Grandfather William Commanda's Annual
"Circle of All Nations" Spiritual Gathering

An Introduction

Grandfather William Commanda witnessed the oppression and near destruction of his land and his peoples, language and culture at almost every turn throughout his life. In 1961, diagnosed with terminal cancer, and at the most painfully low point of his life, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening, an awakening that placed him firmly on the Red Road of forgiveness, love, compassion and reconciliation.

He saw an urgency and the need to bring together the people of the four symbolic races of humankind, to evolve relationships based on these values, and to create a synergy to contribute to the spiritual transformation of a world seen by many as morally and spiritually bankrupt.

Over the decades, he promoted his vision nationally and internationally in a singularly independent fashion. People accross the world have been touched by his extensive and tireless work and outreach to promote racial harmony and cross cultural understanding, to encourage and support spiritual development and to raise awareness of environmental issues and the abuse of Mother Earth, with no formal infrastructure.

The most special of Grandfather's activities is the Annual Spiritual Gathering that he hosts at his home every summer. Hundreds of people from far reaches of the globe journey to Maniwaki the August long weekend of each year. People attend sacred Sunrise, Pipe and Sweatlodge Ceremonies; engage in discussions on four key themes of great importance to him: indigenous wisdom and respect for Mother Earth, racial harmony, social justice and peace; and they participate in art, drumming, social and healing activities and workshops.

His gatherings are carefully designed to promote inidividual and group healing, build community, support youth empowerment and development and integrate the creative principle in spiritual, social and civil development.