The National Indian Government re-established in July, 1945; in order to register every Indian in North America which registration card grants the rights and privileges hereunder mentioned, to the Indians of North America.

1. Grants to Indians, half-breeds and those who will become naturalized the right to live under the tutelege of the new Indian Government.

2. - Every Indian has the right to explore the whole North of America territory as hunter, fisherman and trapper, he has the privilege of camping where it is convenient, without causing any damage to the occupant.

3. - Every Indian is exempt from taxation and income taxes enforced by Federal and Provincial Governments established here in our country.

4. - Every Indian is exempt of military service of any war waged either by England, Canada and United-States.

5. - Every Indian is entitled to purchase a Rail ticket at half price the rate allowed for an Indian. He is allowed to pass the borders (free) between Canada and the United-States.

6. Every Indian who fall very sick or by accident, the authorities residing where he is victim will have to look after and to send their report to the HEAD QUARTERS OFFICE, who will cover the expenses incurred.

Reprinted by William Commanda Supreme Chief, The North American Indian Nations Government October 11, 2002