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SterlingDen Belgian Shepherds,..... Established since 1981

Attributes of SterlingDen Belgians....

Thank you for visiting SterlingDen Belgians.....


Fall 2022 anticipated Litter of Belgian Tervurens.

we have just completed our breeding for our planned Fall 2022 litter of Belgian Tervurens.

Puppies are anticipated mid Sept 2022

Sire of this litter is our stunning male, Canadian Champion "SterlingDen Chapparel" pictured here.

If interested in reserving a puppy from this litter, please call us at 705 939 1999

**** UPDATE Oct 2022......This litter was born Sept 27th, 22, and of six puppies, we have three females as yet unreserved.

Puppies will be ready for new homes as of Nov 23rd, after their vet exam and vaccinations.

If interested in one of the available puppies, please give us a call. 705 939 1999

2023 Litter Plans for spring/summer are for two litters and summer/fall 2 litters are planned.

There will be a selection of the red Tervuren and rarer silver Tervurens available and the solid black Groenendael.

If successfull with these spring/summer litters being born, Puppies will be available for their new homes approx. mid May to July and mid to late Summer & Fall, after their complete vet check and first vaccinations.

We are taking reservations now, with several reservations/deposits in hand already..... choice of puppy is allotted in the order reservations arrive.

IF interested in discussing the breed and perhaps reserving a puppy, please call us as we do not place puppies or take reservations just over the internet,....Thank you !! 705 939 1999

***** A hint if you are thinking of a later spring/summer/fall 2023 puppy, our litters are ALWAYS fully reserved by the time they are actually born,..... So call us shortly after Christmas if thinking of a 2023 Belgian Shepherd puppy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Puppies are priced at $1800.00 +HST CKC non breeding registered, with a two year written health guarantee.
We are one of the most established Belgian breeders in North America, having loved this breed since 1981.

By now we have attained a certain "look" to our homebred Belgians, making them idenifiable to the discerning eye as "SterlingDen" quality Belgian Shepherds, with their elegance, class and stunning type.

Recent show wins to share, July 2019

....our litter with Rocky (Top Belgian Shepherd in Canada) & SterlingDen Bordeux, our own home bred female, is proving to be a winning combination

First shows out as Baby Puppies, "SterlingDen Troubadour AnFarra/aka Tru" ," SterlingDen Tobraritz AnFarra/aka Ritz" and "SterlingDen Elton Belgidor", have won multiple Best Baby Puppy in Groups and several Best Baby Puppy in Show !!


Having attained many titles and championships over the years in the show ring and working rings, we have the experience to idenify what it is "you" the puppy owner desires in their future Belgian.

. To this end we pay very carefull attention to what our puppy people tell us their individual wants are in a Belgian, and selectively help choose the individual puppy that best suits their home enviroment.

Our most desireable home for our puppies is one where they are well loved, and part of the family as with this sweet silver boy and his lovely owners.

Whether this be for top show quality, competive obedience, or steady reliable family companionship.

Please enjoy our pictures and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

We are located on a lovely pastoral farm in Ontario,Canada and also enjoy our show and pleasure horses along with showing our dogs in conformation and obedience events.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

All inquiries as a courtesy are promptly replied to. Contact us or call 705 939 1999

The silver or grey Tervurens are the rarest colour of the Belgians, and we have been the first North American breeder to have made a point of breeding some lovely silvers, example here of one of our male puppies at three years of age, that his proud owner in Alberta recently sent "Tukker",...We have a silver sister of his in our breeding program...
******* *******

"Excellence begets Distinction..."

Over the years we have enjoyed having our dogs take their share of titles, not to mention many, many Best Puppy in Group, Group Placing and High in Trials as well. (All owner handled!)

The Belgians have a long history of working with man, from herding to messenger-medical supply dogs for the Red Cross during the wars, from first class trial dogs in any event, to being a well loved family companion.

Their willingness, desire to please, intelligence, intuitiveness and incredible elegance and beauty, make lifetime fans of those who make their acquaintance.

