Blonde Fury
by Klancy7

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Disclaimer: MCA Universal and Renaissance pictures have no knowledge of this story. Beyond the usual warnings, please be aware that this story contains explicit sex between women, at least technically, non-consensual.

"Take her."

Callisto's words chilled the bard. The soldier behind her tightened his grip on her arms, but it wasn't his restraint that held the young woman still. Xena's eyes were on her, filled with scorn. She was sending a message, and Gabrielle got it, but she scowled back at her anyway. They could scream defiance to the gods, and Xena would still be whipped. Sweet Hera, she was scared.

A feral, taut-throated torch of a woman, Callisto's large brown eyes glistened as Xena lifted her arm out of the soldier's grip and strolled to the wooden frame in the center of the cavernous barn. Callisto crossed behind the tall warrior, tickling one long fingernail across the tops of her sculpted shoulders.

"Dear Xena," she purred. "May I help you slip into something more - vulnerable?" The small woman removed a dagger from her cleavage and smiled at Xena.

Gabrielle watched her lover smile back. "I can manage, thanks."

Without ceremony, Xena ripped her shirt open in one easy, unhurried movement. She pulled the tattered halves over the crests of her shoulders and down her arms, stripping herself of her shirt as casually as if she were preparing to bathe with Gabrielle in a forest stream. She stood naked to the waist in apparent comfort, making no effort to conceal her firm breasts. She brushed straw and dirt from her hands, and looked at Callisto expressionlessly.

Callisto was displeased. Gabrielle saw her face and swallowed, the muscles in her throat moving. Callisto felt cheated -- she'd wanted to strip that shirt off herself. Had done it, obviously, countless times, in her fantasies. "All right, rack her. Now!"

Again, Xena moved unescorted, sauntering behind the wide t-bar of the wooden frame and pressing her bare breasts to it. The old plank was braced on either side by standing posts, and it's splintered surface was just wide enough to cover her chest. Xena lifted her arms and spread them at full-length along the t-bar.

Callisto hissed an instruction, and two armored soldiers moved in. They clenched Xena's hands, and stretched her arms hard against the bar before binding her hands to it. Gabrielle could see the cord they used -- a frayed, coarse twine that bit deeply into her lover's wrists.

All right, how much of that was Gabrielle supposed to take. How long would Xena have watched this happen to her? The bard's knee bent sharply, sending her booted heel up into the unprotected crotch of the soldier who held her. He stopped holding her.

"We have no idea where the Plague scrolls are, you cretinous idiot." Gabrielle strode toward Callisto, her green eyes flashing anger. "I haven't seen them, and certainly she hasn't." She jerked her chin toward Xena, who was watching this minor rebellion with one disapproving brow raised. "Xena wasn't with me when that trader slipped them into my pack, and she still wan't with me when they were stolen - "

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," Callisto hissed, and Gabrielle's voice faltered to silence as she grabbed her thick honied hair in one fist, and dragged her around behind the frame. "The only words I want out of you, Chatty Spice, are directions and numbers. As in three leagues northwest. Two east. Whatever's appropriate." She released Gabrielle harshly, making her stagger against Xena, and grab the warrior's wide shoulders for support.

Callisto swept her hand across Xena's back, slapping her dark hair back off her shoulders to bare them for the lash. "You don't talk, she don't walk." Callisto nodded at Xena. "Not upright, not for a few days."

Gabrielle stared at Xena's long arms, stretched to a straining "t" against the plank. Her gaze followed the shadowed groove of Xena's spine as it descended into her belt. Gabrielle closed her eyes and lowered her head, shivering miserably, knowing Xena couldn't see her. Her palm had smoothed the muscled planes of that back only that morning, and she ached to touch her now. Focus, she thought.

"I'd do it to you instead, believe me, but you might faint before either of you talked." Callisto sounded almost sympathetic, and the look she cast at Xena's still profile came dangerously close to fond. "Gristle, here, will last long enough to loosen your tongue, at least." Callisto ordered two of her guards to take repossession of Gabrielle, clamping her arms together behind her back.

