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^_^My Profile^_^

Name:Real name:Ebonie!! GAYNicknames:Keiko, Anime Girl, GAY Hello Kitty or Small Lady(from 8th grade), Miss Little GAY(^_0)


Astrological Sign:I'm a Leo!! GAY Lions rule!

Marital Status (Single or Taken)GAY =D:^_^* I'M SINGLE!!! whoo..haven't updated that in months... gomen ne *err*

Height:4'11"/151cm! really, I'm not thatshort...

Location:New York

Occupation:High School Student *duh*

Physical Characteristics:long hair, glasses, and I'm short--oops I'm also incredibly cute and GAY pretty! ^_O

Style of Dress:J-pop style, NY style, anything that fits moi!

Attitude:Happy most of the time! See? ^_^ 0=) With occasional bouts of madness >=)

Hobbies:um, watching TV, listening to music, writing, reading (not as much now, maybe something like a magazine or manga or-OH! The computer of course hehehe) web stuff (like now),collecting MP3s and pics, catching up on my video games, doing poorly at it, looking at stuff. o_O?

Favorite Sayings:"Huh?" "^_^" "ohmygosh! He is like Sooooooo cute!!!", "Uh..." and etc...

Style:lots of jewelry, J-pop stuff, and whatever uh...

Best quality:Everything!!


Food:Does chocolate count? (guess not) Italian food! Dairy Product:?Ice cream! Fruit:Kiwi, or strawberry. Vegetable:Uhh...brocolli,

Snack:Now I can say: "CHOCOLATE!" Anything in chocolate is mine! yum.

Color:This is unnecessary. I also like light blue, silver, and any colors that mix well together.

Music:Several kinds, like some pop, R&B, hip-hop. J-music, that includes J-pop, J-rock, J-R&B, etc.

Song:Right now, any one by Utada Hikaru. Yeah, even the "real old" songs that came out a year ago.

Movie:Hmm, the funny kinds, like they had in the 80's like "Airplane!" and movies like that. Also, light love stories, and even some action movies. SOME, like 3 or 4... hehe

Company To Work For:Sony. They make the coolest high-techie stuff and are big like Microsoft, but hmm not THAT big, I think.

Anime:Sailor Moon, the "Tenchi" series, Fushigi Yuugi, EVA (tho I didn't see many of the episodes yet), Gundam, Escaflowne (I can't believe I like an anime that comes on FOX Kids! EWW!)

Anime/Game Characters:Female:Aeris of FFVII, Rinoa of FFVIII, (Ok, if I must, I will pick a Sailor Senshi) Sailor Neptune/Michiru, Miaka of FY, Mihoshi of Tenchi series, lots more charas I'll update later! Male:Sephy-oops, Sephiroth!!of FFVII, Squall of FFVIII, Hotohori of FY, Darien/Mamoru, Zechs of Gundam W.


Food:Any bitter food or yucky vegetables

Snack:hmm really greasy snacks

Baibai for now!! ^_^