We are proud to say all of our own dog's success's are achieved with distinction as owner trained/handled only, never sent out with professionals to be shown/handled, which has proven time and time again their true excellent qualities of appearance, temperments and willingness to please, in our "SterlingDen" breeding.........


~~~~~ Our puppies are home/family raised with their well being our priority.~~~~~

IF interested in one of our Belgians please email us or call us with any questions you might have.

Please note everyone seriously interested in reserving a puppy must call us, as we do not place our puppies just over the internet,
705 939 1999, ....We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the Belgian breed's suitability for your home.

*** General "SterlingDen" Puppy Information.......

Our puppies are family home raised in our home, not a kennel situation

Puppies leave here wormed several times, full vet health check up, heart, ears, eyes, mouth/teeth, with health records

Owners also receive a Bill of Sale, receipt, full written instructions regarding additional vaccinations required and dates, medical history, feeding suggestions and a written health guarantee for two years,

Puppies receive their first vaccinations at their vet check up

Puppies are micro chipped before leaving us

Puppies are started on Purina Pro Plan PUPPY chicken & rice kibble as shown here...

All puppies are CKC non breeding registered to be altered by ten months of age

We do ship our puppies for those needing to be shipped thru out Canada only, via Westjet at 8 weeks

Puppies going to the States must be picked up by their new owners. And we are completely up to date on facilitating the paperwork needed for our American puppy owners. ****We reserve the final right to cancel any puppy reservation due to any circumstance, and our comfort level with any home will be the final determining factor.

Deposits are non refundable in the event the reserved prospective puppy owner must cancel or postpone for any reason, but are held in credit for up to two years, should their circumstances change.

CKC members since 1987
After 30 years of CKC membership, we now are LIFETIME members of the Canadian Kennel Club !!

A pair of our Belgians we are particularly proud of, an example of our four decades since 1981 commitment to our Belgian Shepherds.....

One of our own "SterlingDen" puppies 2016, with his grandmother, our beloved "SterlingDen Porsha"

Our puppies are all placed CKC non breeding and must be altered by ten months of age, and prices are as follows......

Black Groenendael or Red Tervuren are $1,800.00 + HST.

Silver/Grey Tervurens are $1800.00 + HST.

*****"SterlingDen" was in fact the first Belgian kennel in North America to promote and actively show the Silver/Grey Tervurens, placing both in Group and many HITs many years ago, when the colour was not actively promoted previously and we had the first all Grey/Silver litter of Tervurens born in North Americia AND had the first Grey/Silver Tervuren win Best Puppy in Show, owner/breeder/handled by myself at that.

All of our Belgians have been a great source of pride to us, and the wonderful owners we have had pass thru our lives, with a gratifying number now having their third Belgian from us by now over the years, coming back to "SterlingDen" as their Belgian ages for a puppy.

***IMPORTANT information for our Puppy owners....Please take the time to read....

When you get your 8 week old puppies, please keep this image in mind. Their bones do not even touch yet. They plod around so cutely with big floppy paws and wobbly movement because their joints are entirely made up of muscle, tendons, ligaments with skin covering. Nothing is fitting tightly together or has a true socket yet. When you run them excessively or don't restrict their exercise to stop them from overdoing it during this period you don't give them a chance to grow properly. Every big jump or excited, bouncing run causes impacts between the bones. In reasonable amounts this is not problematic and is the normal wear and tear that every animal will engage in. But when you're letting puppy jump up and down off the lounge or bed, take them for long walks/hikes, you are damaging that forming joint. When you let the puppy scramble on tile with no traction you are damaging the joint. You only get the change to grow them once. A well built body is something that comes from excellent breeding and a great upbringing-BOTH, not just one. Once grown you will have the rest of their life to spend playing and engaging in higher impact exercise. So keep it calm while they're still little baby puppies and give the gift that can only be given once.

Speaking of wonderful "SterlingDen" puppy owners, are some emails we have received over the more recent years, from our puppy owners for your re assurance and to enjoy reading.....


Feb 12, 2022

Hello Angie,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the well-bred Tervuren you sold me in 2020. (Tehya's September litter 2020)

Meela in Nova Scotia has become a very healthy, gracious dog with a moderate temperament and stunning beauty.

She is very eager to learn and always ready for any physical activity but when the "job" is done she lays back in her favourite corner and waits patiently until we call her for the next adventure.

Her character is just perfect for an active but busy family life. She is very gentle with children and absolutely friendly and playful with every creature she meets. The neighbours adore her and so do we. Nevertheless, Meela shows enough fire that I feel safe with her even in the darkest alley.

I totally get why you call your dogs "family champions". That's truly what they are!

Thank you for this wonderful dog! We love her very much!



Dec 12, 2021

Good morning!

I wanted to send you some photos of our beautiful girl, who is instantly a favourite of anyone who meets her.

Every time we go to puppy class or she comes out with us she is the talk of the town.

Kyber is whip smart, full of energy, and loves being on the farm. She sticks right by me while doing chores and is learning her way around the horses well — the manure fork does need herding, though 😂 I am hoping to try Rally-O with her in the future.

Here’s a few photos! We love her so much, and have recommended your litters to anyone who has asked.

*******living by Belleville, Ontario on a warmblood equestrian farm


Dec 10, 2021

Hello Angie

Hoping all is well with you and your family including the fur babies😊

Thought I would drop you a line to send more photos of Xena. She is growing so fast! I can hardly believe she is already 10 months! She is very lean and long as well as loving and loves people and other dogs.

She did good for her first Christmas photo lol. When we got snow here she would just rip roar around and do the zippy’s ha ha ha.

I will always be grateful for her and will always thank you for allowing me to be her fur mom ❤

Hope you have an amazing Holiday Season and that 2022 brings you and your family the best of every thing! Health Wealth and Happiness!


Erika & Xena

**** living in lovely British Columbia


Tracey W

Sat 2021-05-01 12:38 PM

Hi Angie! I hope you are doing well :)

I cannot believe we're coming up to Tucker's third year birthday!

I just wanted to share how absolutely stunning he is. Not just physically, but his temperament and gentleness are, to say the least, stellar.

I knew he would be anyway being he's descendant from Schaperellie <3

He's a silly goofball too. God, he's such a joy. So grateful again for your talents in breeding such beautiful pups, and doubly grateful we have Tucker in our family :)

I'm attaching two photos I took the other day, so you can see how handsome he has become!

Take care, and again, thank you!


** Another of One of our wonderful owner/homes in Ontario who now have their second Belgian from us here at " SterlingDen".


Sat 2020-08-29

Hi Angie

i forgot that I was to email you with our puppies name for the registration papers. We called him Otis George.

I also want to tell you that he is just such a joy! We love him and he has fit in with our family perfectly.

He has the nicest, sweetest temperament with just the right amount of sass! 😊

Everywhere we go people stop and ask what breed he is, he’s quite a handsome boy!

He’s also incredibly smart and is learning leash walking and doing really well with house training - no accidents in the last week!!

I’ve recommended you to my brother and a couple of friends who are also lovers of the breed.

Thanks for all your help in sorting things out and helping us find our perfect dog!!

Nicki Ash

New owner located in Sask who picked up their puppy while visiting Ontario and flew him back with them.


June 2020

I apologize for the delay in this, but please see the attached proof of neuter done at 10 months of age

I would also like to say that we are blown away by how amazing of a dog he is.

His temperament is sound and level, he is a quick learner and is patience with every task he is faced with.

We have not found an activity that he does not love and excel at.

