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Chris is my favourite in "The Flying Doctors". I saw episode 160-190 first and then I didnīt know who she was, but when the swedish television started to show the show as reruns in the early afternoons. I taped all the episodes. And I liked Chris more and more for every episode. Befor I saw the reruns were Annie, Magda and David my favourites. But now is Chris the BEST!! She and Tom are so cute together!!!

As I've written on many places here is Chris in Water Rats now! She plays the role of the lesbian police detective Helens girlfriend. I got some new pics of them, check them out!! Iīve also written a story where I put The Flying Doctors and Water Rats together with help of Chris!!

I've found three pic's of Liz as Diane in the show Ocean Girl, so I've made a page with pictures of her in that show now. With other words, I now got three different "picturepages" for you to view!!

You can find two pic's of Liz on THIS site. It's Sonja's pictures and she didn't wanted me to take them. They're from Lenore Smiths 40 years part!!

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Liz Burch's autograph

Send an Email to TV 4 and tell them to show the Australian show Water Rats. - Liz Burch will have two roles in the newer episodes... (if you are from sweden!)- Go to their page and tell them that you want Liz Burch in Water Rats!!!


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