and Magic series, I'm including a link to a DOS emulator program that will run MM1-MM5.

Added links to Eternal Dagger. See a walkthru here. Or feast upon the detailed maps at Andrew Schultz's web page

Coming soon! MM1-MM5 maps and walkthru

MM9 Mondo Monster List(Requires Microsoft Excel to view)
MM8 Looting Research
MM8 Random Item Generator
MM7 Looting Research
MM7 Random Item Generator
See Tennessee Ernie Ford's Mondo Monster lists for MM6 and MM7
MM6 Looting Research
MM6 Random Item Generator
Read Elara's looting methodology
See my fiction at Cool Jerk's site
My future plans for Might & Magic looting research
A list of people I would like to thank.
For last-resort MM6 version 1.2 bug-fixing problems, download MM6 version 1.1


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