So far he’s been hunting, boating, canoeing, paddle boarding, four wheeling, hiking, running, and biking and he thrives at everything he does.

He is amazing with every other dog he meets, and is patient and gentle with the cats and the dogs he meets. I’ve attached a few pictures for you!

We can not thank you enough for the amazing addition to our family. We will never buy a different breed, and will always ask to be able to buy puppies from you in the future.

Walden has exceeded all our expectations, and you can tell instantly that he is a result of careful breeding and a lot of love.

Thanks again Angie, he truly is an exceptional dog.

Thanks so much,

Merranda & Alex


March 27, 2018

Hi Angie,

Hope you are enjoying the somewhat warmer weather

Today is "Moose's" four month birthday and l just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with him.

l find it hard to believe he has only been with us for two months! We are all totally in love with him and he is everything you said he would be - confident, balanced, easy to train and fun loving!

He is a real snuggler but also likes to chill out by himself.
He loves the beach but it takes us forever to walk the length of the Boardwalk now as of all the attention he gets !It is not unusual for cars to stop in the middle of the road and cause traffic jams as the driver yells questions at us-as you can see he is quite a stunner.

He has become a bit of a neighbourhood celebrity and enjoys meeting everyone. He loves the attention and on the rare occasion someone doesn't stop to say Hi, "Moose" will stop and stare after them, like as if he is wondering what is wrong with them !

You said that his Dad considered himself to be something pretty special and it seems that trait is carried on with him

He makes us laugh every day and has truly been an amazing addition to our family - much more than we could have hoped for !

We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful dog,

N, S, and the Boys

***this wonderful family lives in the Beaches area of Toronto, and we are so greatful to have such a loving home for one of our Belgian puppies, below is a picture of "Moose" when he went home and then at four months of age....


March 22, 2018

Hi Angie,

We recently had Tukker neutered and I’ve attached a copy as well as some other pictures.

He is truly an absolute joy!
He is smart, incredibly kind, and just a beautiful dog.

Thank you for our Handsome Guy!

Charr D

Medicine Hat, Alberta


Oct 24, 2017

Hi Angie

Thought I would send you an update on Finian. He is growing like a weed. I think he is going to be a big boy.

He is incredibly easy to train. He sits and comes on command already. Working on stay and heal. I have been walking him 3 to 4 km every day but I may have to increase that soon. He has so much energy. He explores everything and display and good amount of curiosity mixed with caution.

He loves other people. He has met several other dogs and is great with them (we have been keeping his interactions with them to just greetings until he is a bit bigger).  Even the aggressive ones he just calmly watches them, no fear or aggression back from him.

We are totally delighted with him.

Talk later

*****Dave & his wife reside by Red Deer, Alberta, and entrusted us with safely shipping their lovely Groenendael puppy to them.


Oct 14, 2017

Hi Angie,

We had Sterlyn Neutered recently and I’m attaching a copy of that, also a few pics so you can see how he developed into such a beautiful silver/grey Tervuren.

We just love how he grew into this lovely Belgian shepherd.

Almost 100% of people who first see him, have to ask “ What kind of dog is this! ” everyone is usually in awe of how he looks and how friendly he is.

We just love him to death, anyways thank you for  your efforts continuing this breed, they are an exceptional breed.

We post some pics of Sterlyn from time to time and everyone take notice of his coat, how lovely it looks, not too many silver out there, anyways thank you and take care.

  Marc & Rose

***** a lovely couple in southern Ontario who also own a small dog, that this "SterlingDen" Belgian lives with.


October 1, 2017

Hi Angie

Just an update on "Kia".....
She is a terrific girl. We get so many people saying that she is the best looking dog they have ever seen and want to know what breed she is.

People stop their cars.

We've taken her to soccer games and she is very well behaved. She is improving every day in obedience and mannerism's. Her walking is very good- not perfect but I can say this- she walks better than any of our other dogs have and she is only 5 months old.

I should add we went to Vancouver a few weeks ago where we met a Groenendal.

He was really well trained and we were very impressed. His owner as well was thrilled to meet Kia. We don't see too many Belgian Shepherds around here.

A few people recognize Kia's breed but it's rare. Most are really impressed though.

I should say in addition to her good looks she is very well behaved around other dogs and people. She respects the older dogs knowing that she has to be gentle with them.

She has a tendancy to jump up on people when people want to say hi but that is improving.

We can walk by other dogs and people easily and she responds to others when opportunity presents. She already knows routes, where dogs live, etc.

She's a very special girl.

******another lovely email, from a wonderful couple in BC that had faith we would send them nothing but a stellar Belgian puppy, which apparently has proven to be just that.


August 25, 2017

Hi Angie,

Just took Sage for her 4 month shots and checkup. She is very healthy.

Her temperament is outstanding, very outgoing wanting to meet everyone and every dog.

 Her and Max, my 3 year old rescue Terv have become the best of buddies. Thank goodness he has been there as he has helped tremendously in taking care of some of her energy. They create their own games. Sage loves to floss her teeth on Max’s coat when he is chasing and retrieving tennis balls. Turns out they are a good combination of temperaments as he is for the most part very patient with her.

l am looking at going to the Belgian Shepherd Specialty next week in Kamloops to meet old friends and am, of course, taking my two for introductions and a visit.

Thank you again for Sage. She is going to keep me young.


*** so greatful to receive emails like this from experienced, previous Belgian Shepherd owners that they are very pleased with their "SterlingDen" Belgian puppy from us, sent out to them to British Columbia, entrusting us to select their puppy, sight unseen.


Hi Angie!

Just a Tempest update:

She had her 12 week shots on Monday and she is super healthy. She has doubled in weight to 5.4 kg (probably still small for her age). She is unbelievably energetic, very outgoing and her favorite thing in life is meeting new people.

She is an awesome dog.

She is the most amazing dog I've ever owned. Very special, loving and outgoing.

When I walk her in public the reaction from strangers is a little overwhelming. She is actually better with strangers than I am (lol).

And the universal reaction is that she is gorgeous!


++++ new owner in Ontario of a female Tervuren puppy from our summer 2017 litter.


Dec 9, 2016

Hi Angie,

Have been meaning to give you an update on Magnus, but time has been flying by too fast. 
Magnus is awesome, he settled in easily, bonded well with all including Kiva our 4-year-old GSD. They snuggle up together and play so well together! 
He went for his shots this week and was so busy with the treat they gave him, he did not even notice it.
He's pretty much toilet trained and when he needs to go and we don't notice it on time, he uses the puppypad at the back door.

I am happily surprised how mellow and easygoing he is, my GSD was way more work. He takes everything in stride, but certainly is no push over!

We just love him to pieces!

Thanks again for such a fantastic pup!

  I'll add a few pics.
All the best,
Maria A

****a lovely family here in Ontario with one of our Belgian male puppies from the Fall of 2016


May 4, 2016


Hope all is well with you. Today is Sterling's 1st birthday. Just wanna share a couple of pictures of him.

He is such an awesome dog! We couldn't ask for a better house companion. He has such a good personality and excellent temperament. He enjoys the snow and is very well disciplined and very beautiful. Everybody loves him.

I included a picture of his "area". We never put him in a crate. Instead, we put a doggy door for him so he can go in and out as he pleases and when we need him to stay in his area, we just close the gate temporarily. He never got into chewing furniture as we made sure he had enough chew toys, etc.

We are very happy that we got a dog from you. Take care.

Terry and Karren

****Terry is very familiar with the Belgians having had an outstanding Grey Tervuren previously that he showed with great success. He and his lovely wife live in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

April 29, 2016

Quick puppy update - Rey doing great.

Nearly 9 lbs and she met our vet who is fully on board with your thoughts and she herself is a 10 to 12 month spaying approach vet. As Rey isn't ever going to be wandering on her own outside our farm and there are no intact dogs around - this should be good for her development as you know.

