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Cardcaptors is about a girl named Sakura Avalon. She finds this mysterious book in her basement called "The Clow Book", which she opens. Upon reading the Windy Card, the other 51 cards are sent out of the book and all over the town! Now the Keroberos (a.k.a. Kero), the guardian of the cards, has thrusted upon her the title of CardCaptor, making her the only hope of getting all the cards back into the book. She is not alone however, for she has Madsion Taylor, Li Showron, and Meilin Rae to help her out in the quest with their own special talents and abilities. But once she captures all the cards, she must face a final judgment from the judge called Yue. . . The CardCaptors Squad (a.k.a. CCSquad) is a fan and information site, filled with a great deal of stuff, both to read, and to learn when it comes to the show, the characters, and the Clow Cards. So kick back, check out what we got, but dont touch the wallpaper. :-)

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