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Welcome to Windhaven Keep!

2/13/14 - This ancient time capsule website has been found, claimed and redirected! My new website for The Mystic Wolf is at;

The Mystic Wolf is where I create Celtic, Buckskinner and Fantasy Leather Mugs & Water Bottles, Dream Catchers, Soy Candles & Candle Kits, Leather Mug Kits, Leather Water Bottle Kits and other fun and interesting things.

I'm Robert Morgen. I built this page because I'm always running into interesting people and this is sort of a contact sheet. I'm fairly new to the SCA although I've dabbled with it off and on for half a decade.
Windhaven is my homebase out in the boonies east of Belen,NM. Situated on 10 acres of sagebrush, right now the 'keep' is ultra-primitive and continually under construction. Construction is going slowly because I'm paying for it as I go. That means that when I have time to work on the house I'm usually broke, but when I have money it's because I'm working 2 jobs and therefore don't have time to work on the house. I'm gradually reaching an equillibrium with this as my savings plans become more effective.
When completed Windhaven will consist of the main house, a guesthouse/studio/gym and the automotive workshop.

All the buildings will be strawbale or other alternative construction and powered by a combination of wind and solar power. Other self-sustaining systems will include grey-water recycling, solar heated hot water and radiant flooring and a variety of passive solar options.

How windhaven got it's name.

Due to the extreme winds across the plains I'm sinking light poles as the corner posts and building in between them. Even with this the winds gust so hard that they occasionally rock the house.
Last winter the wind blew so hard from the south that it broke my french doors, causing a minor revision in my house plans. :)
I'm planting trees for windbreaks, but that's gonna take a while to be effective.

Future Plans

The financial plan for Windhaven includes small-scale cattle and horse ranching, a small plant nursery and a large garden. None of these will make a living by themselves, but overall they should make a sufficient income when coupled with Windhavens self-sufficiency.

Mystic Wolf Traders

A small-scale crafts business is also based here. The Mystic Wolf Traders Catalog (coming in Summer 2002) will feature medieval/rennaissance, pagan and Gorean craftworks.

For more information contact Robert Morgen.

This page was last updated on 5-28-02

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