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The following were enumerated in Bolton, East Lothian during the 1861 Census. Please note that all names are in alphabetical order and therefore not necessarily by household. For household information contact


Name Relationship to Head Marital Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
ALISON Jane daughter   11 scholar Liberton, MLN


daughter   13 scholar Logie, STI
ALISON Mary wife married 40   St. Cuthbert's, MLN
ALISON William Archibald son   7 scholar Largo, FIF
ANDERSON John boarder married 39 shepherd Stow, MLN

BAIN Isabella

wife married 82   Channelkirk, BEW

BAIN Janet

granddaughter unmarried 28 domestic servant Dalkeith, MLN
BROCKIE James head married 53 farm  steward Stow, MLN
BROCKIE Mary wife married 52 steward's wife Galashiels, ROX


wife married 50   ENG
BROWN Mary servant unmarried 21 domestic servant Greenburn, MLN


wife married 31   Leith, MLN

CAMERON Maryanne

servant unmarried 30 cook, domestic servant Edinburgh, MLN
CAMPBELL John head married 49 hedger MLN
CARNEY Mary head widow 45 agricultural laborer Langford, IRL


servant unmarried 21 housemaid Pennycuik, MLN
DISHINGTON Isabella wife married 62   Duns, BEW


wife married 36   Gippermuir?, PER


head married 48 Minister of Bolton Church Stirling, STI


niece unmarried 22 agricultural laborer IRL

DUFFLEY? Bridgett

head unmarried 44 agricultural laborer IRL

DUNCAN Alexander

son   10 scholar Chirnside, BEW

DUNCAN Elizabeth L

daughter   12 scholar St. Cuthbert's, MLN


head married 43 gardener, domestic servant Old Macher, ABD

DUNCAN Margaret

daughter   7 scholar Chirnside, BEW

DUNCAN Margaret

wife married 38   Chirnside, BEW
FERGUSON Anne wife married 27   Dalkeith, MLN
FERGUSON James head married 28 ploughman IRL
GLASS Leslie servant unmarried 19 nursery maid St. Cuthbert's, MLN
GREEN Monah stepdaughter   13   IRL
GREENSHIELDS James visitor unmarried 54 mason Lesmahagow, LKS
HUTCHESON Margaret servant unmarried 13 domestic servant Carstairs, LKS


son   11 scholar Carstairs, LKS


head married 50 ploughman Carstairs, LKS


wife married 50   Carstairs, LKS
JAMIESON Margaret daughter   10 scholar Edrom, BEW

KING William

head married 39 gardener, domestic servant Beith, AYR


head married 74 agricultural laborer Duns, BEW
LA?MIN Bridget wife married 63 out worker Killargie?, IRL
LA?MIN Margaret daughter unmarried 25 out worker Clune, IRL
LA?MIN Michael head married 61 agricultural laborer IRL
LEES Christian sister unmarried 33   Stow, MLN
LEES John head married 31 farmer of 375 acres employs 15 laborers, 1 boy Stow, MLN
LEES Margaret wife married 28   Stow, MLN
LEES William boarder married 39 shepherd Lasswade, MLN
LISTER Helen wife married 27 butler's wife Drumblade, ABD


servant married 33 butler, domestic servant St. Andrews, FIF


head married 28 coachman, domestic servant Croy, NAI


wife married 31   Carnwath, LKS
MATHESON Andrew head married 59 agricultural laborer Cranston, MLN
MATHESON, Helen wife married 57   Inveresk, MLN
MCDONALD John head married 63 ploughman Unknown


servant unmarried 26 domestic servant Loch Broon?, ROC


servant unmarried 38 laundry maid PER
MITCHELL Thomas brother-in-law married 22   MLN


servant unmarried 30 agricultural laborer IRL


brother unmarried 33 agricultural laborer IRL


head unmarried 39 agricultural laborer IRL
MULVEY Catherine wife married 40   St. Cuthbert's, MLN
MULVEY Patrick head married 46 agricultural laborer Kilquaharty, IRL


