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AT-AT (All Terrain-Armored Transport)


Model by Vaughn M.


Box Stock

AMT/ERTL kit 6036 (Snap AT-AT Structor)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/135
Length = 13.6 cm
Width = 5.7 cm
Height = 11.5 cm

The AT-AT from 'The Empire Strikes Back' was perhaps one of the most awe inspiring scenes in all the Star Wars movies.

The kit was packaged more like a toy than a "real" model kit, but it really delivered. Once assembled it is a reasonably accurate model and the bonus walking action with the head swinging from side to side as the cannons recoil really captures the heavy lurching motion of the "real" thing.
Paint was several different Testors grays, with black washes and silver dry brushing.

The AT-ST is a Micro-Machines toy. It looks very close in scale and really adds to the larger model. With a few of each, you could make a great battle scene that wouldn't take up much space on your shelf

I built the kit some time ago so I don't remember any problems with the kit other than getting the spring on the mechanism for the head/cannon linkage.

Photos by Stephen L.