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Step 1:The Basics

The overall aim of Creatures 2 is to give birth to some norns, explore Albia,and Breed norns as many generations as you can. Along the way you'll uncover alot of new features such as the Science kit Neuroscience Kit applets. Eventually you'll gain access to the Genetic Splicing machine,which gives you the oppertunity to grendels,ettins,and norns to make a new specialized breeds of animals.

Creatures 2 presents Albia from the side on, giving a window of the small part of the world at once. You can scroll around by using the scroll bars or by pressing the arrow keys. You cant see all of Albia {unless you found the apporaite pick-up}but you can scroll an unlimited distance around your selected norn.

Step 2:Hatching

Creatures 2 comes with 6 eggs, each of which contains it own unique digital DNA.There are 3 types of norns;your given a male and female of each of each. Hatching takes about 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the Complexity of the DNA.Creatures 2 is going through each gene and building your norn.

Step 3:Early Care

Each norn you hatch is different, even if where to reset the product and hatch the same egg again. This is because of the genetic information is highly complex and can be mutated at hatching process. Norns personality depend on both on genetics and the quality of parenting you give them.Remember norns are alive, so they pretty strong instincs to find food, explore, and breed all by themsleves.With a little care, they should lead long an healthy lives.

Baby norns are like two year old toddlers when they are born.They are extremely cruious,constanly hungry,and do lots of apparently silly things.This is all part of the learning process they learn from there mistakes,and feeling pain and discoumfort discourages them.

Spankling and Tickiling

Even though norns can learn by themsleves it is our reponsibility to speed up this process by interacting with them.Doing this is one of the most boring parts to some people teaching them everything but fun to others.

Getting your norns Attention The best way to get your norns attention when you want it simply do this when there a babby still.

1stput the hand in front of the norn when he comes all the way to it tickle it and do this 7 times.

2ndName your hand. Note:you can name the hand anything you want just watch you dont name it as another object in Albia.

And Finally there is no finally it just sounded good.Now when you want your norns attention just type your name or the name of the creature or the name of the norn then come.

Using Catergories

At times there may be as many over 1,000 items in Albia. And Cyberlife was so kind to put them in Catergories. For an example cheese and honey is considered food to your norns and etc. Norns can only learn catergories so if you name cheese cheese to your norns there going to be calling all the food in Albia cheese wich is just plain stupid. So stick to the manual and you'll be just fine.

Getting Your Norn To Eat

To get your norn to eat first teach it look and other words from the computer by the incubator. Then tell your creature to look at a peice of food or fruit around the hatchery name it food and tickle it if it eats the food or fruit if it doesnt spank it and repeat the process. If you dont have sucess after many times than your in trouble.


The first step of your exploration I recommend is to first teach it with the learning computer go onto the elevator and go done a level and teach it with the feeling computer then go to the left of the computer and go up the elevator and get the advance science kit. Then go up the elevator again and left and explore the great tree then go down the elvator and explore the secreat Labotory of the Shee and get infite scroll then go down to the other side of the volcanoe and get the ADV.Science Kit then go down all the way to where the medicine machine is and get the grendel and ettin selector. MORE COMING SOON ByeClick here to go back to our HOME PAGE