Vet check was merely an introduction but she was very pleased with everything including the new puncture marks on her stethoscope.

Rey and Jake are doing so well together - we thought that may take months but they have at least two or three play chases each day that are adorable and seem to be creating a strong bond between the two of them. Jake seems generally "happier" too - perhaps we are reading too much into things and trying to project human emotions on him but all four of us swear he was depressed and now seems far better.

If you would ever like a testimonial for your site or a reference for how professional and personal your services have been let alone the amazing dogs you develop - we are an email or phone call away.


****a wonderful family in BC who lost one of their older dogs, and decided to add another Belgian to their home again since they enjoy their Belgian "Jake" so much.


March 24, 2015

Hello Angie,

Just wanted to say hi and thank you for our Chiqueta.

I don't know if you recall, but when we came to you we were looking for a dog with a gentle disposition as my 5 yr old was very nervous around dogs and a bit afraid.
We wanted her to experience the joy of having a dog in her life and to learn to become comfortable around them. You had suggested Chiqueta who was also 5 at the time, or possibly Armani.

When we came to visit, my daughter chose Chiqy (who was very calm and gentle and came to her) and I believe Chiqy chose her because they liked each other immediately. Chiqy is now 13 and has brought us much joy. She is the sweetest girl to everyone but especially children.
Boy, was that a right fit! Whenever I would bring Chiqy to pick my daughter up from school, all the children would gather around her to pet her and she just soaked it in.

She has been Serina's best friend all these years and Serina has been hers.
She is getting older now and is a bit slower getting up from her bed these days but we sure do hope she'll be with us for a long time still.

Anyway, you must be wondering why after all this time I am writing you.

I didn't want to lose contact as I know, if ever we get another dog, I would want to go to you.

Well, guess that's all for now.
I have attached a few pictures of the girls having fun together.

Just wanted to say thank you :o)


******wow,..... it is emails like that that give us so much satisfaction to provide families with their family companion from our Belgian Shepherd breeding program, we put so much effort into how our puppies are raised and our mature dogs well being is always the most important thing to us, read this email from a family who adopted a five year old female from us, we thought would be better off in her own loving home, is so gratifying.


Feb 26th, 2015

I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that "Tukker" is doing amazing:)

He has settled in nicely with our family- our girls, 3 cats, and our miniature Dachshund.
He is doing excellent with house training and walks great with a leash. His understanding of simple commands sit, on your bed, and no is coming along nicely.

We are over the moon with his gentle demeanor and sweet temperament - his is the newest star in our family.

*** Silver male Terv puppy sent out to Medicine Hat, Alberta in Feb., to a family that waited nearly a year for a silver Tervuren puppy from us, thank goodness it sounds like their wait was well worth while.......


Feb 22, 2015,

I don't know if you remember us, but we got our Gus, a terv, from your October, 2006 litter. Gus arrived in our lives via the Albany, NY airport and has been a joy ever since.

He is a great dog - smart, always a big smile on his face and playful. He gets along well with everyone and is a constant companion to our 11 year old groenendael.

We are starting to look for another dog and saw that you are breeding now and this spring. We think we want another black one, but aren't sure about that yet. We would also consider an older puppy if available. We have about 2.5 acres, live across the street from woods and our boys get plenty of walking, running and of course fetching tennis balls (Gus's absolute favorite thing to do.)

We would love to hear from you and the status of your litter plans.

Thank you for your consideration.

Liz and Gordon

***** We are very fortunate to have a suprising to me, large number of repeat puppy owners come back to us for a second or even third Belgian from us,.....needless to say this is incredibly gratifying that our puppy people who have a "SterlingDen" Belgian make a point of seeking us out again, years later, to once again request a puppy.

It never occurred to me before to post some of these great emails from wonderful past puppy folk,......

This one being from a great home with Liz and Gord in New York.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feb 20, 2015

Axel is doing GREAT!! He is very playful, and intelligent beyond words!
His ears are up now he is absolutley stunning, he loves the snow and is sleeping through the night.

He brings us so much joy and laughter I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for breeding such an amazing puppy.

We will provide him with a warm, loving home with boundaries and much affection.

***From a wonderful family and loving home in Hamilton, ON


Feb 05, 2015

Hi Angie, just thought I’d let you know, we are home safe and sound.

Autumn travelled great, slept most of the way, had one pee stop and has fit right in at home. I think she has adopted Pat and I already.

She’s as good as gold. She is playing with us and exploring a little bit of snow for the first time, and has not made strange in any way.
Bill & Pat&

*** Bill& Pat are treasured former owners of "SterlingDen" show puppies when we all happened to live in Alberta, they have purchased a gorgeous red female from us once again here in Ontario and are also getting a silver male from us this summer.


*** One of the more touching emails l have received recently,...and interestingly a photo this owner sent me in about 2001 flitted thru my mind of this particular male dog about four days ago....... this owner has had Belgian Tervurens all of his life, but this male from "SterlingDen" stood out to him....

March 9th, 2014

I purchased a Belgian Tervuren male pup from you in 1999.
I named him Tiger Wolf and he lived up to his name.
He was typical of his breed: amazingly smart. He also had no fear, was very sweet and loving, and had more personality that I had ever seen before in a dog--he was a character and had character--a playful prince who was always happy and full of joy and wagging his tail.
He also had great hips--was very strong--and when younger he could climb trees (if they were at an angle), and leap into the air and float like a butterfly---like he was dancing in air--it was amazing. I had never seen a dog do that before--he had such powerful muscles and such charm...
We walked together twice a day, and every day people would comment on how handsome he was--and women and girls were constantly asking to have their picture taken with him, and even on the last day of his life he received compliments.

At this river park, there was a Park recreation center with programs for kids--and the two Park Rangers liked Tiger so much they taught the kids to say "Hi Tiger" when ever we walked by... and the kids would gather around Tiger and pet him...

When I put Tiger to sleep, two days ago, a lot of people cried, including, to my surprise, the two Park Ranger, my next door neighbors, former girlfriends...

He began vomiting daily, about 3 weeks ago, then lost his appetite, and I tried everything... and we took x-rays, blood work, etc., and they could find nothing...Finally, he stopped eating...but he still loved going for walks... we went for one last walk the day I put him down... and he died a happy dog.

I had the vet come to the house--Tiger greeted her--he was such as sweet boy... and it was very fast...

You sold me such a super dog, I am concerned that if I got another one, he would not measure up to Tiger... that he could not be near as wonderful as Tiger.... but if I did get another one, I would want to buy him from you... and if I could get a male from the same blood line... well... that would be great.

I have attached some pictures of Tiger.

I can't find his papers, but I believe he was born in July of 1999.

******this touching email is from his owner in California and we hope that his next puppy from us here at SterlingDen lives up to these very large pawprints to fill by "Tiger Wolf".....


June 30, 2014

Angie -

Attached is a copy of the certificate of neutering for Che' plus some random photos of him.

He has a great personality and is going to be a good one - lively, fun, outgoing - training is going well and, though it is still early, no quirky phobias or obsessions - he is quite level.

We are very pleased with him.

Curt & Diane

*****another couple from Wisconsin who came back to us for their second Belgian from us, after having their first one from us for 13 years,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jan 28, 2014

Angie, I have been meaning to send you a note to thank you for sharing your puppy with us.
