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Hi!!! ^_^ Welcome! よろしく おねがいします ! ^_^

Please enjoy my site about the latest in Japanese..stuff. Pop culture, anime, and anything else that's in is here! (Suimasen. I'm new at this...)


The Japan Trip Travelogue! New!

About my site being updated... (from my previous update) I guess I've been lying to you devoted fans all along! >_< Sorrie, but recently (Well, ok: Since the beginning of sophmore year at my school), I've just been sort of busy.

Also, since I don't think I may get any less busy than over the summer, I will start slimming down this site. I plan to give it a simpler look. *Well, at least it'll look simpler. Can it get any simpler? o_O
Again, a big thanx to all those devoted fans who still visit the site now and then... get ready to see some nice changes.

It's...a pink phone. Will find cool PHS pic to update.

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^_^Ok! The first plan in order is to cut all the cheesy bandwidth-hogging going on around here. I'm talking about the big graphics, (especially those moving gif files! >_< dah!) and maybe the music....maybe. Nah... '_' I think it's just me and my slow computer.

The second plan in order is to update content!!! *Duh!*

The third plan in order is to make this site more of a link-based site, because it takes so much time for me to get together a large page (like the really-inaccurate-but-nicely-done FF8 page and the *superior* Shrine of Sephiroth) but I can give more info on short articles and fun links to pages. How's that?

Keiko's Ramblings On

Yay!! It's June (I know I did this in late May, but heck, let's call it June)!!! School's almost out, a lot has happened, and boy am I exhausted! Hehe. Plus, I have Big News!!I went to Japan this summer!! It was a week long trip, but I did so much that I put up a site about it! Enjoy!

The Japan Trip Travelogue! New!

My LiveJournal!

My Final Fantasy VIII Page--It's kinda old, and heck it hadn't came out yet but...
My *not so new!!* Square, Videogames, and whatever etc. page
My Sailor Moon and Anime Page
Gomen ne! Under Construction My Cute Sanrio (and Morning Glory)Friends Page *With links!*
Gomen ne! Under Construction My J-Pop Japanese Pop Music Style Page *With more links!*
...There's a Gallery! (hope it's still there) Check it out! My Shrine of Sephiroth
^_^ Juri's Newest Newer Web Page (it kicks!!)! ->>My friend Juri's (New!) Web Page Aurora Wind
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My Wacky Profile
Ryo-cha----*cough* Ryo-kun's *almost NEW* sugoi na Web-Page!!!!! (really good html too)

This page grows..a lot, for now!! I will update it as much as I can, especially for this summer. I plan to upload lots of the pictures I'll take in Japan and other stuff. Hope you enjoy my site so far! Please come back and visit again!

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