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Alien Attack Ship


Model by Vaughn M.


Box stock

Lindberg kit 77311

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/72
Length = 25.1 cm
Width = 26.5 cm
Height = 11.1 cm

The alien fighter from ID-4 was an inspired compromise between a new design and the old "flying saucers" of the 50's and 60's.

The Lindberg kit was very simple. The kit seemed to be aimed at kids or first time model makers, for it only consisted of 14 parts total, including the 4 part stand. Molded in gray plastic with a smoked clear cockpit window, you could put it together in about 2 hours and even unpainted it looked like the ship from the movie. Too bad more model companies wouldn't do the same.
The kit had fit problems, so careful work to align the parts was a must. The 2- piece main body had large gaps around the bottom join but was easy to fill and sand due to the way the 2 parts joined. The worst problem (the seam where the top "fin" attached) was happily taken care of by the glue I used, SC-94. I used a bit more than I normally would and after pressing the part on, plastic that had been dissolved made a sort of weld seam that swelled out. I held it for a few seconds, let it go and as the part sprung back slightly, the weld was pulled back into the joint and...perfection, no seam, no sanding !!
Now came the real work, painting. All colors were Testors/Model Master paint. I used 5 different grays, 3 for coloring different panels, one to dry brush the detail on the skin, and a dark gray for the "repaired" panels on the bottom hull.
Gold was used on the exposed organic veins that run between the panels, then Gloss Gray wash was used to tone it down a bit. Silver was used on the exposed section under the top fin and Light Gray was used on the missile launcher.

Now came the fun part. All those repair panels...they had to have yellow/black warning stripes, as did the base top edges! I almost went cross-eyed!

All together it looks good. A little extra detail work and it could be just like the film version. Now, for a city destroyer and the mother ship...


Photos by Stephen L.