He is a real joy to be around and is so happy all the time.
The trip went well, although both of us were more than ready to get home. The bag of gifts you gave me really came in handy.
He loves his toy and is already chasing it around the house.
Thank you so much again.


***Rod who a Major in the US Military and his wife are located in Colorado and this is their second Belgian from us, as their first passed away this past year at 13 yrs of age. We are so pleased they went to the trouble to come back to us for their second Belgian and to be able to place another one of our "SterlingDen" puppies in their wonderful home.


Here is a picture of Indy and Haley.
What a good boy "Indy" is, calm but yet still a happy outgoing puppy.
So happy with our pick!
Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
Gayle McKenna

*****wonderful Ontario family who own two Tervurens now, and spend their winters here in Ontario and their summers in PEI.

Dec 14, 2013

Angie, we cannot thank you enough!
Rhaksi (Roxi) is more than we ever could have imagined.
The ride home was a breeze for her and she isn't intimidated by the cats in the slightest!

She's currently snoozing alongside the fireplace in our living room, it feels like we've had her for years!!

Thanks again, Angie, for your incredible dedication to breeding and raising amazingly beautiful, loving dogs
Hope your Christmas shopping went well!!


****This "Lexi" female puppy went to the most amazing, gracious family in the Mississauga area, who also share their home with two Siamese cats.


Dec 5, 2013

I wanted to let you know about our boy Ouden - who arrived in July of this year (2013). He is of your spring 2013 litter.
He is a such a wonderful dog and we're enjoying him very much.
His temperment is excellent and as my husband says 'he doesn't have a mean bone in his body'
He loves everyone - he does require training which he is getting and he learns very fast. We're still going through the puppy phase and expect that to continue for some time but overall he is great!
I should also mention he is very handsome and we now know why you call his colouring red.
Vivian and Tony MacDonald

****Tony and Vivian are a wonderful, mature couple living in Manitoba, whom we sent a lovely red male Terv puppy to the summer of 2013.


Nov 8, 2013
Hi Angie,

Attached is a picture of our puppy Teebo who we got from you in March of 2012.
He is a joy to be with and keeps everybody running.
Your kennel produces such beautiful dogs.
Thanks again,

******Ian & Rhonda, in Alberta who have had two of our "SterlingDen" Belgians now in their home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

July, 3, 2013

He has arrived....yeah, safe and sound.
He was a little shell shocked and like you said, kennel and puppy needed cleaning up. The cargo people were great, they let us clean up the little guy and kennel using their shower, even with warm water.
I am in love, he is everything you said he would be and more.
I am amazed with his temperment, what a gentlemen! I think you must of preprogrammed him to good behavior.
I was shocked when it only took a couple of times of no bite for him to politely respond. Also you must have whispered in his ear to snuggle up to me and come when called.
My husband I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for having the food there, he was one hungry little guy.
I can't thank you enough for everything.
It is hard to believe he is here.
You did a wonderful job of socializing him, because he seems right at home, and comfortable with both of us.
Attached are some photos. BTW, I let my husband name him. His name is Kahu, which in Hawaiian means shephard. (we spent 10 years in Hawaii) Since the little guy is a shepherd and we know he will take care of his flock (us :-), plus his majestic looks, it seemed fitting.

Kristin and Bruce

*** Puppy flew into Seattle from us, out of Toronto, Canada for this wonderful couple, who have previously loved a Belgian Tervuren. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 27, 2013
Hi Angie,
Just a quick shot of our girl on her second birthday.
She is such a delight, and brings us so much love and pleasure.
She loves to play ball; runs like the wind.
Thank you for such a beautiful dog.

***** From the Neilsens, a wonderful couple in BC, who also own a very large boat/ship they enjoy cruising the waters with and "Keeva" their silver female Belgian Terv from us here at "SterlingDen".


I bought Donner nine years ago and he is so very wonderful.
I just wanted to thank you again and wish you a very Merry Christmas and best New Year ever.
Your little daughter turned out to be a rose bud; it was great seeing her photos on your web site.
Best regards ever,
Sunnie Curry
P.S. Isn't he lovely?

******We love getting these types of emails and pictures as Christmas approaches,
it is always a nice surprise to recieve such emails, and our puppy owners seem to remember us in the Holiday Season and we receive the loveliest pictures.
Sunny and her husband live in California and have one of our silver male Tervurens.

October 17, 2012

I have made plans to have Bentley neutered this month just to let you know.
We have been hanging around a group of herders who mostly have Belgians and he has caused quite a stir.

He is as big as echo 45lbs and has the thickest coat I have ever seen.
People are really impressed with his bone structure as he is a really sturdy boy and makes echo look like a dainty little thing.
I really can’t believe how big and thick he is for 6 months and his temperament is so soft and sweet.
Both are doing really well. Echo is making progress in agility and one of the instructors has taken an interest in her. She has never seen a more enthusiastic but balanced Belgian. She has enthusiasm and a good attention span. She just loves the whole thing.
Bentley is doing well in his classes. Not sure what he will excel in we will try him at a couple of things.

Thanks again and have a nice fall. Cathy

*******Cathy and her family in the Toronto area have two of our Belgians now, "Echo" a female from the Fall 2010 and "Bentley" from our spring 2012 litter.


June 03, 2012
Hi Angie,

Dean wrote:
"Angie I have to say....... Drake is SO my runner up to Cass.. this dog is my lil canine soulmate nothing will ever replace Cass... dog of my heart from here to eterinty.........

however the 3 Belgians you have sent us, Cass, Calypso & Drake who I came & let HIM pick me out.... but we are so greatful for the quality Belgians you breed..... for the past 19 years a Sterlingden puppy has always been front & center in our home & makes it complete!!!

.. can't thank you enough

***Dean and his partner Steve live in Newfoundland, and are a very involved part of the dog show scene in the Maritimes, with Dean working towards his judging permits.
Not only have they been wonderful owners to three of our Belgians, but over the years have become valued friends we hold dear.


May 30th, 2012

Hi Angie
I thought I would send you a couple of photos I took today of Ruby who is one year old today!
She is such a joy to us all - the sweetest, kindest and most gentle dog - so like her lovely Dad Remie (and Italia of course too!)

She is such a fabulous girl and everywhere we go people comment on how well behaved she is for such a young dog and how friendly and gentle she is - and of course how beautiful too!

The other day when I was walking downtown with Ruby a woman stopped her car with and jumped out to comment to me that Ruby was a Belgian Shepherd - she has one too but she got hers in Belgium and was so excited to find out that we got Ruby here in Ontario - she took down all your details and said she would contact you as they would like another one as a companion to theirs - she was so impressed with the way Ruby behaved and how gorgeous she looks.

Thank you so much for picking such a wonderful dog for us, she really has made such a great impact on our new life in Canada and is the best addition to our new home.

I do hope all is well with you and your family - I shall keep in touch.
Best wishes

***This wonderful family, which was such a pleasure to meet, owned by "Ruby" relocated to Canada from England, and we are once again so greatful to have such a loving home for one of our lucky puppies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nov 6th, 2011

In June 1997 we bought a pup from you when you were in Alberta (Keelee born April 1997).
We loved her dearly and she passed in September 2010 (see attached pic taken in July 2010).

We were given a Groendael pup in March of 2010; and since our Australian Sheepdog passed earlier this year we are looking for a new dog.

We loved Keelee and especially her size and temperament.
We have met other Belgian pups and none have had Keelee’s size or steady personality.

I was wondering if you are still breeding the Tervurens and if you entertain shipping them to Alberta?
We are looking for a male with a calm demeanour like Keelee and a steady temperament. We are looking for a pup in the new year.
Yours truly,
Rhonda Bear

