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Twin Signal




Friends' Pages

Rose's YYH page-- This also has links to all her other great pages!!!

Cricket's YYH page-- This has lots of great stuff. And tons of song lyrics for Yu Yu, and Kenshin, and Ranma and more!!

Enju-chan's Page, a shrine to Kurama. Wonderful page...

Enju-chan's other page.

Jhiend's Page of Twin Signal.

Jaimmie's page

Other Great Pages

Inuyasha-- an awesome page with manga translations, scans and more!!!

Tasuki No Miko's Page with Fushigi Yuugi manga, and song translations, and lots more.

Shinomori's Rurouni Kenshin Page with so many pictures and info, your head will spin....

Rurouni Kenshin manga translations.

The Anipike

Wish-- a Chinese page on the Clamp manga Wish. Many great scans...

Freday's Wish page

Wish Usyagi's great wish page. Highly recommended.