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Keiko no Shrine of Sephiroth

Welcome to my small shrine of Sephiroth. He is known to many as the most hottest evil guy in Final Fantasy VII (7). He is known as Seph (respectively), Sephy, and The One Winged Angel. Here you may call him whatever you wish. ^_^

What attracts so many to the Great Sephiroth-sama? For one thing, Sephy (what I call him) is such an attractive evil guy. Those blue/green/aqua/Mako(?) eyes of his give you a deep, cold stare that sends feelings up your spine. They are so easy to stare into and get lost in. And his silver long hair is the coolest, and any girl/yaoi would love to run his/her hands through it. To top it off, Sephy wears that totally awesome black outfit thingy that looks so cool. And those looks! That body!^_^ ::starts breaking into girlish laughter:: OH MY GOSH!! I'm sorry, As a girl, I have girlish tendencies to lose my mind. I could talk (and have discussed) about how super hot, sexy, kakkoii, and just ~~Sephy is~~!^_^ ^_^ Obviously, he is the ultimate bishonen.

Another thing that makes Sephiroth so irresistable is the fact that he's super EVIL. >:P Sephy's really bad mean, merciless personality makes him so sick and twisted you just can't resist him. The fact that Sephiroth used to be sane before but look at him now reflects the evil person trying to get out in all of us.~~>:P Another thing you may love about Sephy is that he's no dumb-butt(?) like Clod-Poo (the term I use for Cloud Strife.) Sephy's intellegence excelled far better than Cloud's when it came to having been poisoned with Mako. Also, the fact that Sephy not only tried to reunite Jenova and did other cool stuff shows how very powerful he is. Surprisingly, Sephiroth has a lovely sense of humor...well at least he thinks he's funny. I mean he's big about everything. We all know the trademark laugh: "MWAHAHAHAHA!"

Now about his sword. Really, that Masamune(did I spelt it right??) is VERY LONG!! It's not a butter knife like Clod-Poo's. His finishing move (in the flashback scenes--which I actually saved on memory card along with Sephy's other famous appearances) is soo lovely!! Sephiroth's theme music is obviously the best and the one reason you buy the whole multiple CD soundtrack for FFVII. (...I just downloaded the MIDI files though!!~for free >:P) Ask my friend Juri, and she'll happily sing the song "One Winged Angel" for you in Latin.^_^

Also, the idea that Sephy actually has clones of himself running around makes you wonder...

For Seph, this shrine will grow often. If you like Sephiroth, please send wishes or something to my Dreambook.

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Legal stuff: Sephiroth and other characters from Final Fantasy VII belong to 1997 Square Co. Ltd., etc. etc. The two black shrine thingies at the top were constructed entirely by me using Photo Studio. Background sound is a MIDI of "One Winged Angel" from the FFVII soundtrack. Thanks to the Sephiroth no Oukoku shrine (that still stands despite changes that took it down)for some of the cool info and great pictures that are here.