*** Rhonda and her family live in Alberta and have reserved a male red terv puppy from us, once again for 2012. Another puppy owner who has come back to us for another Tervuren from us, after having had one of our previous puppies, a much beloved silver female they had named "Keelee", whom passed at age 13.


October-02-11 9:33:13 AM

Another compliment to your pup. This weekend and next Echo and I are participating in a clinic that is being hosted by our instructor but taught by an Irish Shepherd who has won and bred many dogs who have won the International Sheepdog Trials in the UK.
The dogs are all Border Collies and although he has travelled the world and worked with many breeds he has never worked with a Belgian Shepherd.
At 11 months she did as well or better than most Borders her age and after an hour she was working with 8 sheep and following only non verbal commands and whistles.
She is kind to the sheep so they do not fear her and she was able to return a run away to the flock and keep the flock moving.
We did this in open field and not a sand pen.
I was first amazed (because I am still learning and am unable to be a good shepherd yet) and so proud of her.

The gentleman whose name is Dennis Birchall gave her a huge compliment when he said if I ever had to choose a breed other than a Border Collie to tend my flock it would be one like her.
The other participants who are all seasoned owners and competitors were impressed as well.
She clearly has a very pronounced instinct which could explain her energy levels.
We were there for 8 hours and not once did she take her eye of the sheep and her stamina was incredible.
The group has been extended an invitation to go to Ireland next year and train on his farm. Who knows we might go and send the UK on its ear when I walk on the field with a non- Border Collie.
She was magnificent to watch as she just seems to love it so much.

Cathy and Echo


DATE : Sept 2nd, 2011
Hi Angie,
Everything went smoothly once I managed to find the cargo area — they were doing road works just outside the airport.
He came out of his crate and had some water, then strolled over and lay down right in front of the desk calm as you please, as if he owned the place.

He's been very relaxed all evening, despite having a bit of a drive through town.
He really is a gorgeous boy, such a charmer!
Hopefully his first night away from home will go smoothly now.
Thank you so much for your help in picking out this boy for me, he is just wonderful!

I'll also send you a couple of pictures within a few days, so you can see how he's settling in.

*** "Apollo" as Hannah has named her new male show quality Belgian Tervuren from us here at "SterlingDen", will be travelling back home to live in Norway this next spring.


Date : May 12, 2011

Just thought I would update you on Echo’s progress in the Herding arena.
Mary Lou Campbell who owns and runs Boywood cannot say enough good things about Echo.
She told me yesterday she has a client who has 2 Belgians from somewhere else they are both older she gave your information to them.
They have worked with their Belgian for about 8 years and Mary Lou suggested when they get their next dog to go to you.
Mary Lou said she has only on occasion run across a pup as young as Echo with such a natural affiliation for the sport and she is probably the nicest Belgian she has ever met.
I am so proud.
She is a pretty girl to and a bit different from some of the Belgians I have seen. Her tail is really black
. She is such a cutie.
Just thought I would tell you and I hope you get some other lucky people to come to you for their puppies.
I will bring her to see you soon.

****Cathy and her three teenage children live in Ontario, and she is kind enough to send me updates on her 2010 female puppy, every now and then.....


Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 21:58:51 -0500
From: marcusb@______
Subject: Testimonial

I recently took my male, Black and Grey Belgian Shepherd to Pet Smart here in Las Vegas when this lady came up to me and raved about how beautiful my dog was and wanted to know where I got him from.
I told her I got it on line from Canada from Angie who I found on the internet.
She thought that was pretty risky but I told her the website just seemed too good to be a fake, she responds to your e-mails within seconds and has no problems talking to you over the phone.

The dog was sent by plane and had to go through customs, but everything is layed out for you to make it easy per Angie. She even sends you the Canadian form of AKC papers.

The dog is beautiful, smart, quick, friendly and a joy.
He has the softest hair and doesn't smell after it gets wet.
He loves water.

I have had 9 dogs now and I thought my 2 pure German Shepherds were the greatest (and most expensive) dogs I ever had..but this dog is Magical, and that is why he is named Magic
(birth date 10/31/11).

** We very much appreciate Marcus, who lives in Las Vegas with his wife and two other dogs, being GSDs, sending us this email out of the blue.

Being such honorable people ourselves, it never even occured to me that of course people might be wary of obtaining a puppy from us from a long distance, as we have been shipping our puppies to great families for decades now,...but times have changed and people should be cautious.
l myself lost $3000.00 that l sent for a horse to Nevada USA, which l never did recieve or my money returned just over a year ago,......something which in near 30 years of having our horses, NEVER happened before.


May 08, 2011
From Tracey Walsh

Hi Angie,
I just wanted to say thank you so much again for personally picking us two absolutley stellar shepherds!
Being a single mum of a little boy and my needs for home safety and family companionship for us, I'm so impressed with how perfectly you matched one of your adult Belgian Tervurens to us... 'Schaperellie' blended into our family so beautifully, it literally feels like we've had her with us ever since she was a puppy. She's so gentle, loving and loyal. We love her to pieces!
From the first day she came into our home, that sense of peace and security has been renewed.
Whenever my son goes outside to play, 'Schaperellie' is always at his side and never leaves him, and I respect her so much for her loving attentiveness. She truly is our best friend!
Our 8wk old adorable German Shepherd, 'Kohsie' has grown into a gorgeous 9 month old and is a crazy joy! Personality A+!
She's such a happy and healthy girl and has bonded so nicely with 'Schaperellie'. She's my son's best playmate!!!
The attention and care you put into your dogs shows and I'm so glad I came to you!
I'm also very impressed with how knowledgable you are about the breeds and your level of integrity and professionalism you run your business; I received the documentations for both the girls in a timely manner and always you are available to answer any questions I might have, whether about paper work or the dogs themselves.
It's so nice to know that the doors are still wide open after all is said and done with the purchase of your animals and how you really do stand behind the well-being of your dogs...

I was heartbroken when circumstances in my life lead to the possibility of having to give the dogs away and you stood behind the dogs, more than willing to take them back to ensure their welfare.
Fortunatley things turned around and I still have my girls!!!
But just knowing that you are always there to help is so reassuring, thank you!
I've told a few people about you and if/when I'm looking to 'expand' our family, I'll be coming back to you!

T. Walsh, Sundridge, Ontario.

***** Tracey and her young son live in northern Ontario, and are a wonderful home for two of our dogs, a retired Belgian Tervuren female, she purchased intially and then a German Shepherd puppy they purchased from us as a companion and playmate for Tracey's son.


Sent: January 7, 2011 1:08:31 PM
Hi Angie we got your letter yesterday thank you.
Newton is doing very well, he can sit down stay and stand stay.
very eager to learn.have him set up for puppy classes and show handling classes.
Everybody comments on how well behave and beautiful he is.will go on hikes with my other belgian and he keeps up with us pretty good.
Very pleased with Newton.
Thank you very much again for such a beautiful pup.
Randy and Kathy

*********Randy and Kathy are wonderful new owners of a show qaulity red male puppy from Italia and Aires 2010 late fall litter, and live by Niagara, Ontario, and their puppy has since gone on to win many group placings.

From: Cathy Balmer
Sent: January 1, 2011 12:09:30 PM Send email
Happy New Year Angie.
I cannot tell you how wonderful our little girl is and so eager to learn. Very social with people and loves to be touched and inquisitive and fun.
I am totally in love with her.
Our family as I said before is more than looking forward to being a 2 dog house so please let us know when you have a fall litter of the Mini Aussies and if that does not happen we would totally love to get another Belgian.
I cannot tell you enough what a wonderful breeder you are and look forward to bringing our girl up to see you in the near future.
Best Wishes for the a great 2011

Cathy the Kids and Echo

