Chronology of Key Activities of William Commanda

1913 Born in Kitigan Zibi, Maniwaki,Quebec; Great-grandson of Pakinawatik, the Algonquin Chief who led his people from the Lake of Two Mountains to settle in the Ottawa River area in the mid eighteen hundreds; he was the Keeper of several Algonquin Wampum Belts which held records of prophesies, history, treaties and agreements

1920-40s Trapping, guiding, logging, birch bark canoe making, Algonquin arts and crafts

1945 Involvement with the North American Indian Nation Government

1951-70 Algonquin Chief, River Desert Band

1970 Appointed Keeper of three Algonquin Wampum Belts: the Seven Fires Prophesy, the Jay Treaty and the 1701 Agreement Belts

1981 Demonstrated building of a birch bark canoe for Queen Marguerita of Denmark; promoted understanding of the history, culture and plight of North American Indians in Denmark

1987 Commenced public teachings on the messages of the Wampum Belts at the fourth First Ministers Conference on Inherent Right and Self Government for Aboriginal Peoples, chaired by Prime Minister Mulroney

1990 Participated in the blessing of the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa with the Dalai Lama

1991 Conducted Pipe Ceremonies at a 3 day United Nations Conference hosted by President Mitterand of France

1993 Delivered Prophesy messages, together with 27 Indigenous spiritual leaders, to 350 United Nations delegates at United Nations Cry of the Earth Conference

1995 Spiritual leader for the Sunbow 5 Foundation Prayer Walk, which brought together representatives of the five symbolic races of man (red, white, yellow, black and brown) whose concern for the healing of the Earth surpassed racial or religious divisions - a seven and a half month unity “Walk for Mother Earth”, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.

1996-97 Outreach and linkages with traditional spiritual leaders from Central, South and North America

1997 Made presentation on the Seven Fires Prophesy and Aboriginal beliefs and issues at the Funai Conference in Japan

1998 Organized Elders without Borders - a gathering of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Leaders of the Americas and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples around Ottawa, Ontario

1998 Recipient of the Wolf Project Award for promoting racial understanding

2000 Organized Circle of All Nations Millennium International Peace Gathering Recipient of the Harmony Award for promoting intercultural understanding and harmony UN Peace Summit New York Honoured in opening of The Canadian Canoe Museum

2001 Peace Pipe Ceremony and presentation at the International Fields of Conflict – Fields of Wisdom Constellation Congress in Germany; Participated in peace building efforts and conferences in South Africa during the World Conference Against Racism Launch of Legacy Display at Canadian Canoe Museum

2002 Indigenous Elder’s Gathering in New Mexico; Justice Award – University of Ottawa

2003 Peace Building Conference at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Annual Spiritual gatherings of all nations (international) at the home of Elder Commanda during the August 1st Weekend Misc. Innumerable presentations, addresses and spiritual and pipe ceremonies at international conferences and events (e.g. Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, United States, Mexico, Japan; with the United Nations; World Council of Churches, etc. Innumerable opening and closing prayers and presentations and guidance at conferences, pow wows, workshops and meetings promoting better cross cultural communications and linkages, interracial harmony based on principles of love, respect, reconciliation and compassion. Referenced in numerous books and articles on Aboriginal and/or Algonquin peoples Central to all Elder Commanda’s teachings is the concept of equality and harmony and respect for Mother Earth, for all life forms, and for people of all racial and cultural backgrounds. His spiritual beliefs are inextricably linked to concern and responsibility for the plight of Mother Earth, the abuse and desecration of her body and resources, and to alerting the world’s peoples of the urgent need to rebalance our priorities, needs, values and responsibilities - in his teachings, the salvation of the people is totally interconnected with the salvation of Mother Earth. He stresses that the Wampum Belts teach that it is essential for us to learn to work through our differences and come together in love, peace, reconciliation and unity.