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Scott Reynolds (ALL,Goodbye Harry and The Pavers) Interview

  • 1.With the Pavers how has it compared to being in ALL and Goodbye Harry?

    Scott: The PAVERS is completely different situation than either ALL or Goodbye Harry. The PAVERS are a lot simpler. I had a lot of fun playing in ALL, but the entire process of making music in that band was too intense. Just listening to those old records makes me tired. ALL works too hard for a pussy like me. Goodbye Harry was a pain in the ass. I started that band to make my kind of music, and have a lot of fun, but I ended up working harder than with ALL. GH never really became a band. It was a musical project held together with spit and band aids from day one. The PAVERS is the first band I've been in since high school that is more fun than work. I'm having a fucking blast.

  • 2.How would you describe the sound of the Pavers?

    Scott:Like hot chicks and bulldozers.

  • 3.Do you still stay in touch with your old bands(ALL and Goodbye Harry)?

    Scott:I talk to the ALL guys often. Stephen just got married, and I was going to go to the wedding, but I don't have any money. I guess they had a great time. As for GH, I don't really talk to any of those guys.

  • 4.Your first Pavers show is coming up.Is the excitment the same with your first show with ALL and Goodbye Harry?

    Scott:Fuck yeah! I am so excited about this band. I think we're great and can't wait to see if people agree. The PAVERS are exactly the band I've wanted to do since I left ALL. There isn't a weak link in the band.

  • 5.Was there any specific reason for leaving ALL?

    Scott:There were lots of reasons. I have a lot of great memories of my time in ALL, and wouldn't trade those days for anything. But being in ALL was kind of like riding in someone else's car. You know the feeling of riding in a nice car, and your thinking," I like this car but if it was mine it would be blue instead of red. It would have different tires, a different engine, a rag top, and we'd be going somewhere different." Thats how it was in ALL. It was great, but we thought differently and the differences gradually grew too large for the band to operate in a manner that satisfied any of us. When I quit ALL it wasn't just me who thought it was time. I think Stephen was the only one who really didn't think I should go. I think Bill and Karl helped me pack.

  • 6.The anticipation for The Pavers seems to be great.It seems that every ALL and Goodbye Harry fan can't wait.What do you think of this reciption and not even have done one show?

    Scott:I hope you're right about that. It seems like there is a bit of a buzz about this band. I've gotten some nice e-mails, and cool messages on the web page. I'm surprised that people still wonder what I'm up to. Its been a long time since I made a record. It is really nice to think that there are people out there waiting for the PAVERS.

  • 7.You have been claimed as the best singer for ALL by many people.How does this make you feel and has Chad (Price) taken over as singer in a good way?

    Scott:If you go to the ALL websight and check out the message board you'll see that there are a lot of people who like Chad best, Dave too. Its just what you're into, so I try not to think about it. I think I made some good records with ALL. Thats the only thing that is important. As for Chad, I think he's doing a great job. We knew Chad back in Mo. and when I quit I suggested they get him to sing. Some of the stuff ALL has done since I left is much more suited for Chad's voice. Songs like The Stalker would have sounded lame if I sang them, and he wrote Original Me, which is my favorite song that they've done since I quit.

  • 8.There has only been one Pavers show announced.Will a tour follow and when can we expect a release of some sort?

    Scott:Right now we are practicing like animals to get ready to record. We have a lot of good shit. So we're just playing some shows around here for now. But we're going to record in colorado soon and will be touring our way out. Then when the record is released, we'll be in your face wherever you are. The record will be on Owned and Operated. The release date is currently unknown, but you've waited this long.

  • 9.And the last question:Are The Pavers ready to rock our world?

    Scott:Absolutely!!!!!! This is the happiest I've ever been playing in a band. The rest of the PAVERS are great music writers and great friends. We're having a blast. Like I told you before, this record is gonna destroy!!! I promise!

    Well there you have it. Thanx for asking good questions. A lot of interviews blow, but I really enjoyed doing this one.

  • Take care,