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Albanian Roma Monarchist Page:
Our only hope for stability

Example ImageThe Roma of Abania are arguably one of the most persecuted people on earth.  We will provide information and news of current events of our community.

H.R.H. Prince Alexander of Epirus is our voice in the world and one day soon he will be the King of a free and independent Epirus.  As our brothers are fleeing the chaos in Kosovo, they are living as unwanted "guests" in surrounding countries.  It is only with a strong and independant Epirus that our people from all over the region will have a place to call home.  A country in which we share equal status with all other citizens.

Roma Human Rights & Links
(News of Roma around the world)
This section will connect you with links around the world providing information about human rights violations of Roma people.
Human Rights Web. Home Page
Roma News Network
Roma Association of Norway

Roma History and Culture
Roma Pilgrimage of Kali Sara
Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool

Links to the Kingdom of Epirus
Epirus:  This is the official homepage of the Kingdom of Epirus, Government in Exile

Send submissions, comments, questions, and anything else that occurs to you to us via e-mail at Roma Alb.


This page last updated on January 10, 2000.