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Sorry for the delay, I know I was supposed to have everything ready 3 days ago, but getting to Regna was almost as hard as getting to Vori. It is all finally here though...10 maps, more than you will find anywhere else ;)
My next priority now will be a list of PCs, as well as one more map for Balthazar Lair, there's just too many places in that city.

I have also updated most maps (except Shadowspire) with some things I had missed. Luckily there were not many though :)
Special thanks to Alexander Volkov for his comments on these maps


MurmurwoodsAlvarIronsand Desert
Garrote GorgeRavenshoreShadowspire
Ravage RoamingsRegnaDagger Wound Islands

You can also try clicking below:

Alvar NEW!
Dagger Wound Islands NEW!
Garrote Gorge NEW!
Ironsand NEW!
Murmurwoods NEW!
Ravage Roamings NEW!
Ravenshore NEW!
Regna NEW!
Shadowspire OLD!
Vori OLD!

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