daughter   10 scholar Skene, ABD
NAPIER Flora daughter   15   INV
NAPIER Mary wife married 35   INV
NEIL Robert boarder unmarried 17 farm laborer Levin, FIF
O'BRIEN Catherine wife married 35 out worker Clime, IRL
O'BRIEN David boarder unmarried 16 agricultural laborer IRL
O'BRIEN James head married 44 agricultural laborer Amaduff, IRL
O'BRIEN Patrick son   12 out worker Amaduff, IRL
PATERSON Adam head unmarried 36 farmer of 400 acres employs 14 laborers, 1 boy Dalkeith, MLN
PATERSON Anne daughter unmarried 31   Edrom, BEW
PATERSON Elizabeth daughter unmarried 29   Edrom, BEW
PATERSON George son unmarried 39   Edrom, BEW
PATERSON James head widower 64 farmer of 200 acres employs 2 laborers Newlands, PEE
PATERSON Thomas son unmarried 33   Edrom, BEW
PATTERSON William boarder unmarried 17 ploughman Earlston, BEW

PETTER Hendry 

boarder   12 scholar ENG
PORTEOUS Marion sister unmarried 20   St. Cuthbert's, MLN
PORTEOUS Robert head unmarried 24 farmer of 200 acres employs 3 laborers, 1 boy Newbattle, MLN
PRINGLE Margaret wife married 40   St. Cuthbert's, MLN
QUINN Elisabeth boarder unmarried 19 farm worker Clime, IRL
QUINN Mary boarder   14 farm worker Clime, IRL


head widow 59   MLN
RATFRAY Catherine wife married 26   Coldingham, BEW
RENTON David son unmarried 24 ploughman Cranston, MLN
RENTON George son unmarried 22 ploughman Cranston, MLN
RENTON Margaret daughter unmarried 26 out worker Cranston, MLN
RENTON Margaret wife married 62   Liberton, MLN
REYNOLDS John head married 34 agricultural laborer IRL
REYNOLDS Mary wife married 40   St. Cuthbert's, MLN

RITCHIE Isabella M 

servant unmarried 19 kitchen maid Queensferry, FIF


boarder married 31 shepherd Channelkirk, BEW
SEWELL James lodger unmarried 23 mole catcher Dumbarton, DFS
SIMPSON Elizabeth wife married 28   Dalkeith, MLN
SIMPSON Fanny visitor unmarried 17 domestic servant Edinburgh, MLN
SINCLAIR Mary wife married 56   St. Cuthbert's, MLN
SOMERVILLE Andrew son unmarried 19 farmer's son Carnwath, LKS
SOMERVILLE Helen wife married 55 farmer's wife Carnwath, LKS
SOMERVILLE Isabella Nicol daughter   10 farmer's daughter, scholar Carnwath, LKS
SOMERVILLE John son unmarried 17 farmer's son Carnwath, LKS
SOMERVILLE Samuel head married 70 farmer of 268 acres employs 4 laborers, 1 boy Carnwath, LKS
STEWART Elizabeth head widow 67 house holder Monimail, FIF
T?FOUP? Alexander boarder unmarried 49   Newhills, ABD
THOMSON Arthur head married 37 Minister of Free Church Muckhart, PER
THOMSON Isabella wife married 32 Minister's wife AYR
THORBURN John head married 36 land steward Newbattle, MLN


head married 40 ploughman Cranston, MLN

WATT Margaret 

wife married 48   Cranston, MLN

WATT William 

head married 48 ploughman Cranston, MLN

WHITE Elizabeth

servant unmarried 20 dairy maid Hutton, BEW
WILLIAMS Agnes head unmarried 66 housekeeper Cranston, MLN
WILLIAMSON Margaret H niece   5   St. Cuthbert's, MLN
WILLIAMSON Mary sister widow 40 lady Dalkeith, MLN
WYLLIE Alexander head married 49 farmer of 542 acres employs 13 laborers, 3 boys, 12 women Shotts, LKS
WYLLIE Alexander son   12 scholar Ratho, MLN
WYLLIE James son unmarried 23 farmer's son Ratho, MLN
WYLLIE Janet daughter unmarried 19 farmer's daughter Ratho, MLN
WYLLIE Janet wife married 47 farmer's wife Whitburn, MLN
WYLLIE Peter son   10 scholar Ratho, MLN