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U.S.S. Aquarius NCC-71279 Scorpio Class Starship


Model by Stephen L.



AMT/Ertl kits 6630 (USS Excelsior) and 8762 (Enterprise-B), 8617 (Enterprise-A), sheet styrene

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1021
Length = 38.2 cm
Width = 17.6 cm
Height = 12.6 cm 

This is a model built the same way the filming miniature was for a scene during the Dominion War episodes of DS9. This ship has no official name, number or class, so I was free to invent them (until I find out otherwise). I chose Scorpio for the class name due to the scorpion tail-like look of the upper nacelle.

Only a photo of the bottom and side of the filming model are currently available, as well as a diagram in the DS9 Technical Manual.

Components of the ship include two saucer tops (Excelsior/Enterprise-B) one Excelsior pylon connector, both Enterprise-A pylons, and three Excelsior warp nacelles.

The basecoat is Light Gray and the major hull detail color is Model Master Azure Blue.
There is some debate as to the orientation of the ship: single nacelle 'up', or single nacelle 'down'. There are many arguments for the single nacelle 'up' version: 

- The bridge is painted more ornately on the 'top' and painted fully copper on the 'bottom', rendering the bottom "bridge" to look like a sensor.

- On all the other DS9 kit bash ships, all of the model stand holes were cut into the bottoms, not the tops.

- The DS9 Technical Manual displays the profile as a single nacelle on top.
There are model parts at the back of the saucer under the impulse engine on the filming miniature. From the photo of the model's side view, I can't tell what the piece really looks like so I have left that shape off my model. If I ever find the actual piece used, I'll add it to my model.

The top saucer edge and the strips on the engines were painted Copper. The flush vents and some other panel details were painted Flat Brown. The RCS thrusters and phaser banks were painted Zinc Chromate. A fine marker pen was used for the thruster details.

Since the model uses the Excelsior's impulse engines, I decided that since there's no shuttlebay, that the Enterprise-B's impulse engine pods should serve the function they had originally been designed for...shuttlebay doors. They were painted Dark Ghost Gray with a Steel shroud.
The warp nacelle grilles are Flat Light Blue with a coat of Horizon Blue.

The design of this ship is reminiscent of the Miranda Class such as the USS Reliant. This vessel features twin nacelles slung under the saucer section and a kind of rollbar. The Reliant's rollbar contained a weapons pod whereas this ship has a third warp engine.

The  markings for the model were made using Adobe Illustrator. Because my HP Inkjet printer cannot print white, the Starfleet arrowhead symbol would've turned out gray on the pylons and blue on the underside. I made stencils of the labels and painted the arrowhead area Flat White on the model. When I applied the labels, the transparent arrowheads got their white coloration from the paint underneath.
This model was named in honor of my girlfriend. Her birth sign is Aquarius and mine is Scorpio.

The commissioning date and the registry both have personal significance as well.

The quote is from a song...unfortunately the only quote I could possibly come up with in my research on the word Aquarius. Hopefully the quote speaks to exploration and enlightenment.

Photos by Stephen L.