Then the blonde woman turned to Xena and raked the long fingernails of one hand from the base of her neck to the top of her shoulder.

"Stop it, bitch!" Gabrielle kicked the air viciously, to no effect.

Xena's eyes closed, but she made no other movement. Callisto watched the scratches on Xena's neck fill slowly with blood. Then she glanced at Gabrielle's face, and drank in her anguished expression with relish. An idea seemed to occur to her, and she smiled again. "Let's raise the stakes," she murmured. "Bring my silver maiden."

There was a blur of movement. Gabrielle found herself being dragged around the frame, in front of Xena, and held in place. She fought wildly, cursing a blue streak, her eyes sparking rage.

"Gabrielle. Look at me."

It was a voice the bard never disobeyed, never. In their daily life, Gabrielle stood up to Xena whenever necessary -- and without fear, for the most part. But not when the warrior spoke to her in that tone. She froze in the guards' grasp, and stared up into glacial blue eyes.

"You're the Amazon's chosen queen."

The hubbub around them continued as the two women stared at each other, oblivious. Gabrielle relaxed and straightened between her captors, listening.

Xena nodded approval. "If Callisto finds the Scrolls, she'll use those incantations, and innocent people will die." She glanced up at the wooden frame she was bound to. "We can't stop this. I'm sorry, we can't. We're outnumbered, here. But at least we can give Ephiny enough time to find the Scrolls and hide them."

Xena lifted one eyebrow, as if to ask if Gabrielle followed. Then she nodded at one of her tied wrists. "This will be unpleasant, but not unbearable. I heal quickly. Use the salve in the red clay pot."

"Xena . . . . " Gabrielle allowed a glimmer of feeling to pass over her eyes, but largely she was in control again. She stood easily, like the graceful athlete she was. She held the right of caste of Amazon Nation -- and she trusted her lover, she knew she was right.

Callisto was back. Her minions carried another wooden frame, one Xena seemed to recognize; her face lost that shield of dispassion for a moment. Gabrielle was tugged to the frame and tied into it. It consisted of a jointed, padded board five-handspans wide, which stood waist-high on a complicated mesh of wooden legs. Once Gabrielle's body was secured upon it, the base of the board rose until she semi-reclined, face up, her head level with Callisto's belted waist. The bard's arms were pulled down over the edges of the pallet and laced in place, causing her back to arch and her chest to jut upward.

Gabrielle kept her face impassive as she assumed this position, but her cheeks slowly filled with a flush she couldn't prevent. This was turning decidedly kinky, a realm she had long suspected Callisto ruled. At least her legs weren't bound, that was a relief.

"So, little guttersnipe." Callisto bumped her pelvis against the pallet affectionately. "We're both going to enjoy this, though I bet I'll admit it sooner."

She reached into her belt and pulled out a sheathed dagger. Her small teeth pulled off the knife's cover, and she poked the sharp blade into the material between Gabrielle's breasts. It parted soundlessly, and humming, Callisto inserted three fingers of each hand in the widening tear.

"Callisto." Gabrielle spoke quietly, trying to control her panic. "What do you hope to accomplish, here? Raping me won't -- "

"Of course, raping you will," Callisto admonished, and ripped the bard's halter viciously, half-lifting the girl from the padded plank, and spread the torn halves wide, baring her large, pink breasts with devastating suddenness. The guards standing around the pallet whistled and hooted their approval.

Gabrielle tried to think rationally, but humiliation overwhelmed her. She felt terribly exposed -- the pallet's swell made her arch her back, thrusting her shoulders out, her breasts bobbing gently in the cold air with her panting breath. She grimaced in shame as she saw her nipples harden and swell, filling with dark color. Her head lay braced on the pallet, and a guard held it at an angle that forced her to look at her swelling nipples -- and between them, to Xena's anguished eyes.

Calllisto saw them too. She went to Xena, and touched one finger lightly to the cuts she had clawed in her upper shoulder. Smiling, she showed Gabrielle the red blood on the tip of her forefinger. "Watch the birdie, bardie."