~~~~~~~~** Cathy is a nurse in the Toronto area and she and her three teenage children have a female Tervuren puppy from Italia's and Aires's litter which went to their new homes around Christmas time 2010.


November 29, 2010 at 11:45am
Subject: Niya - b. May 20, 2007

Hi Angie,

I saw your name pop up on fb so I thought I would say hi and share a couple of photos.
I am so loving Niya's personality - she is a combination of the best of my previous two belgians - she's turned into a swimmer - her nickname is "the Nose", wow, she could have been a police drug dog.
Everyone loves her to pieces and she loves other dogs and cats, they love her too, well maybe not the cats so much...

Hope all is well!

Cathy and Niya


RE: belgian shepherds
To 'Angie' Angelika
October 28, 2010
Hey Angie
we truly love this dog and can't imagine not having him he makes us laugh everyday with his personality he is so funny and spoiled rotten.
It is really funny to read the coments on the web page they all seem to be the same very special and the pics are so alike Rudy its funny.
Thankyou again for such a wonderful family member.
Laurie Hayden l will send some pics soon

**** The "Hayden's" came out to view our Belgians,a year ago to "look" and Ed fell in love with a 14 week old red male l had held back for myself and was keeping to show,.....well, "Rudy" went home with the "Hayden's" that same day in their convertiable corvette, Talk about riding home in style !! LOL.


Dianne Clarke
From: Dianne Clarke
Sent: October 15, 2010 4:53:57 PM
Hi Angie!!
I just wanted to send you an update on Lexi…
I don’t think I could EVER go to another breed.
This little girl has just been a dream. She has all of the qualities we were looking for in a new member.
She guards the kids and house very well always barking and letting us know if anyone comes. Other than that she never barks.
She is very gentle and loving with the children and accompanies them every time they venture outdoors. Should they go out without her you can be sure there will be a ruckus, LOL!
She knows sit, down, off, jump up (we say this to her for family cuddle time on the couch or bed), stay, and “take it gently”.
Her favorite part of the day is romps in the woods, which she goes off leash. We walk my oldest daughter to and from the bus at which time Lexi is always leashed. You know, I have never had dog before that didn’t tug constantly on the leash. My little boy can walk her and she walks perfectly next to him and even when other dogs bark at us or there are distractions she’ll look but never try to take off.
I’m simply amazed with how much this girl seems to understand, how gentle she is, and how protective of her family she is. She ALWAYS comes when called as well.
She did not go through an aweful chewing on things stage, although she did have a large variety of chew toys to play with.
Actually, I can’t think of any bad habits she has or has gone through.
Thank you so much for trusting one of your puppies with us.
She has been such a joy that my husband and I both agree we will get another one in the next couple years.
Please find some pictures attached… the first one she is 5 months old, the rest are from today

*****Diane and her Family live in interior BC, Canada and have purchased their first Belgian show quality female puppy from us, from the 2010 litter of "Aires & Chanel"

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 21:54:04 -0700
Subject: Re: Chanel puppy
Hi Angie,
Time sure has flown by and I want to apologize for not having gotten back to you sooner in regards to how Calum is doing.
Oh my gosh, he is so wonderful! Not only is he smart but just loves everyone!
House training took about two days and now I don't even worry about him through the night anymore.
He definitely knows the word "Treat" and sit, down, off, leave it and am working on roll over. I finally got a good digital camera and snapped these two pics of him today, isn't he beautiful.
Again, I want to thank you for such a great dog and now with my new camera I will be able to send you a few more pics so you can see how he matures.
Sincerely, Louise

*****Louise is terrific lady in Oregon who waited a year for her silver male pet puppy from our litter from "Chanel & Aires".


From: lucy ware
Sent: June 5, 2010 10:48:05 AM
To: 'Angie' Angelika
All I can say is, I am in "puppy heaven!!!" Louis is SO WONDERFUL!!!
More later, thank you for my wonderful boy, and kiss Porsha and Aires for me!

