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Michael Decter is the author of three books. Two of his books are about health care while the third is an investment strategy book.



























A former Ontario Deputy Minister of Health chronicles efforts to keep our health care system affordable and high quality. Healing Medicare offers practical advice for constructive reform. A must-read for anyone with an interest in the future of Canadian health care. Contains an index. At last, here comes a book that has a game plan about how to reform the system beyond theoretical assumptions.

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Discover retirement security with Michael Decter's Million-Dollar Strategy. This frank and fluent account traces Decter's own 10-year quest for financial security. Demonstrating it is possible to build a truly impressive nest egg, Decter charts the ups and downs of building a million-dollar RRSP. Take control of your financial future with Dector's practical advice on managing your own investments.

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Four Strong Winds shows readers the new realities of health-care management. Decter examines such questions as public versus private health care; the future of hospitals; the impact of new technologies on the medical system; the ability of medical services to cope with the costs and needs of an aging population; and the future of the medical safety net.

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