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U.S.S. Earhart NCC-16020 Starship


Model by Stephen L.


Kit Bash

AMT/Ertl kits 6630 (USS Excelsior) and 8766 (USS Reliant)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1021
Length = 34.7 cm
Width = 17.6 cm
Height = 7.6 cm 

The starship commonly referred to as the Shelley Class is one of the survivors of a major conflict with the Dominion. The name of the vessel on screen is now known as the USS Curry, but I had completed the kit bash long before that information was out. (I had the model done two weeks after the episode aired.)

I was going to make it a 'brand new' ship, but decided it looked cooler with a chunk of the saucer missing, so I got out the Dremel and went to work. The difficult part was getting the decks into the already assembled saucer. Tweezers and some twisting and turning did the trick.
The model only uses the warp engines and pylons from the Reliant, and the saucer, neck, and secondary hull of the Excelsior. The shuttlebay was placed up front which, in profile, makes the ship look more like a boat. The neck was placed in the middle of the saucer, upside down (to match the angle I could see from the screen cap I took.)

Long grooves were cut under the saucer that the Reliant pylons were fit and glued into.

The navigational deflector was painted Flat White on the back side and was painted with fluorescent Horizon Blue on the front. It made an interesting effect.
The base coat was Model Master Light Gray. The blue hull paneling was Mat Sky Blue mixed with a couple of drops of Flat Black. Gloss Sky Blue was used for the warp engine grilles. Flat Gull gray was used as the area around the bridge module.
The battle damage was done with a Dremel tool. The areas damaged on the secondary hull were carved out with the Dremel, and thin strips of evergreen plastic were placed in carefully to simulate exposed decks along the sides. 

Decals came from a Web Games set.

The sensor array at the bottom of the Excelsior saucer was chopped out as the neck would be hiding it anyway. So the piece wouldn't go to waste, it was placed under the saucer, in the area the dorsal would connect to.
The name Earhart comes from the famous aviator Amelia Earhart (one of Janeway's heroines) mysteriously lost in 1937. The NCC number I gave is actually the registry number on her Lockheed Electra aircraft. Coincidently, such a number is within the range of numbers registered to vessels with Excelsior Class components.

The quote was taken from the tag line from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which in turn, was paraphrased from an ancient Chinese proverb.

An episode of TNG established that Deep Space Five was involved in shipbuilding.

Photos by Stephen L.