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Final Fantasy and other Square Stuff

Wow! I was just thinking about all the cool new (and old) videogames out now and if I ever get my allowance, what I would spend it on. ^_^~ so anyway, I realized just how cool Square titles are. The beautiful graphics, the deep storylines, and among other things, the, um, genre of so many of its games. So when I grow up, I wanna work for Square. gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy^_^ ... doing what? ...I DUNNO! =P Oh well, I still have time...

Wow, was I psyched when I first saw when Playstation 2 came out. It's not even out in the US yet but I know it's gonna kick Dreamcast butt. And that "box" thingy Bill Gates made too. Oh yeah, AND the thing Nintendo is coming out with. (Yes, as you can tell, I have no idea what I'm talking about.) By the way, there's a Coca-Cola campaign now in Japan that includes FF figures with its bottles of soda. There's a commercial with Final Fantasy charas too and everything! And what does The US have? Another sweepstakes where if you have the winning cap you get... yes another bottle of Coke! Whee. If that isnt' a plain ol, blatant plug then what is? =!

Sorry Sephy, there's a new kakkoii RPG guy in my life... ^_O

Yes, I've decided to move on. From now on, Squall is my FF kareshi!~ He's the main chara of FFVIII, who reminds me of Cloud from FFVII, but not with as many mental problems. Hey, everyone had mental probs in VII, didnt they? (Sorry Sephy, you did too, but at least you weren't really evil. ;) Wow, I remember seeing the first FFVIII FMV scene on TV and saying, "Hey, he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio! But cuter! Yesh, I'm scary!! ^_^~