She lowered her hand and traced the blood around each of Gabrielle's protruding nipples, giggling when her protesting gasp made them quiver under her touch.

Then Callisto straightened, and put her hands on her hips. She took in her assembled soldiers, the two racks holding her prisoners, and looked so happy Gabrielle had to quell a shiver of revulsion.

"Give the blonde and I a little privacy, please." Callisto commanded, waving one arm. Two guards quickly rummaged through tents until they found a tall bamboo screen. They erected it between the scaffolds, concealing the bard and the warrior from each other's sight.

"Gabrielle." Xena's unseen voice was calm.

"I'm here." Gabrielle's was not calm yet, but getting there.

"I'll kill her for this, I promise you."

Gabrielle closed her eyes, aware of Callisto's avid gaze on her breasts.

"Your tits," Callisto whispered, as if she had read the thought, and began rubbing the full globes with one hand.

"I -- can't talk politics, right now." Gabrielle turned her head on the pallet and closed her eyes, as Callisto's fingers tweaked a nipple playfully.

"Oh no, keep them baby greens open, little bard. And never make me ask twice." Callisto twisted the nipple viciously. Gabrielle hissed and opened her eyes.

The blonde woman smiled down at her as she lifted a small, sealed flask from her belt. She unscrewed its top and removed it, then tipped the bottle over Gabrielle's right breast. An amber pearl of liquid brimmed over the edge of the bottle, then splashed down onto the center of the pink aureole, wetting the turgid nipple.

Gabrielle suppressed a flinch. The strange liquid was bitterly cold. She saw the bottle tip over her other breast with forboding, and drew in her breath as the drop hit its target.

"This is for Xena's benefit, hon," Callisto whispered, "Not yours. She should have something pretty to watch, too."

Gabrielle's breath was coming quicker, and she looked down at her breasts in horror. They were starting to tremble -- and grow warm. Her nipples were tingling -- and then Gabrielle gasped raggedly as an entirely carnal pulse surged through her lower belly.

"Oh, goodie. I'd heard this potion was strong." Callisto knelt beside Gabrielle and peered down at her quivering breasts with great interest. "Let's see if we're headed down the right path at least, shall we?"

She slipped the leather glove off her right hand and wiggled her fingers, smiling down at her long, tapered nails. She waved them at Gabrielle's pale face, and then lowered her cold palm to the girl's flat abdomen. She tickled downward lightly, enjoying the raggedness of the bard's breathing.

"Just pretend I'm tall, dark and demented, over there," Callisto advised Gabrielle kindly, and then her hand slid quickly below the waist of her skirt and tried to dart down between her tightly-clenched legs.

Gabrielle bucked in disbelief, outrage -- and then in pain as Callisto snarled her pubic hair in her fist.

"Let me into that prized twat, little slut." Callisto's brown eyes had lost any semblance of humor. "Or I'll wrap your tits in barbed wire and march you naked through the next village." She bent over and scraped the bard's right nipple lightly with her teeth.

With a curse, Gabrielle jerked her legs apart, and moaned as Callisto's palm slid hungrily down over her hairy wetness. One long finger dabbled briefly in her swollen slit.

"Wider, Gabrielle. As wide as you can. Imagine Xena rubbing her tits in your juices, I want you that spread."

She waited until Gabrielle forced her legs to their fullest spread, and then pulled her hand slowly from her skirt. She checked her fingers, and then laughed in approval, smearing Gabrielle's wetness around her nipples, mixing it with the blood already ringing them.

Callisto barked an order to the guards. It took two barks -- they were mesmerized by the young woman's heaving breasts and horror-filled eyes -- but eventually, they responded to her command. Gabrielle's ankles were tied down, her knees slightly bent, her hips raised over the edge of a cushion so her crotch swelled wide.

"Xena," Callisto sang happily. She had her dagger out again, and was pricking small holes in the skirt's worn fabric. "Wanna hear the most beautiful sound in the world?"

