Jennifer on What's Sexy Now

In September ’99 issue of InStyle, Jennifer graced the cover, wearing only a sheet. The caption is ‘What’s Sexy Now,’ and the main story interviews Hollywood’s hottest stars about what sexy means to them.

The following is the exact text from Jennifer’s mini-interview…

WHY SEXY NOW: The reigning queen of television, returning as Rachel for the sixth season of Friends, is also half of Hollywood’s hottest couple.

WORDS OF ADVICE: “Nobody thinks of themselves as sexy, really. Some days you go, ‘Hey, I’m not doing too bad today.’ But if you try to be sexy, you’ll never be sexy.”

TURN-ONS: “Quirky is sexy, like scars or chipped teeth. I also like tattoos---they’re rebellious.”

SECRET DESIRES: “I used to love Nick Nolte and Jeff Bridges because of their rugged manliness. I love scruffy.”

FAVORITE BODY PART: “Hands. This probably comes from my dad, who has long, thick, beautiful hands.”

THE EYES HAVE IT: “I love people-watching in Morocco. They don’t look you up and down, but directly in the eyes.”