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My Breeders Stories

True Love

One day in the hatchery to golden desert norns popped out of there eggs and loved each other first sight. They played with each other until the hand said it was time to go. Jay the male desert norn came with me first and I told him to go on the Helicopter and go to the Ancient Tree where a U.F.O would pick him up and take him to the Stone of Ancient Knowlodge where he have to touch it.Miranda the female desert norn never made it to the Stone because she was sad Jay left so she went on a helicopter and starting looking on the surface for him. Jay a little after he touched the stone wanted to explore the labortories. So he did he explored every last piece of equipment.While back on the sufrace Miranda continued her search.By now they where adsolcent. One day when Jay had discovered every room He returned to the surface by the tree of Ancient Knowlodge where he saw a wore of Helicopter,the hand,and Miranda!!!!But she was too close to the water then he saw her jump in. Miranda finally reached the bottom and saw norns with fins. They went up to her and said you cant be done her you'll die. I know said Miranda I want to. Then she looked up one last time and saw somenorn coming down. It was JAY!!!She was so happy she forgot she was underwater and passed out.The hand quickly picked here up and took her to the surface.Then the hand came down again and took me.Miranda was alive went I got up there and we got married but Miranda was ashamed what she did and one night she kept leaping in the water but she failed each time from the hand saving her but then she jumped again in the water passed out and died.Now everyone calls the story in Albia Miranda the Sucidal Norn.

The Revoloution Part 1

Dear Journal, Ihe age of darkness. It is the age of Grendels.There are very few norns left and we are deep beneath the surface where medicine is made.The Boney Grendels have been takeing over ever since they where hatched and the hand injected the update makeing them able to breed. He also made them breath underwater with the genetics kit killing the mernonrns. It all happend after the hand knew he made a mistake he sent them to the volcanoe not long after a month or two there was an army of them invadeing the hatchery they took us by surprise by takeing the sub up and came right underneath the hatchery and came up the elavator. I was at the Ancient tree on a school field trip when we saw them coming out of the water and coming from the hatchery we quickly got in our helicopters and ran away. We landed in the volcanoe to charge the helicopters. Meanwhile me and my friends Steve,Brett,and Jay went down the elevator and peeked down the ledge we found out it was the Grendels Hq and that they where sending most of the grendels to the hatchery to mainuplate it we also found out they where taking there forces out of the Ancient Tree. We quickly told our teacher and when we had enough power we went to the Ancient Tree down the Elevators to the transpoter and we ended up at the tree houses and made it home. But over the years grendels from the garden kept thought they saw some norns and quickly told Hq and sent a sneak attack on the tree houses.It was night and out they came out of the dark killing Jay,our teacher,and 20 other norns leaving ous down to 10.We where no match for them yet and quickly escaped with the transpoter but Steve pressed the wrong button takeing us to the hatchery.The hatchery was dark and damp with wild creatrues everywhere with slime on the walls.There where grendel eggs everywhere we quickly ran and took the sub to the volcanoe where we went to the surface of it and took the helicopter to the tree where we took the elevators down past the labotories where we settled the hand was very upset and created Super norns stronger than the Boney Grendels and smarter. The hand wanted us to be spliced with the super norns so we did.But the hand forgot that we would hatch at Grendels Hq.When we alled hatch the grendels attacked us put even as babys we kicked and punched them to death. Makeing the grendel Population to 250 to 200. Then the hand injected crystal balls that we pushed that took us home but Steve refused to go.The hand had no choice but to remove the crystal balls or the grendels would get them and find out hideout.Steve was there alone which then he went deep into Grendel Hq But he never made Grendels Jumped On top of him and killed him.The hand made invisible Crystal balls that only norns can see transporting us everywhere. We even went to the hatchery to check if the eggs hatched yet.One day our population was 5 and it was my turn to check the grendel eggs we also learned that 10 norn eggs remained at the hatchery so they sent Brett with me to recover the eggs and check the grendels eggs. When we got there the eggs where huge and they started cracking we quickly grabed the eggs but it was too late some already hatched and grabed Brett and killed him I quickly threw the eggs in the crystal ball then I took Bretts and left

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