*****Lucy is a wonderful new owner in Missouri, of a silver male "SterlingDen" puppy from the spring 2010 Porsha X Aires litter.............she has plans for "Louis" to be a therapy dog. ~~~~~~~

Hello Angie‏
Sent: May 4, 2010 1:34:28 PM
Good Afternoon.
I was just writing to give you an update on Addie and Neo.
They are such amazing dogs and have recently celebrated there one year birthday.
Everywhere we go, people always stop us and ask us about them.
They are such charmers. Everyone always comments on how beautiful they are and whenever we go to petsmart, the workers always recognize them and get so excited.
Neo is the biggest suck in the world and lives to nap on peoples laps.
Addie is so smart and is always doing something funny.
They both love to play and cuddle and have really marked themselves into the family.
My parents Groenendael always goes crazy when she sees them. They play for hours. There is no stopping them once they get to running around the yard.
I just wanted to thank you for your commitment to the breed and for sharing such an amazing breed with the world.
I could never imagine my life without my dogs. They are truly one of a kind.
Thank you again,
Jessica MacDonald
Leading Seaman|
Matelot 1 Atlantic Pl, Swing NCO

NOTE: Jessica and her husband are both in the Canadian Military and are based in Ontario. ~~~~~~~

Peter Chu
Sent: October 23, 2009 2:51:04 PM
To: 'Angie' Angelika (
HI Angie,
Lilly is doing great!! She has successfully competed puppy socialization classes and is currently doing really well in first level obedience classes.
She is a gorgeous dog!!
Everywhere we go people marvel over her!! She is very very smart and loves to be around people, she is very gentle and very good around kids. I am not sure if you remember but we have four kids 12, 9, 6, 2 and she is very good with all of them escpecially the little ones
I will get some current pictures this weekend and send them to you! She is very very pretty!!
She loves to be outside and running around, she is not very fond of water she goes in up to about half way up her legs and that is about it. She loves to go for walks, and mouch around exploring. She is a very good dog!
We got her CKC certificate thankyou very much!!
Take Care and Keep in touch

NOTE: Peter and his wife are both in the military and live in Nova Scotia with their four children, whom the "SterlingDen" black Groenendael female puppy we sent has fit in wonderfully.

Sent: September 11, 2009 6:48:41 AM
To: 'Angie' Angelika (
Hi Angie!
Just wanted to let you that our gal has been a real charmer.
With the many houseguests- human and canine-she greets everyone with a wagging tail and how's it going attidude.We love her to pieces!!
We will be starting handling classes soon and would like to start entering in couple of local shows next month.
Marlyn Graf Paul Accadia

NOTE: Marilyn and Paul live in western Ontario have a show quality female Tervuren from us, and we are very gratified they are so pleased with their puppy from us, as they previously returned a Belgian puppy to another breeder due to "issues",....we very much appreciate their taking a chance on another Belgian puppy, this time one from "SterlingDen" has been a positive experience, reaffirming their choice of breed.

corbin wilston
Sent: September 6, 2009 9:04:25 PM
To: Angie Nadon
Hi Angie
this is corbin and selina winsor the owner's of nila, the silver trev we picked up this summer.
well, just to let you know he is doing great and I could not be happier.
He is all nose, legs and attitude. he is doing his best to be the boss but he is the dog I wanted.
he is very easily trainable and quick to learn.
here is a pic of him out on the land.
Corbin Winsor

NOTE: Corbin and his family live in Labrador, and the "SterlingDen" puppy he has from us is a silver show quality male.
Corbin having had a very successfull show Tervuren male previously when living in Alberta, was very choosy in deciding on his next Belgian puppy/breeder,....we are so pleased our "SterlingDen" puppy has met his high standards.

Laura Lowrie
Sent: August 11, 2009 7:26:11 PM
To: 'Angie' Angelika ( Cc: Brian Lowrie
Hello from the Lowrie's,
We hope all is well with all of the pups you have had this summer.
As for Raider, he is still full of energy, spunk and attitude. He will most always bring a smile to my face, just watching him and wondering what silly thing he will do next.
We took him for his first road trip, camping this past weekend, to a famiy reunion, and he made us so proud.
He was a perfect little 80 lb boy, and was loved by all who met him.
So many were curious of the breed, which I am sure you have experienced through all of the years that you have had the Tervs.
He also went for his 1st swim in the river. I wish we could do that more with him.
His rubbermaid tote @ home, which is deeper than the wading pool gets used every single day by Raider, he loves it to cool off in it.
Anyhow, I could go on and on about my boy, and tell you how much I love him, but I think you already know that.
Thanks again for brining Raider to us.
Enjoy the pics,
Laura Lowrie.

NOTE: Brian and Laura live in Alberta, (yes, our puppies fly ALL over to their new homes), and have a pet silver male Tervuren from us here at "SterlingDen".
"Raider" also lives with an older Sheltie the Lowries have.

RE: silver/gray pupþ
From: tdt. Templemen's
Sent: July 9, 2009 1:52:38 PM
Hello Angie,
...we feel so luckey to have found such an outstanding breeder who breeds great dogs!
When our shelties have passed on, you will be hearing from us for a second Belgian..I will let my friends/family know about your puppies too..these Belgians are so amazing!
thankyou for all your great work!
Claudette and Harry

Templemen's next email...
Sent: July 25, 2009 11:51:15 PM
Hello Angie,
Yes, we have had many comments on him already! we feel so luckey to have such a great dog to share our home with...
Best of luck to you with your up-coming silver litter...we will definitely recommend you to family and friends..
Thankyou kindly,
Claudette and Harry

NOTE: The Templemen's are a wonderful family of four, and two Shelties. After giving it much consideration they decided to try the Belgian Tervuren, and we are very pleased they are so enthusastic with their love of their "SterlingDen" silver pet male puppy.

Ed Hayden
Sent: February 25, 2009 8:22:48 AM
To: Angelica Nadon (
Hi Angela
Just wanted to drop a quick update about Rudy He is awesome, and has fit in so well. He is so calm and friendly and SMART.
He is fully trained on and off the leash for heal sit down and stay, altho not on a leash much but we thought we should leash train him also for walking etc. He is such a family dog and loves the boys and other dogs, he see's the boys onto the bus every day and mopes as they leave.
We have attached a couple pics
Thank you again
Laurie and Ed

NOTE: Laurie and Ed live by Brooklyn, Ontario, and have two other dogs in their home also.
They acquired "Rudy" from us at five and half months of age, as l had intended to keep him to show.
However as things worked out, they were bowled over with this stunning appearance and he went home with them the day they came to view our Belgians, in their two seater Corvette convertiable.
We are very greatfull although a bit older puppy he obviously adjusted to his new house hold from living with us, wonderfully.

````These are just some of the more recent emails we have recieved from very proud "SterlngDen" puppy owners, as we have now enjoyed our Belgians for close to 30 years, since 1982 !!!

We hope including these comments have given you a better idea of the time and effort we do put into raising our QUALITY Belgian puppies, and wish to add that we are SO very gratefull to the wonderful people we have met that now have our cherished Belgian puppies.