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Sailing Directions to Barrachois Harbour

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Not for navigational use

Barrachois Harbour Yacht Club welcomes visiting boats.

The western route to Barrachois Harbour Yacht Club
and Sunrise Shore Marina is to come in via the west end of Amet,
between the Island and Malagash Point.

Coordinates for Waugh Shoal UE2 (R) are N45° 51.074    W063° 12.708

Your next waypoint will be the Tatamagouche Bay buoy UE6 (FlR)
at N45° 47.755    W063° 13.074, distance 2.77 nM.

Then to Chambers Point can UD4 (QR)
at N45° 45.107    W063° 14.358, distance 2.74 nM.

(Leave both of these reds to starboard when entering.)

If entering Amet Sound via the east end, leave Cape John UA2 (FlR)
N 44° 49.224   W063° 07.702 to starboard,

then 4.73 nm to Jollimore's Reef UD3 (QG)
at N45° 46.265    W063° 12.988
and is to be left to port at ALL cost.

Then to Chambers Point can UD4 (QR)
at N45° 45.107    W063° 14.358.

First channel marker UD 4.2(FlR) is your next waypoint (1.03 nM in distance)
at N45° 44.547   W063° 15.230

The channel is well-marked, but slightly favour the RED cans
until making your turn to port at the QR (private) at the turn... then give the REDS a wide berth
Keep the last green at the turn on your stern while making for the small RED
buoy just outside the entrance to Sunrise Shore Marina.
Be SURE to keep this buoy to STARBOARD on entrance, as it warns of rocks!
After entering the marina, favour the GAZEBO side!

Some attention must be paid to the tide charts when entering or exiting the channel.
At Low Water Springs, the difference between
high and low water may be as much as 9'.

As there is less than 2' depth in the channel at LWS, make sure
that you time your entrance or exit (for a 5' draft vessel)
at 3 hrs from low or high. A 6'+ draft vessel should wait until 4 hours up.

However, the bottom is sand or soft mud, so your vessel shouldn't be damaged.
(Your pride, however, may be a different story.)

BHYC and Sunrise Shore Marina monitor VHF 68