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Elements of Life
Original Digital Art
D.L. Zimmerman

D.L. Zimmerman's paintings are all completely original digital creations drawn on blank screens as if they were freshly stretched canvas. He never uses a pre-existing electronic image for his work - preferring just to start with nothing and end when it's done.

His vision explores the female form from different moments a man experiences of those he cares about.

Here are a few recent drawings:

Figure Drawings



Strippers and Night Dancing Women

D.L.'s links to interesting art and literary sites.

Awards and comments on D.L.s art

About D.L. Zimmerman

A note on the technology used to create the images on Elements of Life

Please contact D.L. directly concerning any commercial usage for pricing information or with any comments on his work at:

D.L. says: "Take care and enjoy your time."

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