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This website was designed to serve as an online archive and for fans of singer Corey Hart. It exists only as a collective and as an archive for material relating directly to Corey Hart, his music and his life for fans to view, read, discuss and enjoy. This site nor its designers will at any time receive any funds for its existence or maintenance. The designers of this site claim no copyright for any pictures, articles or information posted, except where specifically noted. Neither this site, nor its designers are representatives of Corey Hart, nor are they in contact with him, the official Corey Hart website, Sony Records or any affiliated merchandise companies.  The designers have done their best to provide the highest quality materials available. Because many of the archived items are up to 16 and 17 years old, the wear of time is sometimes apparent. While we have taken measures to make this site and its graphics load as quickly as possible, items such as articles will require longer download times in order to allow the text to still be readable. This site will be updated at least once a month. We will accept Corey Hart related pictures, articles, letters, clips, etc. for post consideration. We are particularly interested in  fan-based newsletters, autographed memorabilia and hard to find items such as concert programs, localized materials and rare items. If you are interested in making a submission please email us at Corey Hart Online Archive before you make a submission.   Thank you and we hope you enjoy this site.