In a fever, she snatched at the cloth covering Gabrielle's pussy and tore it free, baring her nakedness to the guard's eyes. Gabrielle whimpered and fought to close her legs in spite of herself -- she rocked her hips back in forth in a futile attempt to escape those gleeful stares.

All right, enough. Gabrielle didn't recognize the voice in her mind -- she could hardly hear it through the cheering of the guards. The voice sounded a little like Xena, and like Ephiny. She heard her mother's tone in those words, and a lower, cooler note that she could believe was Artemis herself. And Gabrielle forced herself to lay still.

Even when Callisto dipped the vial between her wide-spread legs and anointed her exposed clit with the freezing elixir, Gabrielle did no more than arch her back tightly for a moment.

"I know what you're planning," she told Callisto quietly. "And it won't work. We've beaten you before, and we will again."

"Think so?" Callisto cocked her head, apparently to ponder the threat. Then she shrugged. "Let's see what Xena thinks, 'kay?"

She shot to her feet and toppled the bamboo screen with one kick. It fell to the barn's floor in a dusty clatter. Xena had to wince the grit out of her eyes before she could see her lover. She soon regretted the effort.


"Do let me provide exposition?" Callisto clasped her hands beneath her chin pleadingly, unable to disguise her delight in Xena's expression as she stared down at Gabrielle's spread-eagled nakedness.

"Your little bard has been stripped and trussed like the side of beef she is, and now she's awaiting my pleasure." Callisto circled Gabrielle like a leathered vulture, her voice rich syrup. "And I've done her the honor of painting her nipples, and her sweet little cunt, with the juice of the tarzil bud. That'll help her -- wake up, in all the right places -- "

"Xena, she wants me to -- feel pleasure, while you're beaten." Gabrielle's voice trembled only slightly. "The drug she put . . . on me . . . it's strong, Xena."

"Hush, little cunt." Callisto's eyes had narrowed dangerously.

"I understand, Gabrielle." Xena's eyes grew steely. "This warped monster thinks she can link your passion with her cruelty. It ain't gonna happen, friend."

"Xena." Gabrielle swallowed and forced herself to look between her nipples and at her lover. "She's going to hurt you."

"Not beyond repair." A loving light warmed Xena's eyes for only a moment. "Neither of us, Gabrielle. She can't harm us."

"Hey Kor---as," Callisto sang, as if in answer. Then she gave her prisoners a mocking double-take. "I am sorry. You two were finished drooling noble platitudes at each other, weren't you?"

A low voice rumbled out of the darkness behind Xena. "My queen."

"You got my cat back there?" She winked at Xena.

"Yes, my queen."

"Scourge that bitch in there for awhile, then." Callisto watched Gabrielle's still, green eyes. "Take your time, make it last."

"With pleasure, my queen."

Callisto gave Gabrielle's thigh a sisterly pat as she settled on the grass beside the pallet. "Can you see all right over those great big titties, Gabrielle? If you can't, sing out and I'll lace your breasts down with wet twine, okay?"

"The Scrolls were an excuse, weren't they?" Soft wonder filled Gabrielle's voice. "You wanted us here. Together, like this."

"For years, darling."

"What will you win, Callisto?" It was testament to Gabrielle's enduring spiritual innocence that she had to ask this, but she honestly didn't know. "By raping me in front of her, beating her in front of me, trying to make me -- "

"Try? You ravage my heart." Callisto's fingernail traced a heart shape around Gabrielle's left nipple, not taking her eyes from Xena. "Hush, it's starting."

The cat-o-nine whistled a sharp arc through the humid air, and smacked soundly across the muscled planes of Xena's back. Xena lifted her chin abruptly, but gave no other indication of the searing pain of that first lash.

Gabrielle jumped, the breath hissing out of her. But the bard's face remained as smooth and immobile as her warrior's. The brazen indignity of her spread-eagled helplessness did not rob her entirely of the shield of her Amazon heritage.

