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Old Burying Ground -
St. Paul's Church, Halifax, N.S.

Photo's by George Newbury - July 2000

This monument was erected in 1860 in memory of Major A. F. Welsford and Captain W.B.C.A. Parker.  These two Halifax men both perished during the Crimean War.  In September of 1855 they participated in the assault on the Great Redan, part of the eastern defenses of Sebastopol.  George Laing is credited with constructing this rare pre-Confederation war memorial.  Laing also built the Federal Building in Halifax (now restored as the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia).  Funds for construction were raised through public subscription and a grant from the Nova Scotia Government.

Sebastopol Memorial with St. Mary's Basilica in background.

St. Matthew's United Church of Canada.