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August 25 Grand Rapids, Michigan

Here is my story of how I got to see the BEST band ‘N Sync…I got my tickets for the show about 2 weeks before it when the went on sale but by the time I found out about it all the 10 dollar tickets were gone so I got 5 dollar ones which were second best since some people got in for free. It was hosted by my radio station WSNX. The concert was general admittance so we got there at about 5 and the concert was scheduled to start at 8. We waited and waited in line for a long time not to mention we were in a building with NO air conditioning…it was so hot and miserable! We were not too far back in line…the building was filled of lines wrapped inside of lines and it was really unorganized…when they opened the doors all the people who were in the middle ran to the front and they were not supposed to because we were all waiting much longer…at least an hour. Well they got in trouble and sent back so we got in a lot better but it was a huge mob and then they put us in a smaller room where we were soooo packed….very tight. That was the worst….tons of people fainted and became sick…it has been all over the news! Well it got so bad they opened doors that they didn’t plan on in the beginning…and guess what…we were right there! Well we had to go up a little so we were sad and thought "we are not gonna see at all!" Well one of my friends jumped a wall and then slide under a railing while the rest of us went around to the stairs. She had good seats saved about 2nd row! Then a guy said people with general admittance need to go stand way back …we thought that was us and we were like no way! So we just moved back about 15 rows then we realized it wasn’t us because we paid for our tickets so we moved up about 8 rows since or original seats were taken. Well two of my friends and me found an awesome place to stand! It was so awesome…noone was in front of us or behind us (at least not in the beginning!) then some lady told us we had to sit down because she couldn’t see! Well the concert had not even started and she was sitting down! I was gonna tell her to stand up but I didn’t and we sat down…when the guy introduced them everyone went crazy but they hadn’t came out yet so we ran to the bottom of the stairs to get a good pic when they did, unfortunatly a lady that worked there told me we would have to move back to our seats so we went back. Then when the music actually started we ran to the first place we were and stayed there….that one lady was gone so we could stay! Our seats were soooo good actually! We were on the side of the stage but you couldn’t believe how much they would look or go to the side of the stage! A LOT! Justin was over there a lot and so was Lance…the rest came over occasionally. Well it was about the 3rd song when Justin went to the corner of our side and was singing there so I jumped and waved….then I saw him look at me and wave and smile back! I looked behind me and noone was behind me so I was so happy! LoL. About 5 minutes later I had girls next to me and tons behind me…. it was funny! I can’t believe he saw me though….I was happy! They actually didn’t sing that much though….it was pretty short…it only lasted 45 minutes. I was sad that they didn’t sing "Crazy For You" because I like that song and I was excited to see them sing it! Also they didn’t sing "Giddy Up"! I was sad! I know for sure they sang "Tearin’ Up My Heart", "Here We Go", "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You", "You Got It", "I Want You Back", "I Drive Myself Crazy", "In The Jungle", and also I know they did like a remix thing where they sang "Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It" some song by Master P I think it was "Ghetto Life" and "Gone Til November" I don’t know if there was more though….this is all I can remember well. I was so surprised it was so short though! I am so happy I got to go though! All I have left now is the memories and REALLY badly bruised knees…everytime I landedd after jumping I hit my knees on a small wall….it didn’t hurt too bad when I did it but now I am really paying for it…I have never had a bruise this big ever! It hurts to walk and sit and it kills if someone touches it! It is my fault though…well it was WELL worth it! Oh yeah…I need to tell ya what they were wearing! Justin and Chris were wearing blue shirts, J.C. and Lance were wearing Yellow shirts and Joey was wearing a red one….they were all wearing adidas pants. Justin did take his red shirt off towards the end and he had on his white shirt like in the Tearin’ video. Chris’s hair is getting soooo long! It is like to his shoulders…he had it pretty much down and when they first came out he was like flinging his head around and it looked really cool=0) They put their mics up to people faces a lot and had the whole crowd singing. It was the best concert I have been to and it was sooo much fun to jump around and sing with them…I hope to meet them sometime! Well this is getting really long so I guess I would just like to thank WSNX for bringing them and ‘N Sync for coming back here again! Bye guys!