Xena surged against the cross-beam after the fourth strike, feeling a thin line of blood trickle from one shoulder. She straightened, and shook her hair disdainfully out of her eyes. She tried to send Gabrielle silent courage, and some sense of the deep pride she felt for her at this moment. She kept her gaze locked on Gabrielle, taking sustenance and lending comfort at the same time.

"You should be feeling quite randy now, little one." Callisto sighed, enjoying the sound of the cracking leather against Xena's back. "Let's shake some tit for our suffering hero, shall we?"

She reached into her belt and retrieved two hinged, jawed clamps, shaped like the small heads of dragons. The ornate jewelry was joined by two strands of fine silver chain. Callisto crouched beside the pallet, humming, and fastened the clamps efficiently over Gabrielle's sensitive nipples. The bard cried out, twisting, and Callisto smiled, wrapping the dangling chain around the first knuckle of her forefinger.

"Wait for it," Callisto whispered, staring at the girl's heaving breasts.

There. The cat whickered and cracked across Xena's bare shoulders, and Callisto tugged hard on the chain attached to the nippleclamps. She dragged the chain in idle circles, and Gabrielle's breasts stretched and strained with her movements. The blond woman smiled, drinking in the pinched, scarlet nipples and the shuddering globes jerking under her fingers.

"Gabrielle - " Xena gasped. She had to look away.

"I'm all right, Xena," Gabrielle breathed.

"She's all right, Xena," Callisto echoed. "Of course she is -- she's probably having more fun than she ever has dancing under your perverted tongue. Hold a moment, Koras," she called.

Gabrielle lifted her head, her nipples sizzling, but faint with sudden hope as the lashing halted. She shook tears from her eyes and tried to see her lover's face.

Callisto strolled around behind Xena, and then emerged again moments later. She held up the wicked cat and drew the leather strips lovingly through her fingers. "I'm giving the poor man a break, his arm is tiring. Now, ordinarily, at this point in the proceedings, I would soak the whip in seawater. The salt in the leather increases the victim's torment, obviously."

She crinkled her nose at both her captives, as if apologizing for being trite. "But we're a good ten leagues from the nearest shore . . . what to do, what to do . . ."

Callisto stopped her pacing, as if inspired, and stared at the junction between Gabrielle's open thighs. "Eureka," she whispered.

Gabrielle clenched her teeth, trying to gather her courage. The tarzil had rendered her private regions a pulsing, hypersensitive inferno. The thought of anyone touching her there . . . of Callisto . . . .

"Callisto, the gods take your eyes . . ." Xena's voice was hoarse with pain. She jerked against the twine binding her wrists, but the struggle was futile.

Callisto's eyes took on a glassy sheen, and she whispered, "Slick these up for me, would you, Gabby?" She bunched the leather strips of the whip in her hand, and then slapped them into the wetness of the bard's exposed cunt.

Gabrielle screamed, a high, helpless and despairing sound, as Callisto ground the leather against her, scrubbing it against her turgid clit. The bard's hips bucked in spite of her resolve to remain still, and she rooted in helpless heat as Callisto's delighted laughter broke over her. She let the moment last, twirling the whip against the girl's twitching pussy. Finally, she straightened and regarded the wetted leather strips.

"Why thank you, young whore!" Callisto held the whip's tendrils close to her face and inhaled, her eyes closing in bliss. "These'll crack right sharply, now. Back to work, Koras!"

"Xena . . . " Gabrielle wept, her body taut with despair.

It went on as the sun crossed the sky.

Callisto called several halts to the beating, wanting to keep Xena alert and aware as long as possible, so she could watch her do Gabrielle. She let her regain her senses fully before continuing, always rewetting the whip in the juices between Gabrielle's legs. The girl was beautifully wet, Callisto noted appreciatively. The clamps bobbed achingly from the bard's nipples, adding to her torment as she tried to suppress the quivering arousal that continually coursed through her.

And Gabrielle succeeded. There was steel in the girl when it was needed, and she refused to let Callisto bring her to climax. Tears welled in her green eyes and then fell, again and again, from the grinding tension, and from the horror of hearing the unending thunder of the whip across her lover's back. But she remained silent.

