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Rules for Boat Projects

1. Screws will always drop into the most
difficult to reach places, almost always
into something requiring disassembly. (see rule #2).

2. Disassembling something not broken will break it.

3. Anything broken can be fixed with duct tape.

4. Projects are only done right the 3rd time.

5. Projects cost exactly what you have left
in your checking account.

6. Access hatches are always one size too small.

7. Once wedged into an access hatch,
you will always have the wrong tool.

8. Plan on 3 trips to the marine hardware store.
Once for what you think you need.
Once for what you actually need
and once to replace what you break.

9. Caulking will stick to everything
except to what you want to caulk.

10. A project is not done
until you have injured yourself.

11. Happy hour starts AFTER your project is done.

12. One project will always breed at least two additional projects.

13. When all of your projects are done it's time to sell the boat.