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December 11th Nashville Concert

I was in Row E center stage. They were great seats. Well, Brittney Spears came out and she had her four dancers with her. I thought one of the guys was kinda hot, but he seemed gay. Anyway, she sang fairly well. I've got to give her at least one thing and that is the fact that she can sing live. Unless she was lip syncing, but I didn't really think about that. Anyway, after she was done they took done her props and got the stage ready for 'N Sync. That took about 15 minutes. Finally after a few "We want 'N Sync" chants the show started. They started the show just like always coming out in the space suits. I liked that. Once they ripped off the space suits they had on the suits like on the end of the Disney in concert special. I really can't remember the order of the songs so from here on I'll just tell about the songs they sang which won't be in order.

"GMHSALMTOY": This was after a short break. They had gone to change. Well, they each came out and introduced themselves, and to tell ya the truth I can't really remember what they all said, except for Lance. He came out and after a little introduction he was like we gotta set the mood for the next song. We gotta slow things down. He was talking real low. Wow was that sexy. They sang the song, which was of course great. I really do love that song which I think most people do.

"Crazy For You": Don't remember much from this song really. I just remember a few moves, how should I say this, pelvic thrusts? Is that a good enough way to say it. Anyway, this was one of the more lively songs.

Is the song where Joey has his little scream? or is that "You Got It"? I'm blanking out I can't remember. Well, whichever song it was that was really good too.

"You Got It": The main part from this song was the part where they go "You You You You Got It" with those "pelvic thrusts". I was waiting for Joey to lift his shirt up like he did on the Disney Special and I had my camera ready, but he didn't.

"I Want You Back": Classic. Gotta love that song. I really like the dance for this song. Of course the whole crowd sang a long. Also, gotta love the "Don't hang up the phone" part.

"Here We Go": I was on the "'N Sync has got the flow" side. They taught us a few dance moves. Ours was just the little wave thing with your hand. Y'all know what I'm talking about don't ya? Lance and JC were on our side the "'N Sync has got the flow part" and Justin and Joey were on the "Yes Yes Yes Here We Go" side. Well, Chris being the funny man that he is said that if the "Yes Yes...." side was louder they would all get a pair of Lance's underwear. Then JC steps in with man I feel sorry for you guys. Then he said that if the "'N Sync has got the flow" side won we would all get to go to a party at Justin's house.

"Under My Tree": This was the beginning of the Christmas set. Now, this isn't my favorite song on the Christmas album so I don't have much to say.

"O Holy Night" WOW!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say. I mean at least in the studio when recording the song they could start over if one of them missed a note but this was a different story. I mean to sing a song a capella that's 7-part harmony with 5 guys. That's a really big accomplishment. I really respect them as artist for that. They sang really well.

"Merry Christmas Happy Holidays": I just love this song. I think it's really well written by JC and Justin. They sang it well. This is where the fake snow came in.

Justin's solo or beat box: This was good of course all the girls screamed when he came out alone. It was cute a lot of the faces he made. He's really good at that.

"Gettin' Jiggy Wit It and Gone Till November" This little part was cute. Covering these two songs was good for them. This is one of the first songs they sang where they came out after they changed. This is where Chris was wearing the tight black some what see through shirt. He could stand to do a few stomach crunches, but who am I to judge him.

"For The Girl Who Has Everything" I like this song. I think this is the song that had the chairs, and if this was it. Wow, they do some interesting things with those chairs. If ya know what I mean (pelvic thrusts)

"Giddy Up" GO LANCE!!!!!!!!!! SEXY!!!!!!!! Now, we all love this lovely song written by the one and only 'N Sync about "horses" yeah right, we all know what it's about. Anyway, Lance did great on his solo. I like the sunglasses in this song, but I would think it was a little dark with the sunglasses on.

"I Just Wanna Be With You" I really like this song. I know I've said this about a lot of songs, but I like this one. I can't really remember anything special from this song other then the fact that JC looked really hot, then again doesn't he always. Sorry I like JC if ya can't tell.

"I Drive Myself Crazy": GO CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!! I love Chris in this song. He did really well on his beginning verse. I think this is a really sweet song.

"Tearin' Up My Heart": Now I do believe that this was the last song. Justin and Joey lifted up the shirts again and showed us their butts. Justin actually didn't slap his butt. He seems to do that a lot. This is a good song, but I've heard it a few too many times. I liked it live though.

They ended the shows with each of them talking. They then went up to the top of the stage and bowed. Then the show was over before I knew it.

One thing I forgot to mention was the Joey and Justin hip bumping part. They always do this. Well, Justin had the please don't look but Joey tried anyway and then comes the "accidental" fall by Joey. I thought it was cute though. It was an over all great show. It was my first one and I was thoroughly impressed. One other thing that surprised me was how much the concert was talked about. They were in the paper and on the news. Also everyone was talking about it. I was at Planet Hollywood the day of the concert and the waitress and several other girls asked me if I was going. I then went to the Hard Rock Cafe and was asked whom I liked and where I was sitting when I was in the bathroom there. Then at one point I was coming out of the bathroom with a friend and all we heard was "Ladies and gentlemen please welcome 'N Sync" It was just a joke, but it just startled me. Something else that I think is just a little obsessive. During the Christmas set they had fake snow. Well, after the concert some girls were getting it off the stage and saving it. I think that's pathetic. I mean ooh wow it possibly touched one of them. Anyway, they also did the little "If ya'll wanna party like we do" and so on. I kinda missed that part cause I was changing me film.