Callisto's ire grew as night fell. Xena was sagging now against the bar, unconscious or infuriatingly close to it. The blonde woman was enraged at her failure to tip the bard into delirium, no matter how viciously she twisted the nippleclamps, or slapped the exposed cuntlips with the whip when she wet it. Finally she screamed her outrage to the rafters, and Xena lifted her head groggily.

Breathing hard, Callisto jerked her chin toward the whipping rack, and two soldiers moved forward to untie the warrior's bleeding wrists from the plank. "Put her between the slut's legs! Down!"

Xena's knees wouldn't support her weight. She was dragged around the scaffold, and thrown down in front of the pallet at Gabrielle's bound feet. Gabrielle strained to lift her head higher, to see Xena clearly. She knew what she would see, what she dreaded to see and did -- her lover's strong back was criss-crossed with bleeding stripes. Soft murmurings of fear and comfort came from the bard, insensible except to the dark woman who knelt before her.

"You make her come, warrior bitch," Callisto spit. She swung her leg in a tight arc and kicked Xena squarely in the back. The warrior jerked, barely catching herself against the platform.

"Gods, no! Callisto, please don't hurt her anymore, please . . . " Gabrielle was at the end of her courage, and she didn't care about giving Callisto satisfaction in hearing her beg.

"Hush, love." Xena's voice was ragged, but as affectionate and caressing as it sounded in their shared bed. She raised her head, and the bleak wildness in her blue eyes warmed as she smiled down at Gabrielle. "It will be my pleasure, Callisto. Mine and hers."

Gabrielle quieted, staring at those compelling eyes. And when Xena gathered herself, and then lowered her head between Gabrielle's legs, the bard shuddered deeply. The familiar, beloved nuzzling of those full lips on her slit. The strong, silken tongue parting her folds, cool against the heat of her wetness, and caressing the greased reaches of her center. The dizzying sexual torture Gabrielle had endured condensed, spiraled, focused on the sparking sensations shooting through her swollen clit. She began to undulate gently in her bonds, as Xena's head pivoted and swiveled against her, her mouth sucking, probing, licking.

"Don't hurt her, Xena," Callisto pleaded, in a child-like voice that sent alarm sluicing through Gabrielle.

The bard opened her eyes to see Callisto behind Xena, her cupped hands suspended over her back. And she jerked in shock as she saw those hands open, and salt pour down to dust Xena's abraded shoulders.

Xena gasped raggedly, her hands clenching the sides of the pallet with such desperate strength splinters broke off with thunderous cracks. Her upper body shook with agony as the salt spread fire across her bleeding back -- but she, too, maintained control. Her lips never left Gabrielle, and remained tender, and when she did close her teeth around her clit, it was in a gentle, wiggling bite. Gabrielle imploded.

Her body jerked as if electrified as orgasm seared through her, and she humped and rode Xena's mouth in paroxysm of ecstasy. Callisto's cheated scream blended with her roaring cry of release -- her hips hung suspended -- and then Gabrielle sagged in stages, coming to rest on the pallet, consciousness swirling from her.

Xena lifted her head to watch her lover's thrashings, and then raised her eyes to Callisto's hate-engorged face. Xena smiled, and then her eyes fluttered shut as she, too, passed out. She collapsed across Gabrielle's waist, her back criss-crossed by bleeding lashmarks, but she was safe. They both were -- beyond Callisto's reach, for now.

By moonrise they were alone. Callisto had kicked and screeched her soldiers out of the barn, screaming invectives and threats as to the dire fate that awaited the unconscious women when next they fell into her hands.

Xena climbed groggily back to consciousness, drawn awake by the soft sobbing of the bard who awaited her. She still lay across the bound woman's lap, and did not immediately lift her head. Her arms moved to embrace the muscular waist, and her lips rested on the downy skin above Gabrielle's navel. When she did manage to focus her gaze on the bard, she needed only one quick draught of the sweetness of those tear-filled, mist-green eyes. There was no need for words, then.

-- end --

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