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Photo's by Russell Harrison

Below are some photos taken at Finlaystone House about
mid 2000 at the Clan MacMillan Gathering.

Finlaystone House at Langbank (west of Glasgow) is where the MacMillan Clan Chief George MacMillan and his wife Jane reside.
The photo of the Clan Chief includes Graeme MacKenzie the Clan Genealogist.

Perhaps I should mention that on one day at the gathering some helpers were dressed up in period costume and acted as guides for a stream of visitors who wanted to see the house and the Clan Centre - some of my snaps record this event.

On the left is the Clan Genealogist Graeme MacKenzie then
Jane and her husband Clan Chief George then Pauline Simpson,
Assistant Curator of the Clan Centre then on the right Rev.
David MacMillan of Washington, DC

Hazel MacMillan Huckvale, Canada. Past President of the
Glengarry County Branch of the CMS of Nth America;
Phillip C. McMillan, Utah. President of the CMS of Utah.
Julia Batchelor, North Carolina
Clan Chief George Macmillan

Tony Moffat who has been treasurer of the Glenurquhart Macmillan Society for many years.
She lives at Aberdeen, Scotland. There is a glimpse of Susan Bell standing near the door -
Susan is the wife of Robert G. Bell the President of the Appalachian
Branch of Clan Macmillan. They live in Greensboro, USA.

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