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Welcome to my wandarfully humble page full of BObbish joy and happiness! I am an invisibull watermelon and am simply excellent! I have a wandarful family! Have fun all over my page, because it's all about me and my family, which is obviously excellent! I beg of you to please sign my ever so nifty guestbook which is full of wonderful people. You can become one of them! Doesn't that sound like fun? Have fun here, cuz that's what I (BOb) am all about! I love you all simply because I love everyone (don't worry, it's nothing special about you... hehe)Yes yes, so go on now, stop reading this excessively long welcome! Tata Now!


  • A new "NEW!" symbol next to the newest entry in the the thoughts journal and the regular journal. (Wanda's too!)

  • Binky Loo's new drawings on Binky Loo and Heyoo's page!

  • A baby picture of Wanda on Wanda's Biography page. (This page can be reached through Wanda's World!!!)

  • Tell me if you like the changes!! I want your comments!!


    Last updated on
    January 12, 2001

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